Jake (Regina)

This Jake is one of Amber and Einstein’s males from July 21st. 2011. His family wrote:

We now live in Regina ourselves and we absolutely love our “Big Man Jake”. He made the transition from acreage to city life beautifully. He is such a wonderful and loving dog. He is best friend to our older dog immediately almost as if they always knew each other. He is great big brother to the 2 cats now have too. The greatest friendship, however, is the one he has with my 2 girls. They love him so much and that love is returned 2 fold. He is a great companion and an even better friend.

Thank you for raising such fantastic dogs and for keeping us all in touch.


Barley is one of Amber and Einstein’s males from July 21st. 2011. His family wrote:

We live in Regina and have loved the addition of Barley to our family. As you can see in one of the photos attached, Barley has an adopted brother – 10 year old American Eskimo, Boogie. Barley stuck to Boogie from the second they met. He is her security blanket, and she does anything he does, which suits Boogie just fine. They have become best friends.

Barley, although shy and timid, is the dog that I always wanted. She is loyal, obedient without effort, extremely athletic, and gentle. She is also a big goof, which is hilarious. Another photo below shows Barley in the water on our latest camping trip in northern Sask this September. She is an excellent swimmer and is completely ball-driven. She is also very intelligent. She walks well on leash, is attentive to instruction, and shows 0 aggression. She knows all the usual commands (sit, stay, shake, down), and just for fun and treats – roll over, which is funny given that she is 75lbs and all legs.


This is one of Amber and Cesar‘s Oct. 31st, 2013, males. I kept him and Marty back to do some basic training on.  Mac moved to Saskatoon with an entire family of small children, I knew this was the right move for him. His family sent this picture and told us:

Mr. Mac is doing awesome!!!! He is so great and the kids love him to pieces. He runs everyday with either my husband or myself or both!!! Some days he runs 12 km at different times of the day. We take him to off leash with all the other dogs and he runs a lot but still likes to stick close by us. We have had him at the lake a couple times and he can just wander around, he never takes off on us which is a great quality I was hoping for. He is going for a haircut on Friday and I’ll have to send a picture when he gets home from that because he looks so handsome! My oldest girl has taught him how to play hockey with her and they keep the ball away from each other!! So cute

F1B Labra Doodle Females (Dallas) – Born July 1, 2014

All Dallas’s puppies have been sold!

Dallas, Brindle F1 Labra Doodle, now has only three females to choose from. They are non shedding F1B Labra Doodles with the father being Cesar, my Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle. These girls will not stay black but will brindle in color as they get older, this means they will have gold, silver and chocolate hairs throughout their coats. They will have two sets of boosters and will be dewormed and totally vet checked, he is booked for this Thursday. The price of these girls is $1,100 and that price includes delivery to most of the Central Prairies. I do not ship my pups but choose to drive and place them safely into your arms.

The female with the Night Time Teddy is Lizzie, she is the smallest of the trio and will weigh about 50 to 55 lbs when she is mature. This is a very calm pup that lays quietly in my lap to have nails done and paw hair trimmed.

The pup with the Orange Hedgehog toy is Sally. She will be $200 less than her sisters as she has an umbilical hernia that will need to be fixed when she goes for spay at 5 months of age. The compensation of $200 is to cover the price of the extra time she will be under anesthetic to have this repair done. My vet only charges $25 extra but other vets are not nearly so good as my vet. This hernia doesn’t bother her in any way, it is just a little puff of skin full of fatty tissue that is a little unsightly so it needs to be fixed. This is a very happy girl that would have laid in my lap all day had I time to play with her. She got her nails done and all the hair clipped on her paws, like her siblings. These pups are very well handled and eating well from a dish now. Dallas has not completely weaned them but it is getting close. She only assumes the stance for a short time until they have relieved the pressure of a full udder and then she is off into her safe place (a deep packing box) with eight little monkeys wondering where she is hiding.

Last but not least is the little clown of an Anna, with the Beige Squirrel toy. This is a very funny pup that runs in little circles with a toy in her mouth to get her siblings to chase her and then quickly into the crate to lay on it in hopes nobody noticed. I am guessing that Anna and Sally will mature at about 55 to 60 lbs. All three of these girls will be curly coated. They love kids and other dogs. They watch the old barn cat with a lot of interest, and the barn swallows that are just learning to fly.

