This is K-os, who lives in Edmonton. The Golden Doodle looks very well groomed, and does well in the crate with K-os. Hahaha. His family wrote:

Just another picture of our golden doodle and kos


This is K-oss (from Dory and Cesar), I loved her name so much that this is what I am naming my new male Miniature Schnauzer that will arrive here in December. K-oss lives with her amazing family in Edmonton and these are totally awesome pictures and this is a great update. I knew when I talked to Jeff on the phone that this pup would have a great home and when I met Jeff and Brandee it was like I already knew them. Take a look at this pup and her modes of transportation! And it looks like she is a beer drinker like her ‘Grammie’. Here are a few pictures from Jeff and Brandee and they wrote:

She is a completely amazing puppy, so cute and smart. We have had a few issues training her outside but it is coming along. No pooping in the house, not once, but peeing. Jeff was curious to know if you received his email about her being on hand signals? We can actually be out in the field, turn our back and put out our arm and she comes and sits right under our arm! She is great with the kids and is the ‘baby’ of our family! Love her to pieces!