Bella (Calgary)

This is a beautiful example of a Doodle that has brindled. They were all coal black at birth and it is hard to tell which will brindle out like Bella did and which won’t. This is one of Kloe and Cesar’s Dec. 17th. 2012 litter. I miss Kloe, she was a great dog to have around. The family that has her are all red heads so she fits right in, I would love to see a picture and if I get one I will share it with you.

Darla, the female I kept, just has some silver hairs in her but they are all over and when she is clipped you can see chocolate down her back. Thanks for this great update Darlene. Have a great spring with Bella. She wrote:

Here is Bella chewing on a twig on the deck. You can see a little better how she brindled. Pretty well all over. Face, legs and hips. So cute I think.


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This well brindled sweetheart is Bella, who lives with her very loving owner in Calgary….and is now playing with foster Chihuahuas. I really commend people who foster dogs until they can get a permanent home! I sincerely thank Darlene for this video clip. Bella is an F1 Golden Doodle from Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Cesar (Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle), born Dec. 17th. 2012, Kloe’s second last litter, her last litter was from Einstein and they were all blonde or apricot.

The question she asked was, did the Doodles from this litter not all ‘brindle’? I don’t think many of them stayed totally black, I kept a pup from this litter, Darla, and she appears to be totally black until you look closer and she has Chocolate all through her coat, you can really see it if the sun is shining on her. Bella is really a good example of a Brindle, they usually don’t really start to show the brindle until they are about 4 months old, so it is impossible to tell which are going to get this brindle and which aren’t.

Darla, Bella’s sister, had her first litter last fall and she will be bred again this fall (to Einstein) so those pups should really be brindle now, I have received many updates on them. They were born Oct. 8th. 2014. I will forward this video to all of Bella’s siblings and to the families that have Darla’s pups, also to John to post on my web site. I would sincerely love to be updated on any of these pups. Darla will be bred to Einstein again this fall so her pups will be full brothers and sisters to the Oct. 2014 litter.

I have not been well this winter so I didn’t breed any of my girls until the middle of March, so in May I will start having pups. My notify list is long and I really admire people who are willing to wait, I am reassured then that it is not a spur of the moment decision.

Enjoy this spring that has finally sprung. I can hardly wait to sleep with my windows open and let the frogs sing me to sleep! Bella’s family wrote:

Video of Bella. Short and sweet. Btw Bella has lots of bridling all over her.


I love it when I send pictures of one of my pups (your dog’s) pups to the owner of siblings from the same litter and I get an update on a pup that I have not heard about in quite a while. This is Bella, born Dec. 17th. 2014. Her parents are Kloe and Cesar. I sincerely thank Darlene for sending these, I still have one of these girls. I will attach a few pictures of her, her name is Darla. She had pups late last year bred to Einstein. I have had dogs for many years and I have never seen a female play like she did with her pups, she would lay on her back and hold them in her front paws and roll around and ‘talk’ to them. Thanks so much for all of you who let me see how my pups are turning out. Bella’s family wrote:

Hi. Thought I would send a couple of pictures of Bella here in Calgary. The first is with her sister Carly and the second is my grandson with her. I have so many I could send you.