Luke – F1B Labra Doodle (from Dallas) – Born July 1, 2014

Luke has been sold!

‘Luke’ is the last male available from Dallas (Brindle F1 Labra Doodle) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle), making him an F1B non shedding Labra Doodle that will weigh about 60 to 70 lbs when mature. He is Chocolate but I think he is going to get lighter highlights throughout his coat as he matures. He was the smallest of the males and has a wavy to curly coat. He will have his vet check on Thursday and will be ready to go this week end, they are eating solid food and drinking water, Dallas only stands a few minutes for nursing and then jumps into her get away box while everyone stands on their hind legs and tries to figure out where she went. This is a very happy bunch of pups with tails wagging all the time. They look like a pack of baby bears and are at the stage where they roll and play like little bears.

Luke has a very gentle temperament. Today he got his paws clipped and nails done. He is excellent about laying on his back and very patient about the whole process. He will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed twice before leaving me, he will be totally vet checked and will come with lots of instructions. Luke was spoken for but his future family had a unexpected financial obligation so can’t take him. For more information on Luke please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371


Millie’s family sent us an updated picture and told us:

She is growing by the day, it seems and has mastered ringing a bell to let us know she needs to go outside. Wherever our kids are, that’s where Millie is … Especially when they are eating a snack!
She is still quite black but in the sunlight, a little of the brown/gold can be seen. Thanks for the emails, we have enjoyed seeing her brothers!


This is Millie (used to be Lola), daughter of Krissy and Einstein, at her new home in Saskatoon. They had a Labra Doodle for eight and a half years and while he was at the boarding kennel something happened to him and his stomach (flipped) and they lost him. They were so happy with this cross that they purchased Millie, and I took her to meet them yesterday. Looks like a good match. They wrote:

Our family loves Millie – she has made herself right at home and is great with our kids. Thank you so much!


This girl has it made in Yellowknife. These Doodles just love the outdoors! It is so good to hear about my pups and know they are doing well with their families, I sincerely thank Wanda for taking the time to send this. She wrote:

I have attached some photos of Grace running and playing in the snow! She just loves it, and we’ve started taking her out to the lake and letting her run off-leash if there are no people/dogs/snowmobiles to tempt her. She is doing so well, and her impulse control is improving with time! My husband has taken her out in the driveway a few times when he is shoveling snow; she sticks close until something distracts her, and then she takes off for the neighbour’s house! Needless to say, she does not leave the yard to shovel snow anymore!! She loves when we throw snow in the air, as she jumps and chases it trying to catch it with her mouth.

We are experiencing some warm weather, it has been -15, and we’ve spent a good deal of time outdoors. Grace doesn’t seem to mind the cold however, and even on -35C days, she is always keen to go for a walk…. and so we trudge outside and go for walks no matter the weather.


Grace has put a lot of miles on in her short life and it looks like she is ready to put on a few more. Grace was named because she was such a calm pup and very graceful even when she was only at waddle stage. This girl is going to go on to do some great things in her life and I couldn’t have found a better home for her. Her family wrote:

Grace continues to grow and provide us hours of joy and love!! She has grown from 24 lbs three and half weeks ago to 33 lbs now!! She is long and lanky, and looks like an awkward teenager when she runs… I guess it’ll take her awhile to figure out how to coordinate those long legs of hers!
She gets out for 3 walks a day, and loves to run and play in the yard!

I attached some pictures for you as well. Grace loves to cuddle with us, and lets the kids pack her around as if she is a little lap dog… which I suspect she’ll soon be too big to haul around. The picture of Grace and our son Josh at the lake at sunset is one of my favourites! Also attached is a picture of the kids and Grace on their first day of school this fall!


Grace is one of Winnie and Cesar’s May 12, 2014, females. Now I have two pups in the NWT, the other was a Lab that went to Tuktoyaktluk. I think I have a pup in every Province and Territory now except Quebec. I have thought of putting a map on a cork board and using a different color thumb tack for each breed and poke holes all over the map. I also have one in Texas now as her owners moved, and one overseas as her family was deployed. Grace’s family wrote:

After two days of travel, Grace has made it to Yellowknife!! She was such a great traveler though, I was pleasantly surprised at what a breeze it was! We instantly fell in love with her, she is so affectionate and we have received so many puppy kisses already!! At the moment, she is having a snooze at my feet, after exploring the house, the yard, and everything she could poke her nose into.

I’ve attached a picture of Grace and my daughter at the NWT border. We decided to take advantage of the photo opportunity in front of the sign as we entered the territory.

Louis (Fort Saskatchewan)

Here are a few new pictures of Lou. His family wrote:

Here are a few pics, thought you’d enjoy seeing one of your pups again. He’s 83 lbs now, and a real gem!


Lou is a wise looking soul for such a young dog! His family sent us this pic and wrote:

Hope all is well, here is a quick pic of Lou . 10 months old and full,of ENERGY!!!!