For more information on this crew please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. You can ask about a certain puppy (refer to it by its stuffy) and I will send all the picture I took of that particular puppy today during photo shoot time. They were born July 1st, Canada day, so will be ready to start leaving this week end. They are a litter of eight and most are presold. These are very well handled pups, they were bottle supplemented to help Dallas out. She is my smallest F1 Labra Doodle and eight pups are a lot for a young dog to handle alone on her first litter. She has done an awesome job of these pups so will be bred the same way next summer.


Dallas and Cesar have three females available from their July 1st litter of eight pups, the other five are already spoken for. Dallas is an F1 Labra Doodle. Her mother is Amber, a now retired Chocolate English Lab (she was born here), and her father (the grandfather to these pups), Trump, is still here. Dallas’s father is Einstein, my Apricot Standard Poodle, who is also still here and going strong. Cesar is my Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle, and he is the father of this litter.

This is Dallas’s first litter and she has done an outstanding job of both mothering and the quality of these pups is beyond my wildest dreams. Dallas was a slow starter but I knew she had some of the best bloodlines going running in her veins. She is three years old now. I gave her an extra year to mature and show me that she was worth the dreams I had for her, and she did not disappoint me.

These pups are $1,100 delivered, if you pick a pup you will be required to put a $200 deposit on the pup, the remaining $900 when I place the pup safely into your arms and you accept her as your newest family member, to have and to hold for about 15 years! I do not need to do a sales pitch on these girls as I know the pictures will speak for themselves. They are non shedding, will have two sets of boosters, be dewormed and totally vet checked before leaving my arms to yours. There is a very good chance these pups will not stay black but as they mature they will get chocolate and apricot hair throughout their coat, thus becoming ‘Brindle’ as the color classification. You can get more information on these girls by texting 306 521-1371 or using my contact page.


Dallas and Cesar have now had their first litter born July 1, 2014, so Canada Day pups (so you will remember her birthday). Dallas is my smallest F1 Labra Doodle female and also my curliest. She is brindle in color. She is a very calm, gentle girl and is doing an amazing job with her first litter. Dallas is three now, she missed being bred last year but I am fine with that, I would rather they were mature and their head is ready. These pups are F1B Labra Doodles (second generation).

Dallas is the daughter of Amber (English Chocolate Lab, now retired) and Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle). She is granddaughter of Trump and Abbey, two of the nicest specimens of English Labs money can buy. I breed for quiet, obedient, easy to train dogs that are well handled from birth and taught manners from the start. They have great confirmation and no ear, eye, hip or elbow problems. Trump has retired from breeding but is still running around the farm like a tank. He is a very well built, stout Lab and is the Great Grandfather of Dallas’s pups. His offspring are bird dogs although I have not used him to hunt.

The father of Dallas’s pups is Cesar, my Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle. This guy is registered and very well bred. He was dark chocolate when he was born and at about 6 months old the silver started to come into his coat. His pups also change color as they age and we have produced some pretty outstanding pups that are very eye catching when they arrive at the dog park. These pups will be ready the end of August or first part of September and will have two sets of boosters, be dewormed, and completely vet checked. They come with a bag of the food they are on, feeding instructions, inoculation record, the toy that is in the picture with them for something familiar to make the transition and lots of love.

These girls will be non shedding, clean, loyal and easy to train. I make myself available to advise and help you make this the best dog you could ever hope to own, I have been doing this for a long time and am very willing to help with some of the ‘tricks of the trade’ to ease your puppy into your lifestyle and bond her tightly with your family.

For more information on these girls please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page. If you are seriously interested in a puppy at this time follow the links above to see pictures of the parents, Grand parents and Great Grandparents to these girls. If you can’t afford a puppy or are not ready then please do not apply, my computer time is very limited as I spend a lot of time with my dogs and pups. Be prepared to be dazzled with cuteness! If you see a puppy that catches your eye tell me by the toy that is with her.

F1B Labra Doodle Male (Dallas) – Born July 1, 2014

All Dallas’s puppies have been sold!

Dallas has now had her first litter of pups, on Canada Day!!! Dallas is from Amber, one of my now retired Chocolate English Labs and her father is Einstein, my Apricot Standard Poodle. Dallas is Brindle in color. She was bred to Cesar, my Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle which makes this pup an F1B non shedding Labra Doodle. This pup is black now but he will not stay black, he will brindle as he gets older. Brindle means he will get gold, silver and chocolate hairs throughout his black.

