Penny lives in Regina with her family. I love her clip job! Pats to Penny from her Grammy. She was the smallest pup in this litter. Thanks for the update Johanna! She wrote:

It’s so great to see all the pictures of the puppies! Here’s a few of Penny


These are awesome pictures of Penny, one of Daisy and Einstein’s female pups from the last litter.  I think I have pictures of every one of this litter now.  Penny seems to have made herself right at home in Regina with her own water fountain.  I can see she is in good hands.  Daisy is now spayed and I am still trying to get in touch with the family that spoke for her (without any luck).

For pups that are prone to carsickness:  Take the food away eight hours before travel until they start to get used to travel.  Do not give them Gravol on a treat, the treat is rich and will not work with the gravol, give baby gravol and then a drink if anything.  They do make Gravol for dogs, you local vet clinics will carry it.  In the hot weather do not take their water away before travel, only the food, then the worse thing that will happen is drool.  They do grow out of it, some take longer than others. I transport pups on a regular basis and rarely have one get car sick. I do have some that drool but after a few miles they are fine.  I take the food away at least eight hours before travel, get the pups up early so they can pee and poop, load and go.  Wal Mart carries a product called Dr. Goodpet Calm Stress. It is getting hard to find so I scout out all the Wal Marts on my puppy routes and if they have it I buy them out. It is the very best, bar none, that I have ever found and I have tried a lot of different things.  Maybe this is the time to confess that I was a car sick kid so I feel so sorry for car sick pups. I have even tried a few drops of the Dr. Goodpet Calm Stress myself, it made me so calm I wanted to lay down and have a nap!

Some other tips are to face the crate to the front of the vehicle. If you have ever ridden a train and faced backwards you will know what I am getting at here, it makes you nauseous.  Keeping an air vent blowing towards the front of the crate will help also, this is the reason dogs like to hang their head out the window (and that only dries out their eyes and causes greater problems down the road).  So there you have it in a nut shell, try it and see what happens.

Penny’s family gave us this update:

Quick update on our Penny. She’s doing really well, loves the yard and the sprinkler! She thinks it’s her very own water fountain! She pretty much sleeps through the night and wakes up really happy to see us.

Penny did great at the vet on Saturday, she was a real trooper through the visit. We are having some trouble with car sickness. She throws up after or during car rides. The vet suggested a couple drops of baby gravol on a treat about an hour before travel. We’ll see how that goes.

She’s looking pretty fluffy and I was wondering when a good age for grooming is? I know to wait until she’s safe from viruses but she still seems too little to me. Just wanted your thoughts on that. She loves being outside but always parks herself in the shade haha! Oh and she’s making it down the stairs all by herself! Thanks for all your advice!


Nyx is from Pinawa, Manitoba and she is one of Daisy and Einstein’s females. She is showing signs of brindle around her face, I can’t really tell from the pictures if there is some on her body. Good job and thanks for the update Tamara! She wrote:

Nyx sends birthday wishes to all her sisters!!


This is Nyx, Princess of Darkness, who lives in Pinawa, Manitoba. These F1B need regular ear plucking like a Poodle, I use a little pair of surgical clamp type scissors so I can get down into the ear canal. They actually like it (unless you pinch them). I don’t think I would use surgical gloves but then I have not tried that method. She is really a smart looking Doodle pup and it sounds like she is now a very important part of this family. I would love to hear how you are doing with your pup, I try to find the time to share sibling pictures with the families that have a pup from the same breeding and every time I open my computer I feel blessed to receive emails like this one. Nyx’s family wrote:

Picked up Nyx from the vet yesterday. She is spayed and not too terribly impressed with her shaved stomach. Vet says she has to take it easy for the next 10 days so she may not get to show off her pirate costume too much tonight. She is currently 36.8 lbs. She looks much bigger because of all the fur. We haven’t been able to bring our selves to get her clipped. She is so soft and isn’t matting at all so we will wait.

The vet says she got the worst poodle trait. This is the second time she has had to have her ear plucked. Her one ear had fur growing so far down. At least she was under anesthetic this time. Do you have suggestions on how to deal will the fur in the ears. The vet said to wear surgical gloves for better grip and just pluck all the time. It seems so mean. It’s the 2nd time she has needed drops for the one ear. I hate her being so uncomfortable.

