Lily (Warren, MB)

Lily is now a full year old, she has a little buddy but I don’t know who it is. Lily is an F1 Labra Doodle, I really love her close clip job! Thanks for sending Whitney, she looks happy and healthy. Pet her for me… Lily’s Grammy. Whitney wrote:

I wanted to send you a few more pictures of Lily since today is her birthday!! She’s doing great, learning how to listen very well and absolutely loves swimming she truly enjoys summer! Hope you enjoy these.


Lily has brindled perfectly, I am so happy when I get pictures like this. Just as a side note, letting your dog ride with it’s head out the window will dry the eyes out and create cataracts later on in life. If she is seat belted in with a five point harness she can have her window open without her head being allowed out and she will be just as happy. She is indeed a really beautiful girl (and her baby sister is pretty cute too!) I would sincerely like to see pictures of some of her siblings. Tigger will have her last litter in 2015 then retire to a farm near here. Lily’s family wrote:

Just an update… Lily is doing well, still going strong with her house training although we had a set back with her chewing on a few things. She’s a super happy pup and loves ripping around the yard. She’s very attached to her sister Cali, won’t go very far without her it’s very cute. Her stitches and everything healed up very well from her spay and only slowed her down for about 2 days. Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Thanks so much for sharing Lily’s siblings stories and pictures!! So great to see and hear about them. Lily is about 50 lbs now. Mostly just her beard that is brown and lots of white/grey hairs throughout. She’s great at fetch, knows how to sit and lay down and somewhat stay haha. We are also very excited to take her to the cabin this summer and see how she does in the lake! Thanks again!


Lily was  Tigger and Einstein’s last pup to leave, she lives on an acreage near Winnipeg now with her little sister Cali, who she has already buried in the snow. She took to this young couple like she had already met them. I was getting very attached to this little girl and was getting ready to pull her ad and use her for breeding when Whitney applied to the ad. She looks like she has snuggled her way into the hearts of this young couple. She has a five acre fenced acreage to play on so what a great life she will have there! The shower picture is exactly what her mother, Tigger, would have done only she would already be in the tub. I sincerely thank my puppy owners for sending pictures, you have no idea how it helps me feel good about where the pups went. Her family wrote:

Making herself right at home. No privacy in this house! Haha we think she’s going to be a swimmer. Cali and Lily are definitely becoming good friends. Lily isn’t normally allowed up on the couch or bed but she just looked too cute I had to take a couple pictures! We are getting to know each others personalities. She’s doing great. She had a trip to the groomer rrecently. She’s getting fairly tall these days. She was spayed on January 23 and everything went very well. She had a hookworm in some puke awhile ago so she was treated for that but otherwise she is great. Training is going well, she is such a smart pup!


Tigger Lily has been sold!

‘Tigger Lily’ was born July 27th. Her mother is Tigger and her father is Einstein. Tigger is my smallest Chocolate English Lab and Einstein is my smallest of the breeding Standard Poodles and is Apricot in color. I expect Lily to mature at about 50 to 55 lbs. Her brindle coloring is really starting to show up now. Yesterday was her first leash lesson. After her imitation of ‘fishing for marlin’ she settled down and was very respectful of the lead (I use a Cesar Milan lead to start my pups).

Lily has had three sets of boosters and once I get to the barn today she will also have been dewormed three times. Dew claws are removed, sleeping in a crate with the door off has been her only option to sleep in, so she is well started with the crate. She has known to poop and pee in one small area of her pen since she was 5 weeks old so house training should go smoothly, especially if you use the crate as part of your training technique. She is now the only pup left from July and August’s litters so she would really like to have her own family to love.

This will be a very loyal dog, she loves my groomers kids so she would prefer to go where there are kids to play with in the snow. She can be an outside dog as she has not been brought in where it is warm, or she can easily be an inside dog. Lily is an F1 so she shows a lot of Lab characteristics and has a beautiful flat head and her coloring is starting to give her the appearance of a pup wise beyond her age (3 1/2 months). This is the age where you can really make great strides in training, they are now paying attention and retaining what you teach them. She is an eager to please little girl that would walk a mile to lay down and get a belly rub and paw massages. I do not reward with treats. I do however, reward with praise.

If you would like Lily to join your family please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. She is $835 and that price includes delivery to most places. Further away buyers will have to meet me part way.