Stella W

This is Stella.  I gave this advice to her family: A pigs ear or a Cesar Bone from Canadian Tire will help with the eating anything on the floor, keep the shoes or anything that smells like feet, up or behind closed doors, where she can’t get it. The ticking clock is a great idea, the first night is always the hardest because they miss their mum and siblings. The first night is hardest for everyone including the puppy. Limit treats to a milkbone at bed time, making her sleep in the crate is the key to settling her in quicker and helps with housetraining also. Stella’s family wrote:

She is doing fantastic and has settled in well. Friday Night wasn’t too bad. Saturday she found her bark and barked and cried all Saturday night so we didn’t get much sleep. I have been getting up at 2.00am ish to take her out and she is very playful and mischievous when she comes back in at that time in the morning. A friend suggested we use a ticking clock to keep her company, she had the radio but it didn’t seem to work.

I downloaded a ticking clock on the ipad and left it with her last night, she never made a sound all night, I took her out at 2.30 into the back yard for 20min and had a play when she came back in, then back to bed and not a sound out of her till we got up this morning, we will see tonight if it lasts. I am not sure if it is the clock or something else but she seems content.

She is eating well and I am taking her for her booster this morning. She now has a fetish for eating shoes and or anything that is lying on the floor.