I am very much loving hearing about my pups and I am happy to hear that the people who have littermates are enjoying seeing how the ‘rest of the gang’ is. This is what keeps me ticking and also helps with my breeding program when I know how the previous pups have turned out. This was Dinah’s last litter, she retired and lives with her new master on a farm near Breton, Alberta. The neighbouring farm has Darby and once in a while the girls get to see each other, they are both dream homes for a retired dog. My girls have three litters and then are placed onto a farm or acreage home for the rest of their life. They go spayed (I do not trust people to not take them and puppy mill them) and all shots done. Dinah did a wonderful job on all three of her litters, this is the only one from Cesar. Thanks Scott and Macey for these great pictures and rave review on Leon. They wrote:

I have loved reading all of these updates on Leon’s litter mates! Leon is doing great! He loves to have all his puppy friends over to play and he is such a happy and affectionate boy. Like his brother Hank, Leon also loves car rides and cuddling! He is more than we could have asked for!


Leon has three brothers in training here to be sold as well started pups and they look exactly like him. It is slowly warming up so if my health cooperates they will go into intense leash and crate training and be ready to join their new families mid spring. I am really liking that these dogs don’t just run up to everyone they meet. There are way too many dogs being lured away from their homes or while off leash in the dog park, never to be seen again! I can’t stress enough that you need to watch your dog like they were a child to keep them safe. Leon’s family wrote:

How are you? I just thought I would send you a little update on Leon! I can’t believe he is already 7 months and getting so big! He’s about 65-70 lbs now but he likes to think he’s a lap dog and loves to cuddle. We honestly couldn’t have asked for a better dog, he is so smart, well behaved and always entertaining! Leon loves going for walks and he does so well on the leash. We’ve had several people pull over their cars while we are out walking to ask about him and comment on what a great looking dog he is. He has continued to get chocolate colouring around his muzzle and silver around his eyes. So far his body has remained solid black and we think he is just so handsome! He is shy and sticks close to us when meeting new people and does best when he can approach strangers on his own terms but he warms up quickly! He loves to play with all his doggy friends, have baths and snuggle! He got his first full body grooming done last week, a little shorter than we had wanted (we love the shaggy look) but not bad for his first cut and I think he is loving it. I attached a few pictures, some before and after his haircut!

Hope all is well on your end! Fingers crossed this is the last of the snow and that spring is on it’s way!


Leon’s family sent a whole bunch of new pictures and a great update on how he’s doing:

Leon is doing great! He’s pretty much house trained now, he only had a few minor accidents..which were probably our fault for not knowing the signs he was giving us that he needed to go out. He’s gotten a lot better at letting us know he needs to go out and he now goes directly to the door and lets us know – no accidents in over a week! He LOVES to play outside, which was tricky with the freezing temps we had over the holidays but the weather has been great the last few days so we’ve been able to spend more time outside. He knows how to sit, lay down, shake a paw, and come (60% of the time LOL – still working on that one). He also knows to sit and wait while we put his food down and doesn’t eat until we say OK. Being in his crate at night is going great – he goes right in, he sleeps through the night and doesn’t get up until we do. He does get a little worked up when we put him in his crate to go out, but usually quiets down a few minutes after we go outside – so we’re working on that!

Leon is getting pretty big! He is so goofy and always makes us laugh. He loves to cuddle and be close to us – he is very content just relaxing when that’s what we’re doing. He has gotten a little bit more colouring around his muzzle and eyes (a little bit of a brown-silver) but his body is still all black. He is just SO cute! I attached some recent pictures for you!


This is Leon ‘the Lion’ Smith, son of Dinah and Cesar.  He was born September 7, 2013.  In the first 12 pictures (taken by me), he just had his bath and his owners were flying in to Regina that morning and driving here to pick him up, he is going to live in Nipawin. This is by far the biggest pup in this litter. His sister Gracie went to live in Caronport. This is such a gentle, willing bunch of pups, leash training on the remaining pups starts right after Christmas. So if anyone is looking for a well started pup, there will be some in the near future.

The last three pictures are of Leon in his new home! His new family sent them to us and told us:

Leon did good last night, he made a little fuss for the first 10 minutes but calmed down and went right to sleep. Only woke up once to go out and do his business. He loved his walk this morning -although it was quite chilly but he’s doing great on the leash! He also loves getting his picture taken and he is very interested in the TV. I attached a few photos, we’re in love with him already!