Apparently this guy is still all black. Louis’s family wrote:

Louis is high energy!! Catches on fast, amazing! New blue collar today. He is so loved by EVERYONE! Still black, no worries, just love him as he is.


Louis is one of Krissy and Einstein’s males that lives in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. When asked for some grooming tips, I replied: I trim in between their toes and pads with a small pair of scissors, if you are not brave use ones with blunt noses. I cut the hair between the pads and toes, it really helps if you continue to do this and then in winter he won’t get ice balls. Louis’s family wrote:

Louis is a delight, puppy challenges and all. Need to know how to trim his foot pads.


After seeing the difference in the pups from Tigger and Einstein and her and Cesar I think her last litter will be from Cesar. What a beautiful dog this guy is, he lives in Saskatoon. He was originally named Turk but they changed it to Bogart and now he is just Boh.


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Here are some great pictures and a video from the family of Boh, who is Tigger and Cesar‘s pup from October 1, 2013.

Marty (White City)

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Is it looking like Marty is in the right home, spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it. Looks like these two keep Marty in shape. Their Grandparents have Kloe, my retired Retriever now. His family sent some photos and a video and wrote:

Hey! I thought I would send on more shots of the second dog I got from you dealing with 7-year old boys. Amazing dogs. Wow – patient!!!


Marty is one of Debbie and Cesar’s males from August 30, 2013. Marty is a full brother to Ferlin and Kix. Sounds like a real character, he lives with twin boys that are 7 years old, so that keeps him busy. His family told us:

Marty has two new little kitty friends. He is a character. He wants to play with them sooooo badly but he’s so big and intimidating to them. He tries to groom them and lay down with them in his dog bed but usually ends up squashing them. Kind of funny! He sleeps in the most awkward positions – he is usually toast by the end of the day from playing.

Maggie (Calgary)

This is Maggie, she came back at about a year old, her owners were too busy for her. She came back with some issues that had to be worked through but she was such a willing student. Apparently the socks are still an issue, once the dog is bonded to the family, or the pup starts shredding them, they are supposed to be taken away and replaced with a pigs ear of denta bone. I think keeping the socks picked up is the only answer here. Maggie’s first home was in Swift Current, she now lives in Calgary and has her very own boy who vowed to his mother that if he could get a dog he would take all the responsibility for her, and that he has done. Maggie is a very lucky dog, this home just fell into place when she needed a home. I am a sucker for happy endings! Maggie is from Krissy and Einstein Oct. 30th. 2012, Krissy is now retired and lives with her new family with four kids that love her to bits! And a whole acreage to roam on. Maggie’s family wrote:

Thought you would enjoy Maggie’s second bday pics. She’s doing great ! Still eats socks but boy do we work on it. Sigh. Dearly loved and a 14 year old boy owner who still walks her daily and sleeps with her nightly.


This is Maggie, who now lives in Calgary.  She is one of Krissy and Einstein‘s pups from the first litter born Oct. 30, 2012.  Krissy and Einstein have two males and two females left from their May 6, 2014, litter that are going to look  very much like Maggie with the ‘Brindle’ throughout their coats.  Maggie’s family told us:

Owen loves his dog.  Oh my word!  He takes her for huge walks almost every day.  He does all her dog run clean up.  He BUYS her food as he has a job now, pays her vet bills, licensing, grooming, toys, treats…. and he only just turned 14.  It’s awesome.  Very proud of him.  She is very loved and learns more obedience as time goes by…. it’s our fault for inconsistency not hers. 

Just wanted you to know…. sweet little magpie is doing just fine….  Sleeps in Owen’s room every single solitary night…. is terrified beyond belief of fireworks we found out (the hard way as she bolted!) but is just happy to be near anyone and to get some scratches…. 


Penny lives in Regina with her family. I love her clip job! Pats to Penny from her Grammy. She was the smallest pup in this litter. Thanks for the update Johanna! She wrote:

It’s so great to see all the pictures of the puppies! Here’s a few of Penny


These are awesome pictures of Penny, one of Daisy and Einstein’s female pups from the last litter.  I think I have pictures of every one of this litter now.  Penny seems to have made herself right at home in Regina with her own water fountain.  I can see she is in good hands.  Daisy is now spayed and I am still trying to get in touch with the family that spoke for her (without any luck).

