Maggie (Calgary)

This is Maggie, she came back at about a year old, her owners were too busy for her. She came back with some issues that had to be worked through but she was such a willing student. Apparently the socks are still an issue, once the dog is bonded to the family, or the pup starts shredding them, they are supposed to be taken away and replaced with a pigs ear of denta bone. I think keeping the socks picked up is the only answer here. Maggie’s first home was in Swift Current, she now lives in Calgary and has her very own boy who vowed to his mother that if he could get a dog he would take all the responsibility for her, and that he has done. Maggie is a very lucky dog, this home just fell into place when she needed a home. I am a sucker for happy endings! Maggie is from Krissy and Einstein Oct. 30th. 2012, Krissy is now retired and lives with her new family with four kids that love her to bits! And a whole acreage to roam on. Maggie’s family wrote:

Thought you would enjoy Maggie’s second bday pics. She’s doing great ! Still eats socks but boy do we work on it. Sigh. Dearly loved and a 14 year old boy owner who still walks her daily and sleeps with her nightly.


This is Maggie, who now lives in Calgary.  She is one of Krissy and Einstein‘s pups from the first litter born Oct. 30, 2012.  Krissy and Einstein have two males and two females left from their May 6, 2014, litter that are going to look  very much like Maggie with the ‘Brindle’ throughout their coats.  Maggie’s family told us:

Owen loves his dog.  Oh my word!  He takes her for huge walks almost every day.  He does all her dog run clean up.  He BUYS her food as he has a job now, pays her vet bills, licensing, grooming, toys, treats…. and he only just turned 14.  It’s awesome.  Very proud of him.  She is very loved and learns more obedience as time goes by…. it’s our fault for inconsistency not hers. 

Just wanted you to know…. sweet little magpie is doing just fine….  Sleeps in Owen’s room every single solitary night…. is terrified beyond belief of fireworks we found out (the hard way as she bolted!) but is just happy to be near anyone and to get some scratches….