This is Miss Jinny and her friend Bud-Bud, they now live with my scuba buddy, that I did almost all my ocean dives with on Vancouver Island. We have always stayed in touch and she has always wanted a Chocolate Doodle. Jinny looks exactly like her sister, Kix, that I kept as my last forever dog. Just a note for you Doodle owners, keep the heaviness of hair off the ears, you can leave the edges shaggy but take some weight from the middle of the ear and keep the ear canal plucked. Both sides of the family (Lab and Standard Poodle) are water dogs, when their ears are heavy they tend to get ear infections. Jinny looks like such a wise little soul and I know with all my heart this girl is right where she is supposed to be. Jinny’s family wrote:

What a wonderful smart Muffin…. For the most part she is well behaved for a 7 month old pup. Thank you for this beautiful companion!


This is Jinny, she is one of Dory and Cesar’s pups from July 26th. 2014 now living in Quesnell, B.C.