Deeva’s Emma and Jacob – October 3, 2015

This little sweetheart of a boy is a real animal lover and the animals here all know it. Whenever Jacob is near the tails are wagging. A few weeks ago we were pulling weeds in Kwyn’s pen, Jacob grabs on to a weed almost as big as he was and starts grunting and pulling, it came out suddenly and he landed on his butt, I burst out laughing and he looked up at me with those big blue eyes and said “Seewiously Gwanny, you thought that was funny’. Of course that made it all the funnier. He is a lovely little boy with such a sincere sense of humour and he is a tease, when it is time for them to leave he gives me a sly look and acts like I am going to get a hug, then runs off laughing. The older kids, Dinah and Trip have made a game out of it and they chase him down and haul him back so while I am giving him his hug he is squealing I give his ear a few nibbles.

John, my computer Guru, and Thea, my groomer, have six little ones, 13 down to little Annie who is 15 months and now walking and a very independent little monkey. I have the privilege of being ‘Granny’! Both John and Thea are awesome parents that work as a team parenting this crew. I am here to tell you that they just don’t make kids like this any more. They are home schooled, so untainted by the brats we have in schools now, the older two milk three goats morning and evening. The third child Autumn, looks after the chickens. Jacob, Calub and Annie go to the garden with their Mum and the older three kids, pull weeds and harvest whatever is ready. They are the wind beneath my wings.

It is not very often you would hear me say to someone with 6 little kids, “Come on in” but you would have to know these awesome children to understand how good it is to see them each time. They are smart, beautiful and well mannered. They carry on an intelligent conversation, not kid gibberish about a cartoon or movie. They know who God and Jesus are and can discuss different things from the Bible. I better stop, I could write a whole book on these six kids, each is so different yet alike in so many ways. I just thought I would share this with you, when this crew of kids help me with chores we gain a lot of ground. They are gentle with the dogs and the dogs love them (especially Jacob). MA