Can’t believe how smart, obedient and loyal she is. We missed her so much when she was gone for that 24 hours for surgery. It’s amazing how quickly they become so important to you.

Thank you for the best dog ever!!! (Minus the ears)


This is Nyx in her new home with her spotted friends! What a great picture with her and the doe with two fawns! Her family told us:

Had to share the picture of Nyx practicing her self control. Pinawa has a lot of deer all year round so learning not to chase them is a very important skill. She is not perfect at it yet but she does manage some of the time. So far her recall is almost perfect when a deer is not involved.


I am getting rave reviews on my pups. This is what I love to do, I live for my dogs (and Bob of course). They are always glad to see me no matter what the weather or how ragged I look. I am very happy to hear how good Nyx is being, it makes my heart melt to add a family member that is truly loved. For fetching use a ball with a hole in it, put peanut butter in the hole (cheese whiz if you have peanut allergies) and let her play with it for a while then start with small throws in the house and lots of praise when she brings it back, then slowly throw further once she has the idea what she is supposed to do. This whole litter from Daisy and Einstein are now each in their new home, this litter spanned four provinces! Nyx’s family wrote:

We just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the best puppy ever! I am sure other people say the same but pretty sure ours is the best.

She has been so good. Most of the time she sleeps through the night. She has gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks and is growing like a weed. My only complaint is how hard it is to photograph a black dog. Well done to you for being able to photograph all those black puppies.

Her manners are getting better every day. She knew sit within 2 days. So far doesn’t look like she will be a fetching dog.

We are so thankful that you made the hazardous trip to bring her to us and so happy you made it home again.

Thank you!!!


I am so proud of the things my pups and dogs are achieving that I can’t even put it into words. Emails like this are wind under my wings! When a puppy owner shares pictures I try to take the time to re-share them with other puppy buyers who have a sister or brother to one of Daisy and Einstein’s pups. Keep up the good work! Valkyrie’s family wrote:

It’s been awesome receiving photos and videos of Walkyrie’s brothers and sisters. They are truly amazing dogs. I thought we would send some photos too.  Valkyrie is definitely a water dog. We have to put her outside during bath time or she jumps in the tub to play too. We have been taking her to the dog park to run through the trails. Her favorite thing to do is jump in the stream that runs through the woods. She is hilarious when she plays with the other dogs. She loves to wrestle and be chased by the other dogs, however, when she finds a teacup pup she feels the need to squash him/her.
I am so impressed on how smart she is. People keep asking whats wrong with her because shes so young yet so obedient. I had a brief conversation with my pastor during a pet friendly service, about training her for therapy. Her dog goes with her on hospital visits too. It was nice to hear her comment on Walkyrie’s behavior!


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These are great pictures of Valkyrie, who is Daisy and Einstein’s smallest female, she will mature between 45 and 50 lbs. and she was born May 9th. She looks like she is well loved. Her family wrote:

Some photo’s of Valkyrie in her first couple days home. The first night was rough, but we made it through. Second night, she did not cry nearly as much. She has been having lots of fun though.  Also wanted to share this photo with you of Valkyrie keeping cool.  She discovered we have ac and has taken to sitting on the registers.  She is doing great!  She has been spending these hot days running threw the sprinkler playing fetch and dancing in her water dish (when not hogging the ac).

Funny story about the fetching: I threw a dirty diaper and missed the garbage pail. Valkyrie faithfully brought it back. She has been so funny. She has mastered sit, shake, and come. We are still trying to get her to stay. She’s doing not too bad considering we do the training while the kids are jumping around. The video is what she did at lunch today. She hates being barred from the kitchen during meals. We tried not kenneling her and letting her play in another room and quickly discovered she is part cat! After seeing this I cannot wait until we can finally take her to park!


Here are some new pictures of Jaguar! She is showing some signs of brindle on her face. Looks like she is a hit with Randy and Kim’s Granddaughter! Thanks for this update. They wrote:

Thank you so much! Here is Jaguar with our grand-daughter.



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Jaguar’s family sent us some new videos and wrote:

Here is Jaguar. She is a handful but loving every minute.


