I am so proud of the things my pups and dogs are achieving that I can’t even put it into words. Emails like this are wind under my wings! When a puppy owner shares pictures I try to take the time to re-share them with other puppy buyers who have a sister or brother to one of Daisy and Einstein’s pups. Keep up the good work! Valkyrie’s family wrote:

It’s been awesome receiving photos and videos of Walkyrie’s brothers and sisters. They are truly amazing dogs. I thought we would send some photos too.  Valkyrie is definitely a water dog. We have to put her outside during bath time or she jumps in the tub to play too. We have been taking her to the dog park to run through the trails. Her favorite thing to do is jump in the stream that runs through the woods. She is hilarious when she plays with the other dogs. She loves to wrestle and be chased by the other dogs, however, when she finds a teacup pup she feels the need to squash him/her.
I am so impressed on how smart she is. People keep asking whats wrong with her because shes so young yet so obedient. I had a brief conversation with my pastor during a pet friendly service, about training her for therapy. Her dog goes with her on hospital visits too. It was nice to hear her comment on Walkyrie’s behavior!


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These are great pictures of Valkyrie, who is Daisy and Einstein’s smallest female, she will mature between 45 and 50 lbs. and she was born May 9th. She looks like she is well loved. Her family wrote:

Some photo’s of Valkyrie in her first couple days home. The first night was rough, but we made it through. Second night, she did not cry nearly as much. She has been having lots of fun though.  Also wanted to share this photo with you of Valkyrie keeping cool.  She discovered we have ac and has taken to sitting on the registers.  She is doing great!  She has been spending these hot days running threw the sprinkler playing fetch and dancing in her water dish (when not hogging the ac).

Funny story about the fetching: I threw a dirty diaper and missed the garbage pail. Valkyrie faithfully brought it back. She has been so funny. She has mastered sit, shake, and come. We are still trying to get her to stay. She’s doing not too bad considering we do the training while the kids are jumping around. The video is what she did at lunch today. She hates being barred from the kitchen during meals. We tried not kenneling her and letting her play in another room and quickly discovered she is part cat! After seeing this I cannot wait until we can finally take her to park!