Reese – F1 Labra Doodle (from Amber) – Born August 31, 2013

Reese has been sold!

Reese was born August 31st, and is the son of Amber (Chocolate English Lab) and Cesar (Chocolate Silver Factor Standard Poodle). He is now leash trained, house trained to a dog door and sleeps in a crate at night. He is a very willing student that pays attention and quickly picks up on what is expected of him. He has extremely good manners, no licking nor jumping up has ever been allowed. He is not a barker but will give a few deep woofs when someone comes into the yard. He is done changing teeth and will weigh about 60 to 70 lbs. when mature. With a good spring of rib, nice flat head and very proud tail carriage, this guy is an eye catcher and anyone would be proud to be on the end of his leash. He is now at $1,100 and as he gets more training the price will go up accordingly. At the stage he is now he will make someone that doesn’t have time to properly start a pup, a great dog. He is old enough to crate while you are at work and will be happy to see you come home and spend some quality time with him. One great feature of having a well started pup is that he will get you out for that walk you keep putting off.

The price includes delivery and a demonstration on what he knows and lots of instructions on how to continue with making him into a very obedient and loyal dog. He has lots of bird dog in his background so could also be a dual purpose dog, a hunting companion plus a valued family member. The price of Reese includes delivery to most places on the central prairies. He is up to date on boosters and deworming, his next set of boosters could be done when he goes for neutering. For more information on Reese or pictures of his parents and grandparents please browse the site, text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.