Rufus (Calgary)

This is the Calgary Rufus. He is from Winnie and Cesar, and was born May 12, 2014. His full brother same litter in Edmonton also got the name Rufus. Is sounds like Rufus and his human brother, Carson, have a lot of good quality time together. It is great to get pictures of them and compare the similarities and the differences. His family wrote:

Things are going great with us, Rufus fits in perfectly. He gets out for a walk and the dog park everyday he isn’t quiet sure about the water yet but slowly but surly I’m sure he will get used to it. He is growing so fast I only realized now as I was picking out some pictures. Carson and Rufus act like brothers they are always playing, sometimes a bit too rough but they are both learning how far they can go. Rufus is completely kennel trained which is one of the best things you advised us to do, It is a life saver. We actually go to the dog park with a golden doodle named ozzy, they got him from you a year ago.