This is Eddy (of Lumsden), son of Dayle and Einstein, born March 24th. 2009. I had not heard from Eddy for quite a while, I am guessing he was too busy with his little sister to send any emails to his Grammy! LOL He looks wonderful and very happy! Thanks Heather! She wrote:

This is Edward (Eddy) whom we purchased from you May 2009. He is a great dog with an awesome temperment, and has boundless energy it seems, even at 6! Edward has a very little “sister” named Isabelle, a Pappillion we added to our family 2 years ago. She and Eddy are great friends, and she often shows him who’s boss (it’s her , by the way!). The kids love Eddy and Isabelle–if you’re familiar with the tween movie series Twighlight, and the main character love interested Edward and Bella, you will know where they came up with the dogs’ names! lol