This is one of Darby and Cesar’s Feb. 26, 2013, female pups, she lives in Calgary now. This was a very tiny pup that took a lot of extra tender care, look at what a beauty she is now.

In response to the story below, I suggest that people keep the dog in a shorter clip, an inch of hair in the winter and complete clip with a #10 blade in summer then the upkeep isn’t so time consuming. It is like women with thick long hair, the thicker and longer the higher the maintenance. Even full Poodles need to be kept clipped because the hair just continues to grow all year round. They will matt because they don’t shed.

Littlekins’ family told us:

Littlekins is a pure joy to our family – she is very smart, full of fun and very vocal. She loves to cuddle with my husband and give what sounds like trouble while she is doing it… She has been spayed, and got through that like a champ… we were a little scared as she loves to jump off our back deck in a superman style and when we had her spayed she couldn’t do that… but she figure it out!

Our three boys love her to death and play with her for hours… she loved the snow and it was hard to get her in from the snow… and then add to the long curly hair… the poor girl took hours to dry out and then matted… even with constant brushing…

Thank you for such a wonderful gift!!!!