Snickers & Duke

This was such an awesome surprise to receive a series of pictures of not one, but two of my Doodle dogs. I love the pictures of him on the stairs, you can really tell how much he has grown. This Grant is a gentle bear of a man, I wish there were more Grants in this world and that every one of my dogs could have one as an owner. He wrote:

Here is Snickers! The other labradoodle is Duke who is now 5 and also from Margaret Ann. Snickers likes to sleep all over the place. Duke and him have epic tug of war games and wrestling matches but Duke can still run faster – for now. Snickers likes chasing our cats but is quite gentle when he catches them. He does like to dig through the garbage but does not chew shoes- only sleeps on them. He is chocolate brown right now but has some white and some black patches on his back so we’ll have to see what his grown coat will look like!