Toby (Moose Jaw, SK)

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This is a pretty awesome clip of ‘Toby just being Toby’ and I thank Kristin for sending this, Toby lives in Moose Jaw with his family. He is one of Dane and Cesar’s pups from August 9th. 2014. He is a big pup and clipping this short in wood tick season is almost a must this year, they are wicked, small and lots of them. This young pup bonded strongly with his children and he has his parents soft personality.


This is Toby, who now lives in Moose Jaw with his family, three kids to play with. He is one of Dane and Cesar’s August 9th. 2014 models. He was featured in the Moose Jaw paper. Looks like he knows he is the star! Hearing about my pups is what keeps me putting one foot in front of the other some days so please don’t think you are bothering me by including me in your updates about your puppy. Thank you to those of you that have updated me. I have heard a lot of great things about Toby, roles that he has taken on himself like putting each of the kids to bed and staying with them until they are asleep. I would say Toby has it made with this family to love him unconditionally. A Cesar Bone from Canadian Tire will help with chewing, Internet Cables are not great for dogs! His family wrote:

This is Toby the Supervisor. He follows our youngest, Carter, everywhere. It is so sweet, our boy hurt his foot this past week end and Toby has not left his side. It melts my heart, he lays on Carters bed until he falls asleep and then comes out of his room. Toby has brought our children so much joy. It has only been a few months but he is a member of our family already and we love him to death. The kids play fetch with him 100 times a day and he always brings it back and drops it . He goes in his crate when we say “go to bed”. He knows sit, stay, leave it, drop it, come, and down. He comes in each kids room at night and lays with them until I’m done tucking them in and then comes to bed. He is an incredible dog! It is a good thing I have some self control and don’t have a bigger house or I’d be coming back for another!

Toby is doing great (with the exception of him chewing through our Internet cable in the back yard) lol .It look 2 sasktel guys a few hours to figure that one out! He is eating well and sleeping well with lots of puppy friends. He is 46 pounds at 6 months and his vet says he is quite a looker for a goldendoodle haha. He is great with the kids but has yet to learn proper greeting behaviour as he gets pretty jumpy and wound up still. He thinks he is a lap dog and tries to lay across my shoulders when I sit on the couch. All is well!