This is Zoey, and she is beautiful! Her mother, Darla, hasn’t had pups this year. I have her in with Newton, son of Einstein, who is Zoey’s father. Thanks so much for sending this update and pictures. You may notice some more apricot when she has her next clip. You made my day with these pictures! Zoey’s family wrote:

We are very happy with Zoey. Her one year birthday is next week on Oct. 7th and I was intending to send you a couple of photos. I’ll include them now instead, since it was convenient! As you can see, her coat has some apricot highlights; it will be interesting to see how her colour progresses. She is quite tall now and probably weighs about 55 lbs. She is still a happy-go-lucky girl, very smart and energetic, but sometimes a bit stubborn. Thanks and take care!


This is Kuro, he is one of Dezi and Einstein‘s pups from May 4th. 2012. Dezi is now retired. Kuro’s family wrote:

I’ve attached a few photos of Kuro for you to see. He is an absolutely fantastic dog – mostly quite well behaved and smart and just easy to live with.

We would definitely be interested in another Golden Doodle from your next litter (Dane’s). Do you have a ballpark idea of when that might be? I don’t know what the gestation period is for dogs. We love the black or dark brown coloring.

Toby (Lethbridge, AB)

This well loved young man is Toby, one of Darla and Einstein’s males born October 8, 2014. What I would suggest is to be sure his eyes are cleaned out and that there is not a turned in eyelash that is causing the problem (the vet should have seen that but sometimes they pull the bottom eyelid down rather than looking at it straight on….it is worth a try and an easy fix). Keep the tear duct wiped and you can use human eye drops, the non allergy ones are best for this time of year. I thank you, Jenn and George for this great update. Toby lives in Lethbridge, Alberta. They wrote:

Just an update on Toby! He is settled in very nicely with George and I, and loved dearly by everyone in our family. He is a great pup and listens very well for the most part. His newest tricks are sitting pretty, and “leave it” when it comes to treats and goodies. He is excellent on and off the leash and is very well socialized with both humans and other dogs. He is crate trained and has not had any accidents for the last few months. Toby has a huge personality and his facial expressions are priceless! In saying all of this, there is a health concern we have with his eyes. Toby got an eye infection about a month ago, and we got him to the vet ASAP and received drops for them. We gave him the drops for one week as directed and then about a week later the eye infection was back. We brought him back to the vet and they put us back on the drops but this time for two weeks. We just finished the two week span and he went for another check up this morning. Our vet said his eyes are looking better, but I can already see the residue starting to build again. Do you have this issue with any of your other doodles? Is there something specific we should be doing for Toby to prevent this from happening? Other than that he seems to be fine. He has been sick a couple times with a bit of puking and diarrhea but nothing too serious.  Every time we take him places we always get multiple compliments on how he is such a good looking, happy dog! Thanks for the updates on Toby’s family!

Sam (Humbolt, SK)

This is another of Debbie and Einstein’s pups from August 25, 2012. Sam lives with his family in Humbolt, Sask. I have heard from three of the nine pups today when I went checking on this litter. These are the first pictures I have seen of Sam so I am glad I went checking, it would be great to hear about all of them. I sincerely thank Kyle for sending these, he is really a beauty and looks very much like his dad. This almost makes me want to breed Debbie back to Einstein instead of Cesar but I have a waiting list for those pups and we missed last year. Some buyers have chose to wait the extra year. I am very sad that my Doodle breeding will be ending in a few years (if I can hang on that long). Sam’s family wrote:

Here is pictures of Sam our puppy from you and our family. He has been a fantastic dog very smart and amazing with our children. We cannot Thank you enough. If your ever getting rid of any puppies let us know!

Kira (Melville, SK)

Kira is one of Tigger and Einstein’s males, he lives in Melville. I actually have three Doodles in that little town and a fourth customer waiting impatiently for the next litter to arrive. Thanks for the update Jeff. He wrote:

Kira and Rosi are neighbours. They love to play. Rosi is very husky, Kira is the smaller one. Kira loves our little Cloe and they are best buddies.

