Brad and Roy

I guess my ESP is working, I was thinking of these boys this morning as I was procrastinating about getting out from under my warm blankets. They are absolutely beautiful. Good job Lorrie and George! Nora is back in heat now but I am going to wait this heat cycle out and breed her and her sister in the spring instead, that will give them a year and a half off. I can only imagine how much fun it is for the two of them in the snow playing. I have their half brother here, from Nora’s sister, Nancy, and Einstein, he is an extremely handsome boy so I will use him as a breeder on some of the F1 Labra Doodle girls. I sincerely thank you for sending me these pictures and update, it really makes my day when I see pictures of my pups (the fruits of my labour). Their family told us:

Just a few pics of the boys. We just love them sooo much. They are very well behaved and having a great time with the snow outside.


Great pictures, it is really hard to take good pictures of black dogs! Brad and Roy’s family wrote:

Hope you are doing good and keeping busy with all your beautiful furry family. Brad and Roy are doing well, we are all on a schedule together and it seems to be working well. They are growing up to be very handsome boys. Roy has the red collar and Brad is blue. Thanks again for the wonderful Pups!!


These are Nora and Cesar‘s Standard Poodle pups born February 25th, 2014. Their new family sent along this picture and told us:

The boys are growing fast, they are about 15 and 16 pounds each with Brad just having a slight edge over Roy. Their training is coming along and we brought them to the vet for their third shot…..clean bill of health. We will keep you up to date and talk again soon.