Dallas’s Grandfather, my old Black English Lab, is still here sound as can be, as is Einstein her father. This pup has some pretty impressive ancestors. Dallas was my pick out of a litter of eleven pups and it was a long wait as she didn’t get bred last year, so at three years old she has had her first litter and I am certainly not disappointed in the quality of pups she has produced for me. There are three males, two are already spoken for off my waiting list so that leaves this little monkey as the last male.

He will be ready to go late August or early September. He will have two sets of boosters and lots of instructions on when to get the third set and when he will be safe to take out into the public (research Parvo Virus if you are not already aware of this cruel virus). He will be dewormed and completely vet checked. This fellow will be curly and weigh about 60 to 75 lbs. when mature (that is just an educated guess as this is her first litter). He has been very well handled. Dallas is not a very big dog and we helped her by bottle supplementing twice a day. He is very good about his feet being worked on, loves to be held although he will not be a lap dog. He just started learning to eat out of a dish yesterday so gets more on him than in him at this stage and his Mum is on clean up duty washing their dishes and the pups.

I am in this for the long haul and will try to help with any questions you may have along the way, I have lots of training techniques that I am more than willing to share to make this into the best pup (dog) you have ever owned. For more information use my contact page or text 306 521-1371.


I did not give up on Dallas and she is rewarding me with her first litter of F1B Labra Doodles, at almost three years old. She is now officially overdue with Cesar’s offspring. Dallas is the daughter of Amber and Einstein, and was born July 21, 2011. Amber’s parents are two of the best English Labs I have ever owned, Abbey and Trump. Dallas is quite curly coated for an F1 Labra Doodle so her pups will definitely be non shedding. Watch my web page for birth announcements on this litter, this girl has lots of Chocolate in her background so with Cesar being a Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle we could get some Chocolate offspring this litter. I will send announcement notices to my waiting list first to assure they get first choice on a puppy, then announce on my web page.

Reese – F1 Labra Doodle (from Amber) – Born August 31, 2013

Reese has been sold!

Reese was born August 31st, and is the son of Amber (Chocolate English Lab) and Cesar (Chocolate Silver Factor Standard Poodle). He is now leash trained, house trained to a dog door and sleeps in a crate at night. He is a very willing student that pays attention and quickly picks up on what is expected of him. He has extremely good manners, no licking nor jumping up has ever been allowed. He is not a barker but will give a few deep woofs when someone comes into the yard. He is done changing teeth and will weigh about 60 to 70 lbs. when mature. With a good spring of rib, nice flat head and very proud tail carriage, this guy is an eye catcher and anyone would be proud to be on the end of his leash. He is now at $1,100 and as he gets more training the price will go up accordingly. At the stage he is now he will make someone that doesn’t have time to properly start a pup, a great dog. He is old enough to crate while you are at work and will be happy to see you come home and spend some quality time with him. One great feature of having a well started pup is that he will get you out for that walk you keep putting off.

The price includes delivery and a demonstration on what he knows and lots of instructions on how to continue with making him into a very obedient and loyal dog. He has lots of bird dog in his background so could also be a dual purpose dog, a hunting companion plus a valued family member. The price of Reese includes delivery to most places on the central prairies. He is up to date on boosters and deworming, his next set of boosters could be done when he goes for neutering. For more information on Reese or pictures of his parents and grandparents please browse the site, text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


Abbey has really turned into a great looking dog! This pup’s Grandmother was my Abbey, one of my original Chocolate English Labs. The Maternal Grandfather to this pup is my ‘Mighty Trump’. My advice for the comment below is this: What I do with dogs that dig holes is place a fresh poop in them, they won’t go back to that hole. This might have to be repeated a few times but I can tell you it works because my dogs are kept on dirt in their outside runs (cement is too hard on their joints), and if a hole appears it gets poop put in it right away and nobody has dug out. Abbey’s family wrote:

Just a quick update on Abbey. She is very happy to finally see spring, but has decided that digging is a fun hobby. Not so much for the flowers however. She went camping for the first time May long weekend and did great. Tried swimming for the first time and wasn’t too sure of herself. Hopefully that will come with more practice. My daughter loves watching Abbey chase her tail, run after toys and even enjoys the odd “puppy kiss”. Abbey is turning out to be a wonderful addition to the family.