Adagio (Addy) from Airdrie, AB

This is another of Debbie and Einstein‘s pups born August 25, 2012. Adagio lives with her family in Airdrie, Alberta. Addy was the smallest pup in the litter and was actually a darker apricot when she was born. I have now heard from five of the nine pups from this litter. This is what keeps me going, to actually see what they look like and hear about how they are doing. Keep up the good work Torri and Jen. Pat her one for me. They wrote:

Here are some pictures of Addy (short for Adagio). She is about medium groomed in this picture taken not too long ago. She’ll soon get trimmed down for summer. She loves snoozing on the couch by the front window where she can watch the traffic on the street. Twice a week she goes to doggy daycare when Jen comes in to Calgary to work. She’s very smart, will sit, lie down, relax, walk beside, give high fives etc. She instantly recognizes the word “walk” and will go bananas jumping around if she thinks we’re saying it to her. She also comes and reminds us around 5:00 every evening that it’s her supper time.

Her colour changes from apricot to almost white depending on the season and how long her coat is. And, of course, she’s a big fan of her stuffie ‘baby’… She’s a great dog although somewhat protective of her house (and me) and perhaps a little jumpy – always on alert. She is super smart and loyal and I love her when she’s long and ‘muppetty’ but Torri seems to prefer her when she’s trimmed quite short.

Thanks for our beloved family addition!


Here is an update on Tucker’s visit to the oncologist:

I promised you that I would let you know about Tucker’s visit to the oncologist. He and I went yesterday to meet her. She explained more about this rare tumor in his mouth. In addition, she laid out 4 different treatment choices. One was radiation. There is the old form of radiation that would be everyday (except Sat. and Sun.) of the week for 4 weeks straight. Tucker would be put to sleep each time. The second form of radiation is called SRS which is a new form using a new machine that is far more intensive and can be completed in 1-5 days. Both forms of radiation cannot ensure that the cancer will be completely eliminated and they both shorten his life span to just over 2 years. The second form of treatment is chemotherapy which is brutal and has not been improved on much over the last several years. The oncologist did not see this as an option for him. The third choice was surgery which would allow the surgeon to completely remove the tumor and Tucker would then be cancer free and able to move on to live a long, healthy life. The last option was to do nothing except that the tumor grows back fast and in another couple of months we would be back to where we started from.

I chose the surgery option for Tucker. It seemed to be the least invasive, the quickest to deliver and the one with the highest chance for him to be cancer free and live a long life.

Tucker’s surgery will be on Thurs. I can’t wait for it to be done so he can be on the road to recovery.


Tucker is a son of Korral and Einstein, born May 15th. 2008. I am worried about this beautiful Doodle, this cancer is a scary business in animals and people. It is really hard to believe with all the money that has been raised we can’t seem to stop it. Good luck to Tucker on his surgery tomorrow and a speedy recovery. I would like to have this posted on my web site and I would love an update on Tess, Abby and Duke as well. Tucker’s family wrote:

I am so sorry to hear that you have had a tough winter health wise. In times like that thank goodness for animals and their unconditional love and comfort. I am sure they have helped you through some of the tougher times. I wrote earlier that Tucker has been my “rock.” I am on long term disability from teaching. As a result, Tucker and I have been glued to each other 24/7. He is my therapy both emotionally and physically. His long walks and runs every day have helped to keep me in shape and keep a handle on some of the chronic pain issues I struggle with following a horseback riding accident in 1999. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Tucker has such an incredibly loving, gentle and happy personality. He is very popular in the community, from the very young to the very old, because he always wags not only his tail but wiggles his entire body from side to side when anything with a heartbeat comes near him. He also loves to raise his top lip and give everyone big smiles. He often draws small crowds when I walk him into town. Complete strangers seem to sense his loving nature and come and pet him. I have also taken him to the local seniors home where he works his magic with the staff and patients. He loves to participate in agility classes, swim in the Bow River, hike in the mountains and run beside my bike. He is truly a jack of all trades. How lucky we are that Einstein and Korral gave us such a special guy.

I want you to know that I didn’t email you about Tucker’s cancer to blame you or question your breeding. I wrote you to let you know the joy you have given myself and my family by providing us with Tucker. Tucker, his sister Tess, Abby (born 2006 from your farm) and Duke (Abby’s brother) are 4 golden doodles I know well from your breeding program. They are all incredibly gentle, loving and giving dogs. I have recommended you to many people and would buy another puppy from you without a second thought. Tess and Abby live next door and Duke lives across town.