I simply love to hear and see how the ‘fruits of my labour’ have turned into a valued member of their family. These Doodles definitely love the snow and their family, they are loyal beyond belief. When I go out to do chores I throw the gate of each pen open and whoever resides there goes for a run around the farm, checks out the donkeys, Llama and Alpaca but keep an eye on me to make sure I have not gone somewhere without them. Once in a while I come into the house for some reason and go back out to find them sitting in the pen waiting for me to close the gate. My pack is what keeps me laughing with their antics melt my heart. I can not thank my puppy buyers enough for updates like this, I look at the pictures over and over and look at the love in their eyes and know they will be just fine and that they are happy and healthy. Sask’s family wrote:

Thought we would give you an update of how Sask is doing. We have grown and continue to grow fond of her. She has proven to be of a gentle nature and full of energy. We all enjoy our long walks along the river. Sask loves meeting other dogs and playing, She is much more interested in other dogs than in any toy we bring to the dog park.

Having said that, she also loves to cuddle. She is happiest when we are around – alone time is not her favorite. Sask seems to have a sense of when it is the weekend or when the work day is coming to an end and one of us should be arriving home. We love having her around.

The pictures attached are, in order – trying to escape the gated kitchen to be with everyone, her first hike with us, her first haircut and her first snow. She loves the snow.


This is Sask, she lives in Calgary with her new family. She is a sister to Reese, Rusty and Lefty. Her new family wrote:

Sask has settled in well. She has a quiet but curious personality as is evidenced by her shyness with people. She, however, loves other dogs and enjoys playing with the ones we meet at the park. She is partial to that bone you gave us. She loves licking it and playing with it.

We love coming home as Sask always has a warm welcome for us. We are looking forward to the warm weather so that we can spend more time outside.