This is Abbey, daughter of Amber and Cesar, born August 31, 2013. She has one full sister and two full brothers here that are now in training. This man is a great dog owner, and I am sincerely pleased that he has one of my pups! He wrote:

Just wanted to drop a quick note about Abbey. After the first couple of weeks had past and she settled into the family routine, I can say that she is becoming a wonderful member addition to the family. She is growing very fast, has taken to chasing balls and even plays chase nicely with my daughter. We are really looking forward to the summer camping trips with her. I will keep sending photos when I can get her to sit still long enough…

Retired Dogs Looking For Forever Homes

All available retired dogs have found new homes! !

I have a number of loving retired girls that are looking for good homes. However, I care very much for my girls… I let Casey and Misty go for free and have never heard another word about them so I am not doing that any more. You can’t even get a free dog at the SPCA so from now on it is $200 towards their spay to show me that you are willing to commit to a serious relationship with one of them. Dr. Cochrane says that is more than fair as I spend about $500 between shots and spay to get them ready to go. You can follow the links to see pictures of each one.

Amber, Chocolate English Lab, born May 21st. 2009. She has had three litters and did a wonderful job of them, three from her last litter are still here and have now gone into training so the price will start to go up on them as training progresses. Amber is from Abbey and Trump, my foundation English Lab line, she is fairly active and loves toys, literally takes her turn at checking the farm out at full speed, only stopping to mark her territory every so often and then on to the next bush or gopher hole.

Hannah, Chocolate English Lab, born July 16th. 2008, who is heavy set and more on the laid back side and couldn’t care less if there were toys. She is originally from Central Alberta and I purchased her through another breeder, I liked her stoutness as I was breeding her Standard Poodle, to be specific, to Einstein who has a slight build. She had three litters from the same sire, one pup is still here from her last litter, he is Simon and will soon be posted on my web site as an obedience started male. Hannah was an very good mother, not hard to have around, hardly ever barks and likes to take herself for a leisurely stroll around the farm and comes back on her own good time when she is sure she has checked every nook and cranny out.

The Golden Retriever is Kianna, she is from Klifford the Big Red Dog and Katie (now retired and living in Manitoba). Kianna was born March 8th. 2010, although she is from one of my best Golden Retrievers who was a wonderful mother, Kianna failed bitterly as a mother. I could not stand the heart ache of ever breeding her again, although the pups she raised are magnificent it was a lot of work for me. She is a very easy keeper, it is hard to keep her weight off, she really needs to go where she has lots of room to run free and attempt to catch gophers (if she ever did get one she would lick it to death). She loves kids and I would really like to see her go to a farm home that was overflowing with kids to keep her busy.

The F1 Golden Doodles looking for a home are two full sisters, Dinah and Doe Dee, born March 13th. 2008. Dinah is blonde and Doe Dee is darker apricot. Both have had three litters, within days of each other. They were born together, kenneled together and whelped out their pups in stalls next to each other, I am trying to place them into a forever home on a farm or acreage together. I will try for a few months and if I can’t place them together I will have to consider splitting them up. They are both happy go lucky girls, they are allowed to go for runs but not at the same time as it takes them too long to come back….but that being said, they always do come back and never leave the farm, so if the new owner tied one, and let the other loose, and then switched them, for about two weeks until they figured out that was their new home I am sure they would be faithful farm dogs. They have always had access to all my farm critters, so know about horses, cattle, donkeys, Llamas and Alpacas and have never attempted to be herding dogs…they just mosey on through the pastures and check things out. These two require clipping at least twice a year and both are very good about standing on a table to be groomed and have nails done. The mother to these two is Katie, same as Kianna, and the father is Einstein. These two characters smile, big toothy grins (especially if they think they are in trouble). They will bark when something is amiss and be quite when told. They both really like kids also.

If you think one of these girls may fit the bill as an adult dog in your farm or acreage environment please let me know.


All I can say is ‘Wow’! Miley’s family wrote:

She has grown into a beautiful girl, who is not only amazing with us but our 2 year old granddaughter too. Miley has been very easy to train and her favourite past time is to jump on the trampoline with the kids. She is overflowing with love and has been a huge asset to our family.


This is Miley, daughter of Amber and Cesar, born August 31, 2013. She is living in Airdrie, Alberta now. Her new family wrote:

Thought I would let you see how Miley is doing. She is wonderful and is smart and has fit right in. She is a very quick learn. We are all so very pleased to have her part of our family.