Boom is one of Dory and Cesar’s females from the July 26th. 2014 litter, a litter that spans 4 provinces. Boom lives with Micah, a non verbal child that she took to as soon as they met and is obviously doing her job. I met Micah when I delivered Boom, she is named Boom because Micah loves storms and can say Boom. This was such a loving little man, I even got a big hug before we left. Boom lives near Edmonton. She looks very happy in her family. I thank each of you that takes the time to update me on how your Fur Fettish Doodle has turned out, it really is what keeps me going. Boom’s family told us:

Micah and Boom are doing very well together. Boom also loves our other dog Chewie, and can pester her frequently. Unfortunately, we had quite the scare less than 24 hours after we brought Boom home. Micah went into multiple seizures (he had never had previous seizures) and spent almost a week in the hospital. The first thing he asked for after 5 hours of heavy sedation was for Boom. It was so hard for him to get his new puppy and then be stuck in the hospital. However, with medication Micah is doing much better.

Boom is a very good dog, she can find socks and books everywhere, she thinks they are delicious. She is a very kind dog, as we have a very busy family with six children.

Enjoy the pic of Our boy and his dog.