Morgan (Moose Jaw)

I do have several Doodles in Moose Jaw now, I am sure if you walk your Doodle you will meet one or two of them. I don’t give out forwarding addresses of my buyers because there are way too many dog thefts happening. One couple in Moose Jaw have two of my Doodles and they walk them regularly also. I am so happy to see these pictures of Morgan, I sincerely thank you Diane and Brent. Enjoy this spring, once the wind goes down it will be pretty nice out and I will start brushing and then in about a month we will clip. There are some pretty shaggy looking characters out there. Morgan’s family wrote:

I have been thinking about sending you pictures for a while now and then today I get from you!! Well Merlin looks exactly like Morgan except blonde. Morgan lays on her back like that also. If you are on Facebook..go to Gary Overs Kenneling and Obedience . There are pictures on there of Morgan’s graduation night. She has her certificate!!. On Wednesday she goes for her big Operation. She is a very loving, happy puppy. Takes her a while to really warm up to people but we are working on it. She likes other dogs very much. I believe that Merlin is her brother. It would be wonderful if they could get together. Also you had said that Toby lived in Moose Jaw and that he would be related also. If you wanted to let them know our phone number and they could call me and I could get together with them.


This is the pup I called Jasmine, she now resides with her family in Moose Jaw and her name has been changed to Morgan. She is one of Darla and Einstein’s females from Oct. 8th. 2014. Her family wrote:

Each day we progress. Morgan will heel and sit and then she gets bored and will just lay down. Took her to the vet and she said we have a healthy little girl. She is also enjoying truck and car rides. Take her for short trips and she seems to be okay. Also we are going for walks around our neighborhood and she even knows when we get back to our house. I try to take lots of pics of her but she is just so quick. She is 23 kg now. We start puppy school on Feb 10 and go for a grooming on Feb 23…I think just a good bath and get to know the groomer and her Morgan. She is coming out of her shell and loves my husband, my son and myself for sure. Everybody loves her. She loves playing ball inside and outside . She is house trained and learning to heel, stay and front.