This is one of Dane and Cesar’s females that now lives in Fort McMurray with her family. This is their first dog and the kids didn’t know she was coming so there was lots of excitement when Ben got her home.

As for the whining at night, put her crate where she can see you at the start, once she is crate trained you can slowly move her to where you want her to be. Remember she has just left her mother and siblings, so she doesn’t quite have it figured out what is going on.

A good rule to make is that the children have to wash their hands ‘before’ and ‘after’ playing with Jasmine, that should curb some of it because children’s hands always smell like food which encourages the pup to mouth their hands. Get everyone on board with this plan. When she uses her mouth for anything other than eating, put your hand around her muzzle firmly and squeeze it like you mean it and say NO, say it like you mean it. Do not let her start doing this, the same with jumping up. Flat hand to the face and tell her OFF, do not use the word DOWN as this will eventually be the command word for her to lay down.

The whining is partly because she is missing her family and partly when she needs to go out to pee and poop, it will get better but don’t let her play on your sympathy with it, she is fine, just needs a little reassuring at the beginning. I am here to help if you have any questions, better to ask now than have it turn into a problem you have to work at correcting later.

Jasmine’s family wrote:

The children are bonding very nicely with her. Yesterday, they couldn’t have enough of her and the best part was when my son and daughter rubbed her to sleep. She is eating well and very alert. She is really a people person and aims to please. Yesterday, the kids and I gave her a bath, and it was great.

Some challenges though, she whines a lot in the night. Last night was particularly bad, but I am hoping that it will get better. I have been waking up often to get her out to potty every 2 hours or so. Am I doing it right?

I am also a little concerned about her play-biting. I know she doesn’t mean to hurt but she tends to go after fingers (playfully albeit) when we try to rub her on the head. Do you have any tips on that?