Daisy and Charlotte

Another double thriller for me! This is Charlotte, one of Danni and Einstein’s females born April 3rd. 2011, and her sister Daisy, who is one of Dixie and Einstein’s females born July 1st. 2009. These girls live in Edmonton where they think it is spring now so they have already got their Easter haircuts. Charlotte is the perfect example of a brindle, some seem to get more of the blonde in them than others. Both Dane and Dallas, that are here for breeders, are this color. Their family wrote:

Happy Easter, Margaret~Ann,

We sure hope you are well, and I thought I would send you a note today, on Charlotte”s 4th birthday!!! Where is the time going? Daisy and Charlotte are doing great, and so are our 3 cats. Two cats love our dogs, so they are always cuddling together. One cat lets them know to keep their distance, and the dogs comply!!! Here they are with their new spring haircuts.


Here is a link to a cute video of Daisy and Charlotte showing off how cute they are:



Charlotte is from Danni and Einstein‘s 2011 litter. Daisy is also from Fur Fettish Farm, and is a couple of years older. Their family wrote to give us an update on them:

Daisy and Charlotte are doing great and are very spoiled, and very happy dogs. They both do amazing tricks, to show off, for family and friends. They both will balance a treat on their noses, and not move until I tell them its okay to eat their treats. They both hold so very still and don’t even blink, until I say the command. Daisy loves to play with toys, and Charlotte just loves to cuddle, especially, on the garden swing with me. When I ask Charlotte “Are you shy?”, she buries her head and covers her eyes with her paws. Daisy will bring all her toys and drop them for me to toss them in the air for her. They will both shake a paw, when I ask them “are you my friend?”, and when I ask for a hug, they will lift up both front paws! They also know to lay down just by watching me, when I touch my shoulders. I am a very proud mother, aren’t I??? We adopted a new kitten last year, and she loves the dogs. We had to buy her, her own dog bed, because she always sleeps with the dogs. Now, all 3 of them cuddle together.