Skye (Tisdale)

This young man bought himself a fishing partner and it looks and sounds like she is up to the job. Something about a man and a dog melts my heart. Her name is Skye and she lives at Tisdale but goes to work in Regina, so a traveling Doodle. Skye is the daughter of Dallas and Cesar, July 1st. 2014 litter, and I see she is getting some chocolate in her coat now. Skye’s family wrote:

Here’s some photos of her. She went on about 15 fishing trips this year. Only fell in the lake about 5 times we know she can definitely swim as she would not get back in the boat! She loves playing fetch and running around at the lake.

Her training so far has been:
Potty training
Come(still gets distracted but will come eventually)
Shake a paw
Roll over
She loves car rides and sleeps most of the way back and forth between regina and tisdale


This is Rylea, one of Tigger and Einstein‘s females from July 27, 2014. Her family wrote:

We are just updating you on our wonderful puppy Rylea. She was the female with the pink elephant from Tigger and Einstein’s litter. She is now about four months old and weighs 35 pounds. She is fitting in well into our routine and keeps us entertained with her endless adventures. She is very drawn to water and the snow. She has had her feet washed in the tub a number of times and will now go and jump into the tub looking for water. She watches us empty the horses’ water pails, and we have to watch where she is as she tries to leap into the water spray as we are dumping it. She has dropped a piece of dog food into the water dish in the house and will submerge her nose under the water and root around to try and get it. She has also, on occasion, put her front feet into the water dish and pawed at it. She is also in the middle of teething and enjoys chewing on an ice cube.

She is a very social girl and will be sure to greet each of us every morning once we are up. She still has the welcoming tail wag for us and for new people she meets and she doesn’t jump up and is very polite. She has had play dates with a black lab and a husky mixed breed. She has learned to sit, down, roll over and we are still working on come and stay.

She loves the outdoors and walking in the park, and on the paths we have throughout the treed areas of our property. She helps us with chores in the barn and loves to bug the barn cats.

We have not noticed much color change in her yet, although in the light her leg hair looks brownish and she has a few more white hairs along her back. Her feet are still huge to her body size and we are looking forward to seeing how big she eventually gets.

Rufus (Saskatoon)

Rufus before and after his hair cut. Now that he is clipped you can really see the chocolate and silver coming in. His family wrote:

Here’s Rufus before and after his haircut. ( summer groom). I keep saying ‘it’ll grow!’ I love him long and messy, but obviously not comfortable for summer. We are now attending a ‘beginner’ obedience class. I think we may go ‘novice’ after that. And I have him booked for his neuter on May 5.


Rufus is one of Dane and Cesar‘s males (born August 9, 2014) who now lives in Saskatoon. Looks like not only is he changing color right on schedule but he has passed puppy obedience. Everyone is raving about their puppy so all is well in my heart! His family wrote:

Here’s Rufus at his puppy grad, and then wanting to play fetch. He’s a little pushy. But a good communicator , dropping his bone directly on my lap.

Rufus (Calgary)

This is the Calgary Rufus. He is from Winnie and Cesar, and was born May 12, 2014. His full brother same litter in Edmonton also got the name Rufus. Is sounds like Rufus and his human brother, Carson, have a lot of good quality time together. It is great to get pictures of them and compare the similarities and the differences. His family wrote:

Things are going great with us, Rufus fits in perfectly. He gets out for a walk and the dog park everyday he isn’t quiet sure about the water yet but slowly but surly I’m sure he will get used to it. He is growing so fast I only realized now as I was picking out some pictures. Carson and Rufus act like brothers they are always playing, sometimes a bit too rough but they are both learning how far they can go. Rufus is completely kennel trained which is one of the best things you advised us to do, It is a life saver. We actually go to the dog park with a golden doodle named ozzy, they got him from you a year ago.


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Now this is the kind of report that makes my heart sing! ‘Oso’ is one of Dory and Cesar’s males born July 26, 2014, and I vividly remember Vic’s wife did not want a dog. Obviously Oso was a great choice! I have written in my book when he was only a few weeks old, ‘laid back’ and he certainly is playing the part. I am thrilled to get this update as I hadn’t heard how this pup was doing. Thanks Victor, you definitely brightened my whole week! Oso’s family wrote:

He has been an exceptional puppy (and now dog), this is my wife’s first dog ever and I keep telling her that she should not think that all dogs are like him. To put things in context, Oso only had one accident in our house! He’s playful without being out of control. He cries when he gets hungry (which is fair!) and sometimes when he is put in the kitchen when his paws are wet but otherwise he’s super chill and quiet. Yes, he had destroyed his beds (2 already) but he has not touched any of our furniture, shoes or whatnot, he understands which are his toys and he doesn’t touch anything else. We have found a solution for his bed which seems to be working well so far. He’s not aggressive by any stretch and what has been the most important thing for us is that he’s the best running buddy! There has been a few runs when I have taken his leash off and he had run right beside me! I have had dogs before and I know Oso’s behavior is not the norm! Long story short, we are very happy with Oso, as I told you earlier, Oso is my wife’s first pet ever and she was a bit nervous at first, but she is just being spoiled with such a well behaved dog that she thinks having a dog is super easy! The one and only problem we have with him, it is impossible to get mad at him!