For pups that are prone to carsickness:  Take the food away eight hours before travel until they start to get used to travel.  Do not give them Gravol on a treat, the treat is rich and will not work with the gravol, give baby gravol and then a drink if anything.  They do make Gravol for dogs, you local vet clinics will carry it.  In the hot weather do not take their water away before travel, only the food, then the worse thing that will happen is drool.  They do grow out of it, some take longer than others. I transport pups on a regular basis and rarely have one get car sick. I do have some that drool but after a few miles they are fine.  I take the food away at least eight hours before travel, get the pups up early so they can pee and poop, load and go.  Wal Mart carries a product called Dr. Goodpet Calm Stress. It is getting hard to find so I scout out all the Wal Marts on my puppy routes and if they have it I buy them out. It is the very best, bar none, that I have ever found and I have tried a lot of different things.  Maybe this is the time to confess that I was a car sick kid so I feel so sorry for car sick pups. I have even tried a few drops of the Dr. Goodpet Calm Stress myself, it made me so calm I wanted to lay down and have a nap!

Some other tips are to face the crate to the front of the vehicle. If you have ever ridden a train and faced backwards you will know what I am getting at here, it makes you nauseous.  Keeping an air vent blowing towards the front of the crate will help also, this is the reason dogs like to hang their head out the window (and that only dries out their eyes and causes greater problems down the road).  So there you have it in a nut shell, try it and see what happens.

Penny’s family gave us this update:

Quick update on our Penny. She’s doing really well, loves the yard and the sprinkler! She thinks it’s her very own water fountain! She pretty much sleeps through the night and wakes up really happy to see us.

Penny did great at the vet on Saturday, she was a real trooper through the visit. We are having some trouble with car sickness. She throws up after or during car rides. The vet suggested a couple drops of baby gravol on a treat about an hour before travel. We’ll see how that goes.

She’s looking pretty fluffy and I was wondering when a good age for grooming is? I know to wait until she’s safe from viruses but she still seems too little to me. Just wanted your thoughts on that. She loves being outside but always parks herself in the shade haha! Oh and she’s making it down the stairs all by herself! Thanks for all your advice!


Nyx is from Pinawa, Manitoba and she is one of Daisy and Einstein’s females. She is showing signs of brindle around her face, I can’t really tell from the pictures if there is some on her body. Good job and thanks for the update Tamara! She wrote:

Nyx sends birthday wishes to all her sisters!!


This is Nyx, Princess of Darkness, who lives in Pinawa, Manitoba. These F1B need regular ear plucking like a Poodle, I use a little pair of surgical clamp type scissors so I can get down into the ear canal. They actually like it (unless you pinch them). I don’t think I would use surgical gloves but then I have not tried that method. She is really a smart looking Doodle pup and it sounds like she is now a very important part of this family. I would love to hear how you are doing with your pup, I try to find the time to share sibling pictures with the families that have a pup from the same breeding and every time I open my computer I feel blessed to receive emails like this one. Nyx’s family wrote:

Picked up Nyx from the vet yesterday. She is spayed and not too terribly impressed with her shaved stomach. Vet says she has to take it easy for the next 10 days so she may not get to show off her pirate costume too much tonight. She is currently 36.8 lbs. She looks much bigger because of all the fur. We haven’t been able to bring our selves to get her clipped. She is so soft and isn’t matting at all so we will wait.

The vet says she got the worst poodle trait. This is the second time she has had to have her ear plucked. Her one ear had fur growing so far down. At least she was under anesthetic this time. Do you have suggestions on how to deal will the fur in the ears. The vet said to wear surgical gloves for better grip and just pluck all the time. It seems so mean. It’s the 2nd time she has needed drops for the one ear. I hate her being so uncomfortable.

Can’t believe how smart, obedient and loyal she is. We missed her so much when she was gone for that 24 hours for surgery. It’s amazing how quickly they become so important to you.

Thank you for the best dog ever!!! (Minus the ears)


This is Nyx in her new home with her spotted friends! What a great picture with her and the doe with two fawns! Her family told us:

Had to share the picture of Nyx practicing her self control. Pinawa has a lot of deer all year round so learning not to chase them is a very important skill. She is not perfect at it yet but she does manage some of the time. So far her recall is almost perfect when a deer is not involved.


I am getting rave reviews on my pups. This is what I love to do, I live for my dogs (and Bob of course). They are always glad to see me no matter what the weather or how ragged I look. I am very happy to hear how good Nyx is being, it makes my heart melt to add a family member that is truly loved. For fetching use a ball with a hole in it, put peanut butter in the hole (cheese whiz if you have peanut allergies) and let her play with it for a while then start with small throws in the house and lots of praise when she brings it back, then slowly throw further once she has the idea what she is supposed to do. This whole litter from Daisy and Einstein are now each in their new home, this litter spanned four provinces! Nyx’s family wrote:

We just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the best puppy ever! I am sure other people say the same but pretty sure ours is the best.

She has been so good. Most of the time she sleeps through the night. She has gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks and is growing like a weed. My only complaint is how hard it is to photograph a black dog. Well done to you for being able to photograph all those black puppies.

Her manners are getting better every day. She knew sit within 2 days. So far doesn’t look like she will be a fetching dog.

We are so thankful that you made the hazardous trip to bring her to us and so happy you made it home again.

Thank you!!!