Lola – F1 Labra Doodle (from Krissy) – Born May 6, 2014

Lola has been sold!

Lola is the daughter of Krissy and Einstein, born May 6, 2014. She is the smaller of the two females that are still available. She is really starting to show the brindle coloring, with chocolate and gold starting to highlight her features on her face, especially around her eyes and muzzle. She is looking like a little clown and acts like one too. This pup loves to show off, plays with a ball and tries to hide it on the other pups by taking it into the crate and laying on it. If nobody notices she puts it in her mouth and does a few laps around the pen and scampers back into the crate hoping someone will be in hot pursuit.

Lola would love to belong to a family with kids, she loves kids, especially ones that would throw the ball for her. Getting her to bring it back would be very easy with this girl, if you wait a few minutes she will drop it at your feet and hope for another round. She is great about having feet played with and nails done, paw massages are one of her favourite things and she just lays down and hopes for more. She would love to be around water or go to the lake once in a while, maybe a hike in the bush or a squirrel to tree. She is classified as minimal shedding, which means she will shed but certainly not like a full Lab. Her hair will be shaggy but never need clipping unless you would like her clipped. She has three sets of boosters and is completely vet checked, dewormed and ready to go. The next booster should include rabies and can be done when she goes for spay at 5 months of age.

For more information on Lola please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371. The price of Lola is $835 and that includes delivery safely into your arms. I do not ship my pups but prefer to meet my buyers and introduce the pup to them, demonstrate nail care and handling. I make myself available to coach you along the way if you need help.