F1 Labra Doodle Females (Winnie) – Born May 12, 2014

All Winnie’s puppies have been sold!

Winnie, English Chocolate Lab, and Cesar, Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle, now have three female Chocolate F1 Labra Doodles to choose from. These girls are now 10 weeks old and there are a lot of benefits of being this age. They can hold their pee and poop all night, so crate training and house training will go very quickly. They are already taught to sleep in a crate with the door off and to pee and poop on one small area of straw in their large pen (12 x 16 feet). They have not been allowed to jump up on people or use their mouth in any way, so manners are in order.

These girls were born May 12th. and are just starting to get their Doodle hair now with little ‘feathers’ showing up on their heads and body. They have nice flat Lab heads, no pointy headed Doodles here. They are laid back like their mother and smart as a whip like their father. Feet have been handled regularly and nails nipped weekly, so they are extremely good about foot work being done. I scissor the hair between their toes and pads so when winter comes and you don’t want them to bring in snowballs, they are ready to lay down and have feet clipped. These girls will never need clipping unless you want them to be shorter in summer when they go to the lake or hiking with you. These girls love the water and would be thrilled to have a home where they could go to the lake or river once in a while. These Doodles are loyal, very intelligent and willing to learn. They love to please their family and bond tightly to them. You will never go wrong owning a Labra Doodle. They are a little more laid back than the Golden Doodle which makes them easier to train.

These pups now have three sets of boosters to keep them safe from the viruses that are out there in full force with the wet conditions we have had this year. The character with the Orange Duck is Gracey, she is a calm and easy going pup who would lay on her back in my lap all day if I would keep giving her paw massages and play with her ears. Sadie is more high energy (she has a Green Goofy Shoe with her). Hiking or going hunting are her game, she needs a more high energy family that is active and has some kids to teach her to fetch or go swimming with. Then we have Lacey with the Yellow and Black Bone Toy. She is middle of the road here: likes attention, loves to be scratched and pet. She would be a good all round family dual-purpose hunting companion.

The price of these girls in $935, the last $35 is to cover third boosters. They don’t require a vet visit now until they are 6 months old and go for spay, at that time they should be dewormed again and get their Rabies booster. These girls are two year health guaranteed for ears, eyes, hips and elbows for anything hereditary. I am extremely careful about my breeding stock and strive to produce the healthiest, soundest, best mannered pup you can ever hope to own. I stand by what I breed and I am here to advise you along the way with training. For more information on ‘the girls’ please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. I have pictures of last years pups if you would like to see what your pup will look like as an adult.


Winnie and Cesar have four Chocolate F1 Labra Doodle pups born May 12. These are minimal shedders, which means they will shed a bit but not like a full Lab. They will mature at about 55 to 65 lbs. and will get gold hair throughout their chocolate coat. I have pictures of last years pups once they matured that I will share with serious buyers.

The girls have been very well handled: nails have been nipped weekly and paws are massaged to assure that foot handling in the future will not be a chore. They have been taught to pee and poo in one area of their big pen, and they come when I whistle so recall is well started. They are not allowed to lick or jump up on anyone, so manners are well started also. These pups are from Winnie, one of my English Chocolate Labs and Cesar, my Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle. They will have good flat heads, so they will not be pointy headed Doodles. They will have the laid back Lab temperament and the Poodle smarts, a win win situation. Both parents are from hunting background so these girls could easily be dual purpose hunting companions and family pet. They are loyal, intelligent, clean and easy to train.

They have now had two sets of boosters, they are completely vet checked, deworming has been done twice. Third boosters are due the week of July 21st. and they will come with lots of instructions on how to keep them safe from Parvo Virus. I stand by what I breed and am here to make this a happy experience for you and your puppy, this is a very important decision and this decision will live with you for about 15 years, so choose wisely!

The girls are Gracey (the biggest of this foursome) with the Orange Duck, Sadie (with the Green Goofy Shoe) is the smallest, Lacey (Yellow and Black Bone toy) is the Mid Size and Lucie (Yellow Football) is also Mid Size and the shaggiest. If one of these pups catches your eye you can text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page for more pictures of a certain pup. They are $900 and that price includes delivery as close to you as I can get. These girls are just starting to get their Doodle coat and are absolutely sturdy, healthy and very happy pups.


Winnie (Chocolate English Lab) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle) have had their second litter of F1 Labra Doodle puppies, and there are four females up for adoption. These girls will mature at 60 to 70 lbs. so will be big, solid dogs that would love to be a hunting partner, hiking companion, biking sidekick or just a family dog. They are classified as minimal shedding, this means they do not shed all year round like a Lab but will blow their coat in the spring, weekly brushing will take care of any loose hair. Weekly brushing not only puts a natural lustre on your dog’s coat but tightly bonds the dog to you, paw massages will do the same and make their feet easy to handle.

These girls will leave me with two sets of boosters and they will be dewormed twice, they will have written instructions on when to give the third set of boosters, when to spay, and when they are safe from Parvo Virus via boosters. They will be completely vet checked and I drive my pups to meet you, I do not ship my puppies. If you are further away we can arrange to meet part way. I am here to help guide you if this is your first puppy, of if you need advise, my goal is to get the right puppy to the right home the first time every time.

For more information on a certain pup please tell me the toy that is with that particular pup, I will send you all the pictures I took of that puppy. I want your decision to be a wise and informed one as this decision will live with you for about 15 years. Text 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113 or simply use my contact page.