It seems this entire litter had a reoccurrence of worms, which is a common puppy thing but is usually cleared up by two dewormings by the time they are 8 weeks old, apparently this didn’t work with this litter as this is the third pup that I have been told had worms. I am thinking maybe one of the dewormers was past expiry date as I never have this problem, now I can’t say that. I usually write on the envelope to have them dewormed again when they go for spay or neutering and that they should get their rabies booster at that time. I keep my dogs on a regular deworming program to avoid this. Just like horses and cats, dogs need to be dewormed regularly. Oso’s family wrote:

Oso (that’s how we ended up naming him) is doing great.During the first few days at home we realized that he had worms (a lot of them), we took him to a vet right away and he was given a de-wormer. Since then he has grown like crazy and he has been way more active. He has also been great in the house, in terms of accidents, he had only pooped once inside the house, he had peed a couple of times but no accidents in the last few days. so all in all he has been a really easy puppy to have! He’s also great on the leash AND off the leash. We are really happy to have him and i think he’s happy too (I hope)

Morgan (Moose Jaw)

I do have several Doodles in Moose Jaw now, I am sure if you walk your Doodle you will meet one or two of them. I don’t give out forwarding addresses of my buyers because there are way too many dog thefts happening. One couple in Moose Jaw have two of my Doodles and they walk them regularly also. I am so happy to see these pictures of Morgan, I sincerely thank you Diane and Brent. Enjoy this spring, once the wind goes down it will be pretty nice out and I will start brushing and then in about a month we will clip. There are some pretty shaggy looking characters out there. Morgan’s family wrote:

I have been thinking about sending you pictures for a while now and then today I get from you!! Well Merlin looks exactly like Morgan except blonde. Morgan lays on her back like that also. If you are on Facebook..go to Gary Overs Kenneling and Obedience . There are pictures on there of Morgan’s graduation night. She has her certificate!!. On Wednesday she goes for her big Operation. She is a very loving, happy puppy. Takes her a while to really warm up to people but we are working on it. She likes other dogs very much. I believe that Merlin is her brother. It would be wonderful if they could get together. Also you had said that Toby lived in Moose Jaw and that he would be related also. If you wanted to let them know our phone number and they could call me and I could get together with them.


This is the pup I called Jasmine, she now resides with her family in Moose Jaw and her name has been changed to Morgan. She is one of Darla and Einstein’s females from Oct. 8th. 2014. Her family wrote:

Each day we progress. Morgan will heel and sit and then she gets bored and will just lay down. Took her to the vet and she said we have a healthy little girl. She is also enjoying truck and car rides. Take her for short trips and she seems to be okay. Also we are going for walks around our neighborhood and she even knows when we get back to our house. I try to take lots of pics of her but she is just so quick. She is 23 kg now. We start puppy school on Feb 10 and go for a grooming on Feb 23…I think just a good bath and get to know the groomer and her Morgan. She is coming out of her shell and loves my husband, my son and myself for sure. Everybody loves her. She loves playing ball inside and outside . She is house trained and learning to heel, stay and front.


Here is a new picture of Mojo. Thanks for the update!


MoJo in his new farm home near Portage. He is from Dinah and Cesar‘s last litter born Sept. 7, 2013. I would love to hear how his siblings are doing, they are Lilly, Gracie, Devron, Leon, Beans, Hank, and Lefty. I would be thrilled to see pictures and hear how they are doing in their new family. Mojo is a companion to Nathan, a special needs child.  His family wrote:

This is not a clear picture but Nathan is sick and wanted me to cuddle on couch with him. Then Mojo also needed to cuddle and for the first time Nathan laughed.! Was really great!!  We love Mojo!

Merlin (Calgary)

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I simply love it when I send and update of one of my pups and get another within minutes. This well loved Doodle dog is Merlin, son of Darla and Einstein, grandson of Kloe and Cesar, who lives with his family in Calgary. I have quite a few Doodles in Calgary now and every so often I get an update that says they have got to know each other at a dog park. Thanks for the pictures Yasmin, I know the kids adore their Merlin, they didn’t know he was coming so I got to share the joy on their faces when I met them with the fluffy little character. She wrote:

Is really nice to hear from Merlin’s siblings. Here is a picture of Merlin last night.  The video is a video of Merlin playing with his friend Amber.


This is one of Darla and Einstein‘s pups, Merlin, who lives in Calgary now.