Louis (Fort Saskatchewan)

Here are a few new pictures of Lou. His family wrote:

Here are a few pics, thought you’d enjoy seeing one of your pups again. He’s 83 lbs now, and a real gem!


Lou is a wise looking soul for such a young dog! His family sent us this pic and wrote:

Hope all is well, here is a quick pic of Lou . 10 months old and full,of ENERGY!!!!


Apparently this guy is still all black. Louis’s family wrote:

Louis is high energy!! Catches on fast, amazing! New blue collar today. He is so loved by EVERYONE! Still black, no worries, just love him as he is.


Louis is one of Krissy and Einstein’s males that lives in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. When asked for some grooming tips, I replied: I trim in between their toes and pads with a small pair of scissors, if you are not brave use ones with blunt noses. I cut the hair between the pads and toes, it really helps if you continue to do this and then in winter he won’t get ice balls. Louis’s family wrote:

Louis is a delight, puppy challenges and all. Need to know how to trim his foot pads.