Stella (SK)

This is another of Tigger and Einstein‘s pups, this girl is named Stella (there are a few Stella’s out there). She has a full sister same litter named Stella in Alberta. I can see chocolate tinges in her hair and it looks like even more once she is clipped. I prefer the clip and I am sure you will also once tick season is upon us. She does have the sad Lab face but I can see the smile on the corners of her lips. I was very excited when I opened this email because I had not heard how Stella was doing, so I sincerely thank you, Paul, for taking the time to update me with pictures and a note on how she is doing. Stella also stayed in Saskatchewan. When I first moved here, 10 1/2 years ago, it seemed putting a pup in Saskatchewan was going to be a rare event, most were going to Alberta, but now I have quite a number of them here. Keep up the good work Doodle owners, I am proud of you! Enjoy our beautiful Spring with your pup! Stella’s family wrote:

Great pictures of Lily, here are some recent pics of her sister Stella. My apologies for not keeping up with the update photos but your updates are a reminder to send you some.

Stella is doing great, and like Lily we had hey spayed and she recovered in a couple of days and was hard to keep calm. She loved the winter and the snow although she looks rather sad in the snowy picture attached…in saying that she always looks sad but is an extremely happy dog. She has that sad face and eyes.. She has slightly brindled but not a lot, mostly around her beard!! She does have quite a few grey hairs coming through though.. We took her to the groomers a couple of weeks ago, the before and after pictures are attached with her bravery ribbon, she definitely came back looking like a different dog, we do prefer her with the shaggy coat..

She had her first dip in the lake last week following her Frisbee , it was a little cold so I think she will think twice next time!!