Ferlin (Saskatoon)

This handsome dude is Ferlin, full brother to Kix. I was going to keep Ferlin rather than put him through another bad home (I took him back from the first one and didn’t even take him inside the door of the second one). Then this family lost their beloved Doodle and really needed a dog right away to ease the pain. I suggested they come down and meet Ferlin, he was already well advanced in his leash work and I was head over heels in love with him and he was to be with his sister for as long as they lived. I can assure you he would not have gone to anyone but this family. I had the pleasure to visit him a few months ago, in his new forever home, he came right to me, laid his head in my lap, looked at me with his wise brown eyes and I am sure he was thinking ‘Now what”. We had tea with Grace and when Gerald came home the truth was immediately obvious, Ferlin is definitely Gerald’s dog! I am so happy with the way this story is playing out, I will have to buy a bigger hat if it gets much better because my head is swelling. They wrote:

Just back from our walk and here is our boy. He’s not crazy about posing as you can see! He is doing so well going to work for short bits with Gerald and is responding very well doing his “work” to become a therapy dog. I went to Rosetown last week to watch the class. You would be so very proud! He is a gentle giant and we love him so much!


Ferlin is now settled into his new home with a Dr. and his family in Saskatoon, he is going to accompany him to the hospital in the role of a Palliative Care dog. I miss him terribly as he was my shadow. They had one of my other Doodles but he ate something that punctured his bowel and they lost him. I know in my heart that Ferlin can go on to do some great things, this young dog is wise beyond his years. They told us:

My youngest brother and his 4 kids were just here. Ferlin did SO well! By the end of the weekend he was following them around and laying down to be pet when they approached him. You would be so proud!! He is my happy thought most days and he is Gerald’s shadow…which he loves. The two of them always have ‘work to do’…and off they go together.


Ferlin was born August 30th. 2013 so he is almost full grown, his parents are Debbie (F1 Labra Doodle) and Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle) making him an F1B Labra Doodle. He is about 23 inches at the wither and a leggy fellow, once he fills out he will be a fairly big dog, he weighs 50 lbs. now so I am guessing he will weigh about 70 to 80 lbs. when he is fully mature. He is extremely well crate trained, he goes in with a snap of the fingers and the words ‘Kennel up’ and knows his commands for heel, sit, stay and down both verbally and hand command. He is non shedding with a curly coat that is clipped into a Schnauzer clip now.

He likes kids unless they run at him and then he will try to hide behind you (this is only since he spent a stint in the wrong home, so we are working on that now with two little boys that are 3 and 5 years old here on the farm). He has a very soft gentle temperament so I would describe him as a Gentleman. I would like him to go to a farm, acreage, or at the very least a big fenced yard and I would like him to go where there is another dog, he loves to play with other dogs, even little ones and he is very gentle with them, his best friend here is a ancient Jack Russell.

He has all his shots up to date including Rabies and he is neutered now (this was part of the agreement with putting the home he spent a week in), so I have a lot invested in this Ferlin Fellow, hours of training that I would like to see the fruits of my labour enjoyed by someone who wants a well started dog. It would thrill me to pieces to place him into a home where the new owner was active with walking or running, he would be the perfect companion. I make myself available to help my buyers however I can to assure my pups and young dogs get into the right home every time, that obviously didn’t happen the first time for Ferlin and it was a very stressful week for myself and him, now we need a success story. This would be the perfect dog for someone who works or who doesn’t have time to start a young pup and go through the house and crate training. If you may be interested in this handsome specimen of an F1B Labra Doodle, who was born black but is now getting Chocolate highlights in his coat, please text 306 521-1371 or apply to this ad. The price for Ferlin is $1,400 but you will not have any vet bills for shots or neutering, his Rabies is good until April 2015.