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This is Jaguar, another of Daisy and Einstein‘s pups from May 9th. Jaguar went to Edmonton on Sunday to live with Randy and Kim, it was love at first sight when I placed her in Randy’s arms. I love to see a man with a pup, it says a lot to me about the man and Randy already has a little place in my heart. When he asked for some advice about pups biting and chewing, I suggested keeping shoes either in the closet with the door closed or up where the pup can’t reach them at this stage of their life, they love shoes because they smell like their family. If biting is an issue then clamp their mouth shut HARD and say no, this needs to be done from day one. Do not let biting and mouthing start, it will only get worse. They told us:

Yes she does seem to be happy around here! We will continue to keep you posted and send you pictures. Jaguar sure is affectionate, very very nice change from other dogs we had. Thank you again.

Lexi (Thunder Bay)

This is Ontario Lexi, she is one of Daisy and Einstein’s females from the May 9th. 2014 litter. Happy birthday puppies! You are now officially a dog! Pats from Grammy and a huge Thank you to Anne for sending this. Hello people who own siblings, how is your pup doing? I would love to hear about them and I share pictures of siblings but do not forward anyone’s personal info.


Here is an updated picture of Lexi. I think this is an awesome cut! Thanks for sharing Anne! She wrote:

Happy First Day of Spring! Lexi just got a Spring haircut!


What a little poser Lexi is, she just came back from her Spay and all is well. This is one of Daisy and Einstein’s females from their last litter, May 9th. 2014 It just makes my day when I open my computer and get to see how my pups are turning out.

Doodle owners need to get the groomer to take the weight out of the ears by clipping the middle out and leaving a fringe, when they are left heavy like this clip that Lexi has they get ear infections. Ears need to be plucked and clipped to make them lighter in weight, both sides of the Doodle family are water dogs (webbed feet and heavier ears from the Standard Poodle side) and water dogs are prone to ear infections if the ear canal can’t air out.

About the last picture here, Lexi’s family wrote:

My husband took her out to our ice shack overnight and she hopped on the bed to snuggle with him and get off the cold floor. She is such an affectionate dog. She had so much fun on the ice running and playing with other dogs. My parents are visiting for the Christmas holidays and are really enjoying Lexi’s company. She has settled down a lot since they last saw her 4 months ago. I was also impressed that she didn’t get into any presents under the tree or eat any ornaments…lol.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog!


Here is an update from Lexi’s family:

We reached a couple of milestones with Lexi this week. She outgrew her first kennel, so we had to buy her a new bigger one. Also, today she had her first haircut. We had the hair around her eyes and nose trimmed up. She was an angel for the groomer.


Daisy and Einstein had two female pups named Lexi this last litter, this is the Thunder Bay Lexi. She is a cute little monkey and I love it when my buyers send me updated pictures. They wrote:

Here is the picture of Lexi with Russ’ 91 year old Grandma. Lexi is a very affectionate little girl. She cried in her crate most of last night. It’s just like having a newborn again. I’m sure she’ll get used to her crate soon. We’re driving back to Thunder Bay right now and she’s sound asleep in her crate right now. She is now 17lbs.

Lexi (Winnipeg)

Lexi’s family sent us some new pictures and wrote:

Thank you so much for forwarding pics of Lexi’s siblings. They are all growing up so fast. Lexi is an absolute joy in our family. She is so smart and loves being with the kids. She is having so much fun with the leaves on the ground now. We can’t wait until the snow comes and to see how much she will enjoy that. She is getting fixed this coming week at the vet so she will be a little sore for a few days. Just means more cuddle time with her. She loves laying across the whole couch and watching the tv. Life is so much better with lexi in out lives.

She brings new joys to our lives everyday doing her funny things. She is so affectionate and cuddly. Her favorite thing lately has been going and playing at the play ground with the kids. It’s almost impossible to keep her off of the gym equipment. She just wants to be a big kid too herself. I’m really looking forward to the snow to see how much she likes it. Hopefully she will enjoy it as much ass the children do so she can come tobogganing and to the ice rink with me to watch them. Can’t thank u enough for our very blessed little girl that you have given to us.


