F1B Golden Doodle Females (Dane) – Born August 9, 2014

All of Dane’s female puppies have been sold!

Dane (Apricot F1 Golden Doodle) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle) had their first litter of F1B Golden Doodles, born August 9, 2014. This is now the only available female. She will not stay black, she is going to Brindle as she matures, which means she will get brown, silver and gold hair throughout her coat, it is just starting around her eyes and muzzle now.

She has had two sets of boosters and has been dewormed and totally vet checked. She is now ready to go, Dane has weaned and the pups are eating and drinking and full of P and V. This is a non shedding dog and she will mature at about 60 lbs. The price of this pup, $1,100, includes delivery to most places on the Central Prairies, buyers from further away can meet me part way. I do not ship my pups but prefer to drive them safely to the new family. For more pictures or information on this puppy please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. My pups are two year health guaranteed for hips, elbows, ears and eyes for anything hereditary.


Dane (F1 Apricot Golden Doodle) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle) have had nine F1B Golden Doodle puppies born August 9, 2014. Of these nine, only two are females and are pictured here. These girls are non shedding and will mature at about 50 lbs. with loose curls. They will not stay black but as they mature they will get apricot and chocolate hair throughout their coat which will make them a beautiful brindle in color. No two will be exactly the same and it usually starts to show when they are about three to four months old.

They will leave me at 8 weeks old with two sets of boosters, they will have been dewormed and completely vet checked. I do not ship my pups, so the price of $1,100 includes delivery safely from my arms into yours to assure you have a well handled pup that has not suffered any trauma along the way. My pups are treated with kindness and respect and that is why I produce kind, gentle, loyal and intelligent pups! These little girls were bottle supplemented and have had their feet handled often with nails nipped weekly and paw massages done every time they are handled.

For more information on how to get one of these babies to join your family use my contact page or text 306 521-1371. I am not always able to answer this phone but I do reply to texts ASAP. Tell me the toy that is with the puppy you are interested in and I will send you all the pictures I took of that puppy.