Abbey has really turned into a great looking dog! This pup’s Grandmother was my Abbey, one of my original Chocolate English Labs. The Maternal Grandfather to this pup is my ‘Mighty Trump’. My advice for the comment below is this: What I do with dogs that dig holes is place a fresh poop in them, they won’t go back to that hole. This might have to be repeated a few times but I can tell you it works because my dogs are kept on dirt in their outside runs (cement is too hard on their joints), and if a hole appears it gets poop put in it right away and nobody has dug out. Abbey’s family wrote:

Just a quick update on Abbey. She is very happy to finally see spring, but has decided that digging is a fun hobby. Not so much for the flowers however. She went camping for the first time May long weekend and did great. Tried swimming for the first time and wasn’t too sure of herself. Hopefully that will come with more practice. My daughter loves watching Abbey chase her tail, run after toys and even enjoys the odd “puppy kiss”. Abbey is turning out to be a wonderful addition to the family.


This is Abbey, daughter of Amber and Cesar, born August 31, 2013. She has one full sister and two full brothers here that are now in training. This man is a great dog owner, and I am sincerely pleased that he has one of my pups! He wrote:

Just wanted to drop a quick note about Abbey. After the first couple of weeks had past and she settled into the family routine, I can say that she is becoming a wonderful member addition to the family. She is growing very fast, has taken to chasing balls and even plays chase nicely with my daughter. We are really looking forward to the summer camping trips with her. I will keep sending photos when I can get her to sit still long enough…