Sookie and Susie

This update has really made my day. Sookie is everything I hoped she would be. Sookie will be getting little brothers and sisters in about two months as Debbie is being bred to Cesar now, this will make pups born the end of June, ready to go in August. I really love this Debbie dog, she is destined to go to the Yukon to a horse ranch when she retires, it will be hard to let her go but she would have the best life ever there with horses and other dogs. Thanks Alison, I appreciate this update very much. She wrote:

Well the “girls” are really really great. Sookie is still the reserved lady and Susie is just a wiggly eager and attentive teenager! Susie plays fetch and Sookie plays chase. So, as you can imagine mayhem ensues when Sookie takes the ball Susie is to retrieve and takes off with it with Susie in hot pursuit! The girls are inseparable and will cry for one another if you separate them. They will often share the same crate! We invested in an additional crate that’s larger to accommodate their rooming in together.

We have taken up the challenge of grooming the dogs ourselves. We just invested in a good set of clippers and various guard lenghths etc. Both dogs absolutely love being groomed. They just love having your hands on them! From brushing to trimming- they love it! It’s a good way to bond with your dogs. I still have trouble trimming Susie’s nails – mostly cause she can’t be still. I’m hoping she will settle down so I’m not so exhausted after…

Sookie loves to cuddle – just full on body hugging she will lean her whole body in- most affectionate. You try and pet Susie and she’s on her back for belly rubs! As different as they are they are quite complimentary to each other and to our household! Thank you for allowing us to welcome your dogs into our home!


Sookie is the apricot and she is from Debbie and Einstein‘s August 25, 2012, litter and Susie is one of Dory and Cesar‘s pups from their July 9, 2013, litter. I have numerous buyers that have bought a second Doodle, some families I have put three into the same family and one Regina family now has five of my Doodles spread amongst their family. This makes me wish I were younger! Their family wrote:

Hi Margaret Ann and company!

I am just sending you a couple shots of the girls- Sookie and Susie. I have so much to tell you but so limited space!

The gals are such unique individuals – each with such endearing qualities. Sookie is our graceful lady and Susie, who is still coming into her own, I think will be a show stealer.

The two are the most attentive dogs we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing…..

We just took clippers to Susie for the first time. She did real well. I asked the vet when they were prepping for her spaying to tend to any matts on her legs and belly that we could not keep up with and naturally we had some “fixing” to do to even her out afterwards. Nail trimming is still a challenge. It takes me a long time to tend to those black nails safely and Susie just doesn’t have enough patience to put up with me.

We took the gals ice fishing with us and they were so good in the shack – better than the kids! They were so curious with the fish – and they stuck to the bed we made for them – real troopers!

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce these characters to our family. I hope to update you again real soon – it’s been too long since the last time…..