Gunner (Saskatoon)

Now look at this guy! Number one they have an awesome groomer, and number two this is a great looking Doodle pup even if I do say so myself. Gunner is one of Dane and Cesar’s August 9, 2014, litter and he has chocolate in his moustache! I sincerely thank Gary for this update. When I hear about and see my pups, I know if I am going to breed that girl the same way this year….the answer to that is a huge yes. Dane is from Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Einstein‘s (Apricot Standard Poodle), Kloe is now retired but I am sure wishing I would have kept another pup from her because Dane is doing such a magnificent job. Thanks Gary, you made my day a lot brighter!


This is one of Dane and Cesar’s males from August 9th. 2014. Gunner lives in Saskatoon. His family wrote:

Here is Gunner enjoying a well deserved break after playing, and one from a couple of months ago after enjoying a snack.