Ferlin is the last of Debbie and Cesar’s August 30th, huge litter, this makes him almost 5 months old. He is well on his way to being crate trained. He has been sleeping in his crate at night and has access to it in the day and chooses to lay in front of it to nap. He is house trained to a dog door which goes out to a corner of the deck and down a narrow ramp (it took him two days to get used to it but he is up and down it like a rabbit now). He is a kind and gentle sort of character and was amazingly cooperative yesterday when he got a total body puppy clip, his coat wasn’t really that long but needed a tidying up, so I went 3/4 inch all over him except his ears and tail, which I left unclipped but brushed, and his ears were plucked. So he is completely clipper trained, he is doing great on lead and comes to a whistle and just stands in front of me waiting to have his lead put on. I use only Cesar Milan leads for training pups, it is gentle yet firm and they catch on very quickly to come with me and stay at my side.

I didn’t get too excited about selling all these pups as I set the hay shed up for training and that was to be my winter project. A concussion and bitterly cold weather slowed that process down a bit but we are back on track now. Ferlin has a very gentle disposition and has been a very willing student. I am going to go as far as I can with training on this guy and the price will go up accordingly. He is $1,000 now, that price includes delivery safely into your arms as I do not ship my pups. He is now starting to change colour, he was coal black but is getting lots of silver and chocolate hair throughout his coat now. He is going to be one of those pups that people stop you and ask “where did you get that dog?!” For more information or lots of pictures I took yesterday with this character please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 or call 306 792-2113


Ferlin is the last 2013 son of Debbie (F1 Labra Doodle female) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle), making him an F1B, non shedding Labra Doodle! He and his sister, Fran, have just started leash work.  Ferlin is catching on to walking in the proper position and sitting when I stop, we will however be working on stairs! Some pups just take right to climbing the stairs and some struggle with it, stairs are not Ferlin’s favourite thing at the moment but with a few more days of it he will have it mastered. Usually the pups that are cautious at the beginning are the ones who excel in the end.

This young man would make a great companion for someone who cross country ski’s or goes into the bush or cabin in the winter, the deeper the snow the more he likes it. He has been kept outside, he has a warm insulated dog house that gets the old straw pulled out and fresh put in every week, I never put only one pup in a pen, everyone has a partner to snuggle up with, when that partner goes they get a new one…..my thoughts on this are: you can take an outside pup in, but you can not put an inside pup out, and I am dealing with customers that do both, so my pups are conditioned to cold weather and pups need to know other pups. Every pup does a stint with an older dog so they know their place, older dogs can teach a pup things I can’t, so we go through the whole process to try to produce the best conditioned pup possible. I also believe that pups need to work off some energy before they can settle down and learn, and there is nothing that can get them settled down like a play a session with other pups, so that is what I do, put each pup in with a new pup, let them romp and play and when they are tired enough to lay down I put the lead on (I use only Cesar Milan leads) and show them what ‘heel’ and ‘sit’ are, from there we go to pylons, ramp and stairs, from there we go to ‘stay’ and then on to ‘down’ then ‘sit stay’ and ‘down stay’. As each of these processes are completed the price goes up accordingly. So people you pay for what you get, I will gladly coach you to train your pup, or you will pay for what I have worked at and I will try to train you to keep it up. I admit I am great at training pups but I suck at training people!

Ferlin was born August 30th. from a litter of 12, I did not aggressively advertise him and his last sister because I am always leery of Christmas pup buyers, I want my pups to go to the right home the first time, every time, so it is not important to me that some of them are older pups. There are a lot of working people that need an older pup that is ready to sleep through the night and will house train, and crate train within two days. I have bonding techniques that I gladly share with my buyers.  I am in the process of writing a book, but will gladly share the ideas that have been a lifetime of learning for me, with my buyers when they purchase one of my Doodles.

Ferlin is up to date on his boosters and deworming program and will come with lots of instructions on how to continue with both health and training. Obviously I am not in this for the money, you can tell that by the price of my pups, I love what I am doing and intend on doing it until I am 70 years old, so 4 years to go. I am headed for the Chocolate Doodle market and want to make my mark on that end of this industry. To me, getting a pup into the right home for the next 15 years, and putting a valued member of the family into the right home, is my goal. So if you are not ready for a pup, I am not the right breeder for you.

Ferlin is $900 now, his price will go up as training progresses.  If you are seriously interested in Ferlin please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371