Adagio (Addy) from Airdrie, AB

This is another of Debbie and Einstein‘s pups born August 25, 2012. Adagio lives with her family in Airdrie, Alberta. Addy was the smallest pup in the litter and was actually a darker apricot when she was born. I have now heard from five of the nine pups from this litter. This is what keeps me going, to actually see what they look like and hear about how they are doing. Keep up the good work Torri and Jen. Pat her one for me. They wrote:

Here are some pictures of Addy (short for Adagio). She is about medium groomed in this picture taken not too long ago. She’ll soon get trimmed down for summer. She loves snoozing on the couch by the front window where she can watch the traffic on the street. Twice a week she goes to doggy daycare when Jen comes in to Calgary to work. She’s very smart, will sit, lie down, relax, walk beside, give high fives etc. She instantly recognizes the word “walk” and will go bananas jumping around if she thinks we’re saying it to her. She also comes and reminds us around 5:00 every evening that it’s her supper time.

Her colour changes from apricot to almost white depending on the season and how long her coat is. And, of course, she’s a big fan of her stuffie ‘baby’… She’s a great dog although somewhat protective of her house (and me) and perhaps a little jumpy – always on alert. She is super smart and loyal and I love her when she’s long and ‘muppetty’ but Torri seems to prefer her when she’s trimmed quite short.

Thanks for our beloved family addition!