Katie (Pinawa, MB)

This is Katie, one of the cutest little puff balls of a pup you could ever hope to cuddle. Katie lives near Pinawa, Manitoba and she is absolutely gorgeous! She was born March 24, 2009. Dayle and Einstein also had a litter exactly one year later, March 24, 2010. I have people all over western Canada that take their Doodle for a walk and see another Doodle and start to chat and their Doodles are related, or both came from here! I sincerely thank Monique for these awesome pictures and this update on her beautiful Katie! Give that girl a pat from her Grammie. I am here to tell you that it is one of the hardest things to do in my life is to place one of my pups into the arms of the new family and never hear from them again. Often I drive down the road and have to pull over and have a cry, knowing I will likely never touch that pup again, but it still has a special place in my heart. Every so often I get an email, or a card to tell me something has happened to one of my pups, I have been at this long enough to get notice that the dog has died of old age. So Doodle owners, you are making me a very happy dog breeder this past week with all the updates and I am very grateful! Katie’s family told us:

Believe it or not she is still full of energy and continues to make us laugh daily. She’s very gentle and allows her kitty to control her domain lol.