Marabelle does look a lot like her sister Lily for sure. Marabelle is from Tigger and Einstein. Antlers seem to be a great idea, I have bought them for the house dogs (the dogs in runs seem to just want to bury them). For hole digging the answer is to pick up their fresh poop and put it in the hole, don’t cover it. They may start a new hole, just repeat it with the new hole. I have all my kennel dogs on dirt and nobody digs out so I can assure you this works. Usually dogs start to dig so they have cool dirt to lay on, then it becomes a fun thing to do but it is a little hard on yards! Marabelle’s family wrote:

My daughters have told me I have to send you new pics and an update on Marabelle, now with Lily’s update I must give you ours. Marabelle is just wonderful! She’s amazing with the kids, she love to run and play with them. Favorite games are fetch, tag and chase! Can’t wait to take her to the lake and see if she also like to swim!

She’s up to date with her shots and recovered well from her spay. The vet was impressed on how well she behaved. She is a good girl and listens very well. She, too, loves to chew on everything but once we gave her antlers she never touched anything of ours again! She does like to dig and we hope that will just be a phase!! We can’t wait to take her to the lake and play fetch in the water with her and take her along with us for our hikes! Enjoy the pics!


This beauty is Marabelle, one of Tigger and Einstein’s females that now lives in Shellbrooke with her bilingual family. This Doodle will take her commands in both French and English. What a delight to see how happy she looks! Her family wrote:

Up date on our lovely Marabelle. She has grown 3 inches and gained about 8 lbs since she left your farm.
Her colour has started to change as well. She’s very gentle and patient with the kids and love playing outside in the snow with them. We just adore her!