Griffin was one of Darby and Einstein‘s F1B Golden Doodle pups from July, 2010. She was very smart and very well loved. Unfortunately, his family wrote us with this sad news:

The pictures above are from last week, when Gerald and I and Griff took a holiday in Kananaskis, AB. I think Griff smiled every day, all day. When we drove to the beginning of a hike each day he would alternately put his head on mine and then Gerald’s shoulder and make his happy sound. We had a terrific time. Three weeks ago we took him on a family canoe trip which was also lots of fun. I am getting my life back, a new normal. I am back part-time at my job now and am adapting things to make it work. I am SO grateful and owe a lot of my progress to my trusty furry friend who has stuck by me through thick and thin.

There is a sad reason that I am writing to you however. We arrived home from holidays on Tuesday and Wednesday Griff started to act like he does when he has eaten something he shouldn’t have. We took normal precautions that day but he was still happy to go on his run and we went to visit Emily at work, etc. In the evening he appeared more uncomfortable and was restless in the night in our room. At 5 am he threw up but his behavior was unlike what we had seen before. So we took him to the Vet college right away. As Griff has been on florineff and prednisone for the Addisons he has had the tendency to eat strange stuff; this has escalated over time. We give him loads of appropriate things to chew and give him lots of exercise with the neighborhood pack. However, he must have swallowed a stick or piece of sharp wood recently that punctured his bowel and put him into septic shock. From the start of symptoms to the end was only about 12 hours. We were all with him when he died in our arms. He picked up his head and looked intentionally at each one of us before passing and made his happy sound as Patrick schrunched his ear, like he always does. We are devastated and heart broken. He was the best! I would have lost my mind without him over the past 4 years.

I’m sorry to share such bad news but I know how much you love your pups and thought you would want to know.