Robyn is an English Lab female who had only one litter of puppies in Feb. 2013. She is now spayed and looking for a farm or acreage home. She is a kind girl with literally no bad habits, she is not a digger nor a barker although she will alert when someone comes to the yard, she likes kids and other dogs. I would prefer she goes where there is already another dog as she is really a pack animal coming from here, I fear that if she were an ‘only child’ she would wander looking for company. Her price is $200 which is half the cost of her spay, which was done over a month ago. Shots are completely up to date, including rabies, and she has been dewormed on a regular basis. For more information on Robyn please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113.

Retired Dogs Looking For Forever Homes

All available retired dogs have found new homes! !

I have a number of loving retired girls that are looking for good homes. However, I care very much for my girls… I let Casey and Misty go for free and have never heard another word about them so I am not doing that any more. You can’t even get a free dog at the SPCA so from now on it is $200 towards their spay to show me that you are willing to commit to a serious relationship with one of them. Dr. Cochrane says that is more than fair as I spend about $500 between shots and spay to get them ready to go. You can follow the links to see pictures of each one.

Amber, Chocolate English Lab, born May 21st. 2009. She has had three litters and did a wonderful job of them, three from her last litter are still here and have now gone into training so the price will start to go up on them as training progresses. Amber is from Abbey and Trump, my foundation English Lab line, she is fairly active and loves toys, literally takes her turn at checking the farm out at full speed, only stopping to mark her territory every so often and then on to the next bush or gopher hole.

Hannah, Chocolate English Lab, born July 16th. 2008, who is heavy set and more on the laid back side and couldn’t care less if there were toys. She is originally from Central Alberta and I purchased her through another breeder, I liked her stoutness as I was breeding her Standard Poodle, to be specific, to Einstein who has a slight build. She had three litters from the same sire, one pup is still here from her last litter, he is Simon and will soon be posted on my web site as an obedience started male. Hannah was an very good mother, not hard to have around, hardly ever barks and likes to take herself for a leisurely stroll around the farm and comes back on her own good time when she is sure she has checked every nook and cranny out.

The Golden Retriever is Kianna, she is from Klifford the Big Red Dog and Katie (now retired and living in Manitoba). Kianna was born March 8th. 2010, although she is from one of my best Golden Retrievers who was a wonderful mother, Kianna failed bitterly as a mother. I could not stand the heart ache of ever breeding her again, although the pups she raised are magnificent it was a lot of work for me. She is a very easy keeper, it is hard to keep her weight off, she really needs to go where she has lots of room to run free and attempt to catch gophers (if she ever did get one she would lick it to death). She loves kids and I would really like to see her go to a farm home that was overflowing with kids to keep her busy.

The F1 Golden Doodles looking for a home are two full sisters, Dinah and Doe Dee, born March 13th. 2008. Dinah is blonde and Doe Dee is darker apricot. Both have had three litters, within days of each other. They were born together, kenneled together and whelped out their pups in stalls next to each other, I am trying to place them into a forever home on a farm or acreage together. I will try for a few months and if I can’t place them together I will have to consider splitting them up. They are both happy go lucky girls, they are allowed to go for runs but not at the same time as it takes them too long to come back….but that being said, they always do come back and never leave the farm, so if the new owner tied one, and let the other loose, and then switched them, for about two weeks until they figured out that was their new home I am sure they would be faithful farm dogs. They have always had access to all my farm critters, so know about horses, cattle, donkeys, Llamas and Alpacas and have never attempted to be herding dogs…they just mosey on through the pastures and check things out. These two require clipping at least twice a year and both are very good about standing on a table to be groomed and have nails done. The mother to these two is Katie, same as Kianna, and the father is Einstein. These two characters smile, big toothy grins (especially if they think they are in trouble). They will bark when something is amiss and be quite when told. They both really like kids also.

If you think one of these girls may fit the bill as an adult dog in your farm or acreage environment please let me know.


Kloe is looking very content in her new home!


This is Kloe in her forever home. I hope I can find homes like this for the others that are here waiting for their forever home.  Her new family wrote simply:

She’s spoiled!


Finally at the age of 4-1/2 Kloe has had pups! This girl was the hardest dog to get bred I have ever owned. She outfoxed Klifford the Big Red Dog, who was to be her mate, through three heat cycles! In a last ditch attempt at getting her bred I put her in with Cesar, the new kid on the block, my young Chocolate Standard Poodle, who at this point in time hardly knows which end he should be paying attention to. What to my bloodshot eyes should appear but 9 pups and every one black!

These are going to be drop dead gorgeous pups with these two as parents. I estimate they will be about 50 to 60 lbs. for the females and 60 to 75 lbs. for the males. Kloe and Cesar are both leggy and well proportioned and there is a good chance these pups may brindle in color as they get older. This is only Cesar’s second litter and he is proving himself a champion with the quality of pups he is producing.

Watch for updated pictures of this litter!


Some news and fresh pictures from Korral and Kamryn‘s “retirement villa”! Their owners tell us:

Couple of pics I thought you might like. The kids came down today with Korral & Kamryn. Last time I saw them was in gasoline alley when you were out and Korral was a bit tubby. Korral has always been good for the kids, but seeing her today is like seeing a different dog. She is at her proper weight and fights for attention with the others. She seems happy and out going and is a wonderful dog. I think having Kamryn around has done her the world of good. The three had a good time roaming around. It was awesome seeing them all together.


Korral was born October 8th, 2005 from Kayden and Klifford “the big red dog” amongst a litter of 14 puppies. She stood out right from the start as an outstanding pup and had all the qualities I was looking for to carry on this bloodline. She was a sweetheart of a pup that grew into a sweetheart of a dog, a very easy dog to have around. She had her first litter in May of 2008 when she was 2 1/2 years old, 13 F1 Golden Doodle puppies fathered by Einstein. She was a very dedicated mother that didn’t even want to leave the pups long enough to eat, drink and go out to the bathroom.

