Kona and Magic

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I thank you Tony and Herb from the bottom of my heart for these awesome pictures and the video, with a sound track background no less! Kona, the apricot F1B Labra Doodle in these pictures is one of Dayle and Einstein’s females from March 24th. 2009 litter. Indeed a year later they adopted Magic, who is one of Danni and Einstein’s March 14th. 2010 females. These two girls have the best life I could ever imagine for a dog (two dogs in this case). I actually have quite a number of buyers who have come back a year or so later and adopted a second Doodle.

Dayle, the mother to Kona, is a retired couch potato Regina and I know what a spoiled rotten girl she has turned into. Danni is also spayed and retired but I simply could not part with her when the time came….so she is now the resident deck dog and backup gopher hunting companion for Mudflap, the cow dog (we sold all the cows so she really needed Danni as much as I did). Danni has 100% of her fathers loyalty (Pluto) and when he goes for his run she never leaves his side and neither of them go very far away from me, usually I let each pen run while I do the food, water and never ending poop pickup. Danni comes into each pen with me to make sure I am doing my job, except Pluto’s pen and then she takes a run with him. Pluto is the grandfather of both Kona and Magic.

It means more to me than any of you Doodle owners could possibly know, to hear and see where my dogs are and how well loved they are. I am slowly downsizing by retiring females, and not replacing them. Even with this plan I still have a lot of dogs because some of them I simply can’t part with. All of my males are still here, Einstein, Cesar and Newton (son of Einstein) are earning their keep by dazzling the girls, they are all Standard Poodles. Pluto (Black Standard Poodle), Klifford the Big Red Dog (Golden Retriever) and Trump (Black English Labrador Retriever) are all getting up in years, don’t breed any more and are very good at eating up the profits BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kona and Magic’s family wrote:

We wanted to add to your joy by sharing our ‘joy’ of being dads to both Kona (just turned 6) and her half-sister, Magic (just turned 5), who are both having a ball living the acreage life near Saskatoon, SK. Although quite different – Kona is independent and smart and loyal, Magic is sweet and loving and observant – they have so much fun together and we with them. Their favourite things are going on walks around the 12 acres from earliest spring to beyond snowfall, chasing after a tennis ball, and moving from couch to couch during movie nights to ensure they spread the love around.

We were so happy with Kona, we added Magic a year later, and it has been and continues to be a wonderful adventure together.