Morgan (Winnipeg)

Morgan and Frankie both live in Winnipeg and the owners meet regularly to let them have play dates. They really look a lot alike. Morgan’s family wrote:

Just thought I’d send a quick note with a few pictures. Today is Morgan’s first birthday and we had a fun day at the park with all her dog cousins and a few extra treats. She’s doing so well and it’s been a great first summer with her. She’s also an amazing swimmer and LOVES the water! We hope you’re doing well! I have also attached a photo of Morgan and Frankie’s recent play date.


Here are a few great pictures of Morgan. Her family told us:

I thought it was about time for a little update on Morgan- so here it is! She’s doing great! She’s lost most of her baby teeth now. She knows tons of tricks, loves to cuddle (which we love as well!) and has made tons of new friends at the dog parks. Everyone loves her, how could they not?! We hope you’re doing well.


Here is Morgan with her play pal Frankie. They both live in Winnipeg. I am so amazed by all of my pups that have met their siblings in a number of big cities. I am getting calls from Toronto, Iowa and South California, but I won’t ship my pups unescorted, they will have to fly up here and fly back with their pup. Morgan’s family wrote:

Happy New Year Margaret-Ann!
Just thought I’d send you this collage of photos from Morgan and Frankie’s first play date 2 weeks ago! They’ve already had a second one since and play so well together! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Holidays!


Morgan is the daughter of Kianna and Einstein. She was born September 21, 2013. Her happy new family told us:

The very first attempted walk with Morgan on Sunday was short (she was not a fan of having a leash attached, or the car noises outside), but already last night we went for a half hour walk and she jogged a bit with us, and played in the snow, and loved it! She’s become familiar with our place very quickly, and does very well through the night! Doesn’t enjoy the kennel as much when we have to go to work, but she is getting more used to it! I’ve attached a couple of pictures for you to see as well, and will send more soon.  Hope you’re well!