This dapper looking young fellow looks like he should put on a Derby Hat. He looks wonderful Jenn and it sounds like you are doing an awesome job. Bruno’s mother, Dory, is retired and lives on a farm near St. Brieux, Sask. with two little girls that she adores. Cesar is in his working clothes and having sleep overs with three girls in three pens, I rotate him so he gets a break and a long run every day. Bruno’s family wrote:

We love seeing the pics of Bruno’s siblings! Here are a couple of Bruno. He is about 52 lbs now and is a very sweet dog, he’s also very smart, we have been able to teach him a bunch of tricks already.

We love him so much!!!!


Bruno, son of Dory and Cesar‘s July 26th litter. Bruno lives in Winnipeg with his family. It looks like I raised a litter of sweater models. His family wrote:

Here’s a recent picture of Bruno in his Christmas sweater. He’s doing great and is growing so fast! He is such a good boy! (Most of the time)