This girl has it made in Yellowknife. These Doodles just love the outdoors! It is so good to hear about my pups and know they are doing well with their families, I sincerely thank Wanda for taking the time to send this. She wrote:

I have attached some photos of Grace running and playing in the snow! She just loves it, and we’ve started taking her out to the lake and letting her run off-leash if there are no people/dogs/snowmobiles to tempt her. She is doing so well, and her impulse control is improving with time! My husband has taken her out in the driveway a few times when he is shoveling snow; she sticks close until something distracts her, and then she takes off for the neighbour’s house! Needless to say, she does not leave the yard to shovel snow anymore!! She loves when we throw snow in the air, as she jumps and chases it trying to catch it with her mouth.

We are experiencing some warm weather, it has been -15, and we’ve spent a good deal of time outdoors. Grace doesn’t seem to mind the cold however, and even on -35C days, she is always keen to go for a walk…. and so we trudge outside and go for walks no matter the weather.


Grace has put a lot of miles on in her short life and it looks like she is ready to put on a few more. Grace was named because she was such a calm pup and very graceful even when she was only at waddle stage. This girl is going to go on to do some great things in her life and I couldn’t have found a better home for her. Her family wrote:

Grace continues to grow and provide us hours of joy and love!! She has grown from 24 lbs three and half weeks ago to 33 lbs now!! She is long and lanky, and looks like an awkward teenager when she runs… I guess it’ll take her awhile to figure out how to coordinate those long legs of hers!
She gets out for 3 walks a day, and loves to run and play in the yard!

I attached some pictures for you as well. Grace loves to cuddle with us, and lets the kids pack her around as if she is a little lap dog… which I suspect she’ll soon be too big to haul around. The picture of Grace and our son Josh at the lake at sunset is one of my favourites! Also attached is a picture of the kids and Grace on their first day of school this fall!


Grace is one of Winnie and Cesar’s May 12, 2014, females. Now I have two pups in the NWT, the other was a Lab that went to Tuktoyaktluk. I think I have a pup in every Province and Territory now except Quebec. I have thought of putting a map on a cork board and using a different color thumb tack for each breed and poke holes all over the map. I also have one in Texas now as her owners moved, and one overseas as her family was deployed. Grace’s family wrote:

After two days of travel, Grace has made it to Yellowknife!! She was such a great traveler though, I was pleasantly surprised at what a breeze it was! We instantly fell in love with her, she is so affectionate and we have received so many puppy kisses already!! At the moment, she is having a snooze at my feet, after exploring the house, the yard, and everything she could poke her nose into.

I’ve attached a picture of Grace and my daughter at the NWT border. We decided to take advantage of the photo opportunity in front of the sign as we entered the territory.