Korral got a long rest between litters – she had her second litter July 2010 by c-section followed by an immediate spay, also from Einstein.   She whelped an awesome 15 puppies.  Her and I were both overwhelmed with feeding all these hungry little munchkins.  We split the litter in two playpens and rotated every two hours. In all fairness to Korral she retired after this litter.  Producing 28 pups in two litters is more than most dogs do in four litters. Korral now lives on an acreage in Alberta with kids… her dream home. It is hard to part with a dog like Korral but she certainly earned her own home and family.  Little does she know that her half sister, Kamryn, will join her when she retires this fall…what a bonus for me to put two sisters together for the rest of their life.  The icing on the cake is that their mother, Kayden, retired to the same parents of this family, so all three will get the occasional romp on the farm together. I love having happy endings for my girls when they retire!


Amber is the last pup I kept back for breeding from Abbey and Trump before Abbey retired.  She was born May 21st. 2009, and came from a litter of 6 pups.  She celebrated her second birthday with Einstein and would now like to announce that she has had eleven F1 Labra Doodle puppies on July 21st., 6 black and 5 apricot…so still no chocolate. She is doing extremely well for her first litter.  The pups needed a few bottles to get them and her going but now she is managing on her own. She is getting two big cans of dog food and all the dry puppy food she wants and the pups are fat little grunters at this stage. Pictures of the pups will be taken at about 4 weeks of age and added to this page.

Amber is a very gentle girl, much like her mother in character and actions.  She is smaller than Abbey by about 10 pounds, weighing about 50 lbs., and standing 21 inches at the wither. The pups from Einstein and Amber should mature around the 50 lb. mark and be about 21 to 22 inches at the wither, so mid size dogs.  They will definitely be winners with the combination of parents and grandparents they have. These guys are bred to be loyal and gentle, intelligent and clean, easy to train and just all round good family members.


Abbey was from two chocolate English Lab parents.  There were 6 chocolate and one yellow in the litter she came out of.   Abbey produced some outstanding Lab pups from Trump (Misty) and F1 LabraDoodle pups from Pluto (Dayle).  Two of her F1 granddaughters, Debbie and Dory, will go on to carry her great bloodlines.

Abbey picked her own forever owner, a neighbor girl worked for me part time.  Abbey followed her everywhere and laid at the bottom of the ladder when she was painting… it was a forever friendship in the making.  Now she lays on my neighbor’s bed and I am told Abbey growls if anyone comes near her bedroom door at night.   That would be Abbey, faithful and loyal.   She came to visit me for Christmas but did not show any signs of wanting to stay.  After her visit she was ready to go home with her very own private person.


Kelli is the mother, and Grandmother, of some of my best breeding dogs.  Unfortuantely I was just learning how to use the digital camera then so don’t have a lot of pictures of this picture perfect girl.  Kelli is retired and lives on an acreage near Ponoka, Alberta.  This lucky dog winters in Yuma and is really enjoying her retirement home!


Hannah has now had her last litter of puppies and is up for adoption to a farm or acreage home. She was born June 16th, 2008, so she is 5 1/2 years old. She has had three litters of awesome Labra Doodle pups. In my breeding program the girls do not have more than three litters unless they have small litters (and so far the only one has – Danni). Hannah has produced some awesome pups and has now fulfilled her job as a breeding female and would like to go on to her final job of being a farm or acreage companion outside dog.

I would like half of what it cost to spay her, which is $200 (her spay and shots, teeth cleaning etc. were well over $400) but I am not looking to make money on her, I just want to make sure she goes to a great home for her last 9 or 10 years. Her file with all her information goes with her. She is an easy keeper, I have never seen this girl thin, in fact it may be a good thing for her to go where food is not full feed like it is here. Hannah doesn’t jump up on people, she is not a licker, she is well mannered, she is not a barker. If you may be interested in giving Hannah her forever home with room to be free and just be a good dog, please text 306 521-1371, call 306 792-2113 or use my contact page.


Hannah, a Chocolate English Labrador Retriever, born July 16th 2008, struck my eye the very first time I set eyes on her.   She has what it takes to produce the quality of pups I am looking for from Trump.   When she came here it was obvious she had been purchased for her quality but no follow up with affection and training had occurred.   Once she had a few hours of training on her, and a lot of affection and praise, her real self shone through.  She has turned in to a confidant, loyal, sweetheart of a dog.   I left her an extra year to breed to be sure her head was in the right place (around here what is good for the dog comes first).  So this summer, at 3 years old, she should produce her first litter, she will be bred to Trump and I already have a waiting list.


Misty was my pick of the litter from Abbey and Trump‘s August 2005 litter.   This dog really gave me the run around with getting pregnant.  I almost gave up on her.  She was exposed to Pluto at 2, 2 1/2, 3, 3 1/2, 4 and 4 1/2 years old.  I knew there was nothing wrong with Pluto as all his other girls were having pups.  If she was not such a beautiful specimen of an English Lab, I would have given up.  But I had Misty vet checked three times and each time they said they saw no reason she was not getting pregnant.   Finally, when she was  5 years old, Pluto must have sweet talked her because just when I was ready to get her spayed and take my losses, she got pregnant.  Not only did she get pregnant, she produced an outstanding litter of 9 F1 LabraDoodle pups (which is why I have Dory and Debbie).   We are on the right track now.  So this summer we will give Pluto a few extra milk bones and see if he can sweet talk her into another great litter!