April Dawn Irving and the SPCA


The attachment is from the Red Deer Paper. This is a heads up to everyone on my email list. This is about April Dawn Irving, that starved animals at Leslie a few years ago, then again at Fort McMurray, and last winter at High River. She has lost her appeals to be allowed to own animals again but that has never stopped her and each time it gets worse.

Apparently the SPCA does not keep track of these people because we have another case here of a man near Salt Coats that is on his third conviction, each time animals pay the price. I have just got a heads up that she is moving back into this area so I am going to appeal to everyone on my list that if you know where she has set up again please let me know. I guarantee you that I will personally be checking up on her, this can not be allowed to happen again. To make matters worse she uses the same last name as me, we are not related as far as I know, if we were I would be taking steps to have her locked up.

I have tangled with the negligence of the SPCA several times over the years, God put me on this earth to speak up for the animals and that is what I do. I do not get lost in the paperwork like they do, when someone is neglecting an animal I step in and when I do I take my camera with me. The media is a powerful tool and a picture is worth a thousand words. I have file boxes with pictures in them of abused and dead animals that I have had to use to jack the SPCA up with and get them into gear over quite a span of years now in four provinces.

Feel free to post this message on Facebook. All I need is a location where she has set up again and I will look after making sure she has no animals. I could not bear to know she has been allowed to torture even one animal so this is my promise to any of you that may hear where she is at. Apparently she rents and looks for out of the way vacant places to set up, she would need to buy but dog food and have her mail forwarded so there has to be a way to track her.

I feel physically sick to know she is not in a psyche ward somewhere because she is seriously ill and is an animal hoarder. Don’t worry about me getting in trouble, I have been down this road before and as long as there is a breath in me I will do my best to stop this woman.


Dealing with April Dawn Irving on the issue of Starving and Abusing Dogs. I will have to be very careful what I write in this document because what I would do to April Dawn Irving and people like her can not be put into print (even though this is supposed to be a free country and we are supposed to have freedom of speech).

There is no excuse whatsoever for starving and abusing animals, children or the elderly. Yet it happens over and over, often multiple times by the same people. Our laws are way too lax in this country and the laws that are in place are not always enforced. We can not expect the RCMP to be everywhere and I realize the SPCA can only do so much, but that being said I personally think the brunt of how far Ms. Irving got by collecting 200 dogs before she was caught once again, is totally unacceptable. She was prosecuted, by the SPCA, here in Saskatchewan several years ago for the same offense and if my memory serves me correctly she was fined and was to own no more than two dogs…. why would she be allowed any?

We have the technology to microchip both animal abusers and child molesters so they can be tracked. Now, we will hear the cry about their human rights… in my opinion these people have ceased to be human. They forfeited their human rights when they became a predator. The punishment needs to start fitting the crime in this country. We have thousands of people like Ms. Irving in our penitentiaries and it costs us millions of dollars to keep them fed, watered and warm which is a lot more humane that what the dogs got in this case.

I do not have the answers to any of the above questions but sincerely wish I did. This can not continue to happen yet if you have ever tried to report an abusive situation you will find out first hand that it is not that easy. I reported dogs tied to trees and old vehicles, on chains with no swivels so often they were tangled tight up against whatever they were tied to. I was told that the SPCA could not help these dogs because they were on Federal land (an Indian Reservation). My reply was that they needed to change the name of their association to Prevention of Cruelty to White mans’ animals. Since we have moved to Saskatchewan there has been an actual dog hunt, on Federal land, with rifles and Snowmobiles, it hit the news briefly but was quickly silenced, and not one word about cruelty from the SPCA. Veterinarians volunteer they time yearly to go onto First Nations land and spay and neuter dogs to try to keep the population under control, but they only get more and repopulate.

Now I am really going to step out on a limb with this comment, and I fully expect comments and I am prepared to answer anyone who would like to take me on. There are missing dogs all over Canada, never to be seen again. We also have people that have immigrated to our country, from countries where it is an acceptable practice to use dogs as food. There was a case in Edmonton, a few years ago, where a canine was found in a freezer at an Asian restaurant. The authorities did DNA on it and determined it was a coyote. I do not believe for one minute that is what it was but there would have been mass hatred for the Asian community if the report had said Canine. I do not agree with eating dogs but history shows our own natives used them for food when winters got tough. Some countries don’t agree with us eating beef or pork but we don’t see that as barbaric because we have been brought up to accept it. We have never been hungry enough that we have had to eat dogs, cats, rats or other animals that we think are not food…. so I am not the judge.

The point I am trying to make here is that every animal deserves a humane death, just as every human does. Our politicians are trying to put laws in place to protect humans, they need to be doing the same for our four legged friends, whether they are in the food chain or not. These laws are not easy to enforce, so we, as neighbours and passers by, need to report animal abuse and follow up to make sure it was dealt with. I simply do not understand how someone could accumulate 200 dogs with nobody knowing about it, when they were hungry the noise must have been horrendous.

I think the reason this particular case has me so riled up is the fact that April Dawn Irving and I have the same last name, and I am a dog breeder! As far as I know we are absolutely no relation. I have been breeding dogs for 50 years now. My Father and my Grandfather were both dog breeders in the Taber area, not far from Milk River! My animals are treated with love and respect and I will put my web page link with this for anyone who would like to correspond with me over this rant that I am having. Open your eyes, listen to your heart….animals and children can not speak up for themselves, it is your job and if you are old enough to read this your are old enough to help them. It takes a village to keep the innocent safe. Be part of this village and get your head out of the sand.

I remain yours truly Margaret-Ann Irving
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