Simon – F1 Labra Doodle (from Hannah) – Born September 14, 2013

Simon has now been SOLD!

Simon has now gone into intensive obedience training, his price will now go up $25 a week until he is sold. This is a very soft temperament, easy going young male F1 Labra Doodle. He is very quick to learn, is quiet in both vocal and nature and is just an easy going kind of pup, very much like his mother. He is classified as a minimal to non shedder. I do, however, think he will shed a bit… nothing like a Lab and nothing regular brushing or vacuuming won’t fix. He has only been in the house for training purposes, so has a great winter coat and would be fine being an outside dog.

Simon has three sets of boosters,and has been dewormed twice, so he is good to go. He would like to be with children, his character is perfectly fit to be the ‘dog of a growing boy that needs some responsibility and the grounding of chores’ kind of pup. A pup that gets a kid up and outside for a walk. A pup that needs his poop picked up, to ground a kid to the realities of real life. A pup to tell all your troubles and secrets to. The ideal home for Simon would be with a kid that needs a dog! Or a hunter that needs a hunting partner….or ideally a kid that is learning to hunt and needs a partner. Simon is now $700 and will start to go up in the new year.


‘Simon’, born Sept. 14th, 2013, is the last available son from Hannah (Chocolate English Lab) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle). Hannah is now spayed and looking for her forever family on a farm or acreage. Simon is quite the little guy that would make someone a great bird dog, he is watching sparrows in the pictures of him looking up, not all dogs look up but Simon is very aware of what is going on around him, both with sight and sound. He knows he is ‘Simon’ although he has only had this name a few days, as soon as I call him his tail starts to go and he gets that look on his face. The “are you talking to me?” look. He has now had three sets of boosters, has been dewormed twice and has been completely vet checked, so everything is in order for him to go on to be the best darn family or hunting dog that money can buy! His price is $700 delivered safely from my arms to yours as I will not ship my pups and have them traumatized along the way. Simon is starting to get his ‘Doodle hair’ in now and he shows a lot of character with his little spikes of longer hair. He has gentle temperament, something I breed for, and a great Lab style head, not a pointy Poodle head, his character is also very Lab like, but he definitely got the Poodle smarts. For more information on Simon please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. Browse the web page for information on his parents.