Lexi was delivered in the midst of our most recent flood. I didn’t get home until that Sunday afternoon, so tired I went to bed right away for a few hours BUT the five pups I had on board to place into the arms of their forever family all were delivered and every one got an awesome family. That makes is all worthwhile, and when my buyers send me pictures like this the rest is just all a bad dream……..just look at this puppy and her family! They wrote:

Lexi is so beautiful. She is absolutely lovely. She loves the children and is so precious. She loves to roll over and get a belly rub down. My favorite part of her so far is that she loves to put her head around my neck and really snuggle in. The love we have for her is amazing already.

Lexi is such a joy in our lives. We love her sooo much. She is great with the children and learning slowly to use the bell at the backdoor to go outside. She likes to try and nip but I keep trying to teach her that’s wrong behaviour. She knows how to sit and shake a paw already. I can’t help myself to constantly kiss her face or just watch her. I’m so in love with her. Thank you so much for such an amazing gift. You made our life that much better knowing you and having Lexi join our family. When someone asks us where we got her from, our kids say from a very special person that loves us. It makes my heart melt how happy you made our 4 young children. Hope you are doing well. My prayers are with you.

Lizzie (Brandon)

Lizzie’s family sent us this sweet new photo.


Lizzie is one of Daisy and Einstein‘s last litter (born May 9). The pictures are from the day she was delivered to Brandon. Andrew was so excited he was vibrating. Her new family told us:

Lizzie had a great first day and the kids couldn’t be happier ( especially Andrew). Thanks again!

F1B Golden Doodle Litter (Daisy) – Born May 9, 2014

All Daisy’s puppies have been sold!

Daisy (F1 Golden Doodle) has had her third and final litter of F1B Golden Doodles from Einstein, they were born May 9, and surprisingly all nine are females! There are five black and four apricot. Most are curly, there are two that have a bit straighter coat that will be looser curls when they mature.  Daisy will be retiring and moving to Moose Jaw to live with another Doodle from here about the same age as she is.

These are going to be smaller Doodles, Daisy is my smallest female and Einstein never produces big pups. I am estimating from the two previous litters they have had that these girls will mature at 45 to 50 lbs. and they will most definitely be non shedding.

When they are ready to go July 4, at a full eight weeks old, they will have two sets of boosters, lots of instructions on when to get the third set, and how to keep them safe from Parvo Virus until they have a full immune system. They will also be dewormed and completely vet checked. They come with their inoculation certificate, four pages of instructions, a two kg. bag of the food they are presently on, instructions on how to change food if you choose another brand, and the toy that is in the pictures with them (so they have something familiar to help with the transition from my home to yours).

My pups come to a whistle, and are already taught to pee and poop in one area of their pen. No licking or jumping up has ever been allowed. Nails are nipped weekly and paw massages are done so they are good about having feet handled. They are imprinted to humans as soon as they are born and have been handled by two little boys 3 and 5 years old.

My pups go with a 2 year health guarantee. I have been in this business of raising dogs for 46 years now and I would like to help make this world a better place for dogs, the only way I can do this is to educate the owners as best I can.  If you do decide to purchase a puppy from me you are required to bring a crate when you pick it up so it can be transported safely to your home.  I so not ship my puppies, they are driven to as near to you as I can get and safely placed from my arms to yours.   I deliver to most places in the Central Prairies, if you are further away we can meet part way.  The price of the puppies includes delivery, Daisy’s pups are $900.  If you are interested in a 15 year commitment and the best furry family member money can buy please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371. Follow the links in this post if you would like to see the parents and grandparents of these little girls.

New Puppy Litters

All of these litters have been sold!

Fur Fettish Farm is announcing three May litters that will be ready early to mid July.

Krissy and Cesar had their second and final litter born May 4th. They had a litter 18 months ago together and even though the pups are born black they get a beautiful brindle color as they mature. These are F1 Labra Doodles.

Winnie and Cesar also have their second litter of F1 Labra Doodles together, born May 12th. I have lots of pictures of their last litter also. All are chocolate and will get beautiful blonde highlights as they mature.

Daisy and Einstein have their all female litter of F1B Golden Doodles born May 9th. This is their third and final litter, they have two litters that you can browse pictures and information on here and here. This is my first ever litter of Doodles that are all females.

As for prices: Krissy’s are $800, Winnie’s and Daisy’s are $900. If someone is interested they can text me at 306 521-1371 (DO NOT phone that number as I am dealing with a funeral), or you can use my contact page.