F1B Golden Doodle Black Males (Darla) – Born December 9, 2015

Darla (F1 Golden Doodle) and Newton (White Standard Poodle, Son of Einstein, Grandson of Pluto) had a camp out in October which resulted in 10 beautiful pusp born December 9, 2015. When my girls have more than 8 puppies I help out by bottle supplementing a few times a day so she can build up her milk supply. Darla is an exceptionally good mother, she keeps these pups so clean they shine which makes picture taking of black pups challenging when the eyes, nose and fur are all black. Hopefully the cuteness shows up.

These are very clean, intelligent, non shedding pups that will be a treat to train as they focus and really want to please. They already, at 5 weeks old, come when they are called for warm meals and climb out of the whelping box to pee and poop in the small pile of straw where their mother goes in the pen. This gives them a head start to poop and pee in a designated area of your yard should you want them to do that.

I do a lot of foot work on my pups, this will pay off when it is time to clip, by doing paw massages and nipping the tiny ends off their nails regularly. Dew claws are removed.

Each puppy is allotted a toy or stuffy, that toy or stuffy accompanies the pup to his new home so he has something familiar for the transition. He will also come with two sets of boosters and instructions on when to get the third set and how to keep him safe until he has a good immune system against the viruses that are out there, and he will be completely Vet checked. He will have his Vet certificate, a 2 kg. bag of Purina Puppy Chow and a can of Pedigree with instructions on how he is being fed.

For more information on one of these boys please text (do not call) 306 521-1371 or leave a message at 306 792-2113 or use my contact page. The price of $1,200 includes delivery to most places on the Central Prairie. Buyers from further away can arrange to meet me part way. I do not ship my puppies so please do not ask for that option. I prefer to drive them and safely place them into the arms of the forever family.

F1B Golden Doodle Female (Darla) – Born December 9, 2015

All of Darla’s female puppies have been sold!!!

This is the last available female from Darla and Newton’s December 9, 2015, litter. She will be ready to go about the middle of February when she has had two sets of boosters, has been dewormed twice and will be totally vet checked. She is $1,200, that price includes delivery to most places on the central prairies. She comes with her stuffy, a 2 kg. bag of Purina Puppy Chow and a can of Pedigree. I send my pups with lots of instructions and their vet certificate.

Her mother is Darla, daughter of Kloe (Golden Retriever) and Cesar (Chocolate Standard Poodle), and her father is Newton, son of Einstein (Apricot Standard Poodle) and Nancy (Standard Poodle and daughter of Casey and Pluto). There is some excellent bloodlines in this puppy and she will be a gentle, intelligent, clean, easy to train pup that has the capability to be one of the best dogs on the planet.


This is Zoey, and she is beautiful! Her mother, Darla, hasn’t had pups this year. I have her in with Newton, son of Einstein, who is Zoey’s father. Thanks so much for sending this update and pictures. You may notice some more apricot when she has her next clip. You made my day with these pictures! Zoey’s family wrote:

We are very happy with Zoey. Her one year birthday is next week on Oct. 7th and I was intending to send you a couple of photos. I’ll include them now instead, since it was convenient! As you can see, her coat has some apricot highlights; it will be interesting to see how her colour progresses. She is quite tall now and probably weighs about 55 lbs. She is still a happy-go-lucky girl, very smart and energetic, but sometimes a bit stubborn. Thanks and take care!

Toby (Lethbridge, AB)

This well loved young man is Toby, one of Darla and Einstein’s males born October 8, 2014. What I would suggest is to be sure his eyes are cleaned out and that there is not a turned in eyelash that is causing the problem (the vet should have seen that but sometimes they pull the bottom eyelid down rather than looking at it straight on….it is worth a try and an easy fix). Keep the tear duct wiped and you can use human eye drops, the non allergy ones are best for this time of year. I thank you, Jenn and George for this great update. Toby lives in Lethbridge, Alberta. They wrote:

Just an update on Toby! He is settled in very nicely with George and I, and loved dearly by everyone in our family. He is a great pup and listens very well for the most part. His newest tricks are sitting pretty, and “leave it” when it comes to treats and goodies. He is excellent on and off the leash and is very well socialized with both humans and other dogs. He is crate trained and has not had any accidents for the last few months. Toby has a huge personality and his facial expressions are priceless! In saying all of this, there is a health concern we have with his eyes. Toby got an eye infection about a month ago, and we got him to the vet ASAP and received drops for them. We gave him the drops for one week as directed and then about a week later the eye infection was back. We brought him back to the vet and they put us back on the drops but this time for two weeks. We just finished the two week span and he went for another check up this morning. Our vet said his eyes are looking better, but I can already see the residue starting to build again. Do you have this issue with any of your other doodles? Is there something specific we should be doing for Toby to prevent this from happening? Other than that he seems to be fine. He has been sick a couple times with a bit of puking and diarrhea but nothing too serious.  Every time we take him places we always get multiple compliments on how he is such a good looking, happy dog! Thanks for the updates on Toby’s family!

