This is Zoey, and she is beautiful! Her mother, Darla, hasn’t had pups this year. I have her in with Newton, son of Einstein, who is Zoey’s father. Thanks so much for sending this update and pictures. You may notice some more apricot when she has her next clip. You made my day with these pictures! Zoey’s family wrote:

We are very happy with Zoey. Her one year birthday is next week on Oct. 7th and I was intending to send you a couple of photos. I’ll include them now instead, since it was convenient! As you can see, her coat has some apricot highlights; it will be interesting to see how her colour progresses. She is quite tall now and probably weighs about 55 lbs. She is still a happy-go-lucky girl, very smart and energetic, but sometimes a bit stubborn. Thanks and take care!