Tucker & Lilly (Regina)

I tell people to put the crate where the puppy can see them so they can talk softly to it and reassure it that all is well, but sometimes in the excitement of seeing their puppy they don’t always get all the instructions. Tucker, the Blonde Doodle is from Dezi and Einstein, May 4th. 2012 and he got a little sister, Lilly is from Darla and Einstein, Oct. 8th. 2014 for Christmas. I have quite a few buyers who have two Doodles from here now. Their family wrote:

We had a tough 3 nights as Lilly cried and cried. We moved the kennel into our room and she no longer cries. Goes right into the kennel when it’s time to sleep and stays in there until morning.

Here is a picture of the two waiting for a treat. Lilly is very smart, follows Tucker everywhere and copies him. She has started to whine at the back door to go out but still has some accidents. She loves all the toys which is great. Tucker never liked to play with them. He preferred learning tricks and practicing obedience activities, for treats. We couldn’t imagine not having Lilly as part of our family.

Morgan (Moose Jaw)

I do have several Doodles in Moose Jaw now, I am sure if you walk your Doodle you will meet one or two of them. I don’t give out forwarding addresses of my buyers because there are way too many dog thefts happening. One couple in Moose Jaw have two of my Doodles and they walk them regularly also. I am so happy to see these pictures of Morgan, I sincerely thank you Diane and Brent. Enjoy this spring, once the wind goes down it will be pretty nice out and I will start brushing and then in about a month we will clip. There are some pretty shaggy looking characters out there. Morgan’s family wrote:

I have been thinking about sending you pictures for a while now and then today I get from you!! Well Merlin looks exactly like Morgan except blonde. Morgan lays on her back like that also. If you are on Facebook..go to Gary Overs Kenneling and Obedience . There are pictures on there of Morgan’s graduation night. She has her certificate!!. On Wednesday she goes for her big Operation. She is a very loving, happy puppy. Takes her a while to really warm up to people but we are working on it. She likes other dogs very much. I believe that Merlin is her brother. It would be wonderful if they could get together. Also you had said that Toby lived in Moose Jaw and that he would be related also. If you wanted to let them know our phone number and they could call me and I could get together with them.


This is the pup I called Jasmine, she now resides with her family in Moose Jaw and her name has been changed to Morgan. She is one of Darla and Einstein’s females from Oct. 8th. 2014. Her family wrote:

Each day we progress. Morgan will heel and sit and then she gets bored and will just lay down. Took her to the vet and she said we have a healthy little girl. She is also enjoying truck and car rides. Take her for short trips and she seems to be okay. Also we are going for walks around our neighborhood and she even knows when we get back to our house. I try to take lots of pics of her but she is just so quick. She is 23 kg now. We start puppy school on Feb 10 and go for a grooming on Feb 23…I think just a good bath and get to know the groomer and her Morgan. She is coming out of her shell and loves my husband, my son and myself for sure. Everybody loves her. She loves playing ball inside and outside . She is house trained and learning to heel, stay and front.

Merlin (Calgary)

[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/17/Merlin.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/17/merlin.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/17/Merlin.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/17/Merlin.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

I simply love it when I send and update of one of my pups and get another within minutes. This well loved Doodle dog is Merlin, son of Darla and Einstein, grandson of Kloe and Cesar, who lives with his family in Calgary. I have quite a few Doodles in Calgary now and every so often I get an update that says they have got to know each other at a dog park. Thanks for the pictures Yasmin, I know the kids adore their Merlin, they didn’t know he was coming so I got to share the joy on their faces when I met them with the fluffy little character. She wrote:

Is really nice to hear from Merlin’s siblings. Here is a picture of Merlin last night.  The video is a video of Merlin playing with his friend Amber.


This is one of Darla and Einstein‘s pups, Merlin, who lives in Calgary now.

F1B Golden Doodle Females (Darla) – Born October 8, 2014

All of Darla’s puppies have been sold!!!

Darla (F1 Golden Doodle female from Kloe, Golden Retreiver, and Cesar, Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle) had nine puppies on October 8. They were fathered by Einstein, my Apricot Standard Poodle. There are now only three females left and all three are starting to get their chocolate highlights along the muzzle and around the eyes, this is called Brindle and some get quite a bit of apricot and chocolate throughout their coat where others only get highlights. Regardless of what color they end up as you can be assured that these girls have the best of the best as far as confirmation and temperament go. I sincerely find it disheartening when people buy a pup with the color to match the drapes, many breeders are getting away with producing an inferior pup because they are sacrificing the integrity of the dog to produce a certain color.

I am very selective about the quality of my pups. The pups are health guaranteed for two years for ears, eyes, hips and elbows for anything hereditary. They have three sets of boosters, have been dewormed twice and are well handled. I am very proud of Darla for the way she has mothered these pups, she has weaned them but does not want to leave them. This is especially good to see because .her mother, Kloe, was not the best mother in the pack. She fed them and kept them clean but she really didn’t want to stay with them any longer than necessary. Darla, on the other hand, lays on her back on the straw and wraps her front paws around them and hugs them like a mother bear! She has been out of milk for at least a week but I have not seen her snap at these pups, she gives a low growl when they try to suck and lets them know that this is the end of nursing but not the end of mothering. I only have Darla and Dane from Kloe and I am sure wishing I had kept more back, but things are slowly winding down at Fur Fettish Farm.

The price of one of these girls is now $1,135.00, that price is delivered to most places on the Central Prairies. I will not be delivering Alberta until Dec. 28th. It is really not a good idea to get a puppy for Christmas day, they get lost in the hubbub. Either get her a few days before, or a few days after when the excitement is not quite so intense, puppies pick up on that. I am willing to meet my buyers part way if they want a pup earlier. Try to be prepared for a few sleepless nights, although that is not always the case. Once they are 10 weeks or more they can sleep through the nights and I give as many tips to make this transition successful as I can. Please use my contact page or text 306 521-1371 for more information or additional pictures. Tell me by the stuffy that is in the picture with the puppy, we have Eeyore, Blue Lambchop and a Fox to choose from.


On October 8, Darla ( Black F1 Golden Doodle) and Einstein ( Apricot Standard Poodle) had nine fat, healthy F1B Golden Doodle puppies. There are now only four left for adoption, all four are females and these girls will not stay black. They are starting to get some Chocolate highlights along the bridge of their muzzle and around their eyes. Their Grandfather is Cesar, my Chocolate Standard Poodle and his pups change color as they mature, so these girls will brindle in color rather than stay black.

Mature weight will be about 55 to 75 lbs. depending on the puppy. Height at the wither (shoulder) will be 22 to 24 inches. These are non shedding dogs, clipping three or more times a year will be required unless you like them shaggy.

They have dew claws removed, feet are well handled, bellies rubbed and they are laid on their back in my arms and rocked and sang to. The pups that are spoken for, and named, get a song sang to them with their name in so they know who they are. The pups will have two sets of boosters and be dewormed twice before leaving me at a full 8 weeks old or older. Darla has done a remarkable job with her pups, she lays on her back and plays with them, steals their toys and runs around so they will chase her. It is not the norm for a mother, first litter, to interact with her pups quite the way Darla does. Hence we have the ‘happy gang’ going on here, these are a litter of tail wagging happy go lucky characters.

Each pup has it’s own stuffy or toy, that goes with the puppy when is leaves to help the transition from my arms to yours go a little smoother. If you see a pup you like the looks of please tell me by the toy that is in the pictures with her and I will send all the pictures I took of that particular puppy. The price of the puppy is $1,100 (firm) and that includes delivery to most places on the Central Prairies. Buyers from further away, or if there is only one pup going that direction, can arrange to meet me part way. Alberta deliveries are Dec. 6th and 7th, Regina delivery is December 9th or 10th, and Winnipeg dates are still open. For more information on one of these girls please text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.


On October 8, Darla presented me with a litter of nine healthy, robust puppies. Darla is a black F1 Golden Doodle with some Chocolate highlights along her back. Her mother is Kloe, a darker red Golden Retriever (now retired) and her father is Cesar, my Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle, so this girl has some pretty impressive bloodlines, I will have to admit I was disappointed when this litter was born black, but have learned to hang in there and now the results are starting to show. Darla was bred to Einstein for this litter, he is light Apricot in color so once these girls start to change color it is going to be very interesting to see what the end result will be. My pups do not stay black, they get silver, chocolate and apricot throughout their coat as they mature, so these pups will become brindle in color as they age, starting at about 3 to 4 months of age. There are six females, one is already spoken for. I breed for confirmation and temperament, not for color, and we most certainly have the best of that showing here. These pups will mature from 50 to 70 lbs. There are two smaller ones but I will honestly say that the smaller do not always stay smaller and these will definitely be outstanding looking, solid, gentle, loyal and extremely intelligent dogs that you will be proud to be seen with. Many of my buyers tell me they are always getting asked ‘where did you get that beautiful dog’.

The pups will have two sets of boosters, be dewormed twice and totally vet checked before leaving me on December 7th. The price of the pup, $1,100 includes delivery to most places on the central prairies. So far there is one destined for Calgary and one for Milk River, Alberta. I do not ship my pups, I choose to deliver them and meet my buyers and place the puppy safely into their arms. They come with instructions on booster follow ups and feeding, training and anything you may have questions about. I stand behind what I breed with a two year health guarantee for anything hereditary with ears, eyes, hips and elbows (we are free from any of those problems in my breeding dogs). For more information on one of these girls please tell me by the toy that is in the picture with her and I will send all the pictures I took of that particular pup. Pictures will be updated in about two weeks. Text 306 521-1371 or use my contact page.