Kona and Magic

[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Konamagic.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/konamagic.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Konamagic.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Konamagic.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

I thank you Tony and Herb from the bottom of my heart for these awesome pictures and the video, with a sound track background no less! Kona, the apricot F1B Labra Doodle in these pictures is one of Dayle and Einstein’s females from March 24th. 2009 litter. Indeed a year later they adopted Magic, who is one of Danni and Einstein’s March 14th. 2010 females. These two girls have the best life I could ever imagine for a dog (two dogs in this case). I actually have quite a number of buyers who have come back a year or so later and adopted a second Doodle.

Dayle, the mother to Kona, is a retired couch potato Regina and I know what a spoiled rotten girl she has turned into. Danni is also spayed and retired but I simply could not part with her when the time came….so she is now the resident deck dog and backup gopher hunting companion for Mudflap, the cow dog (we sold all the cows so she really needed Danni as much as I did). Danni has 100% of her fathers loyalty (Pluto) and when he goes for his run she never leaves his side and neither of them go very far away from me, usually I let each pen run while I do the food, water and never ending poop pickup. Danni comes into each pen with me to make sure I am doing my job, except Pluto’s pen and then she takes a run with him. Pluto is the grandfather of both Kona and Magic.

It means more to me than any of you Doodle owners could possibly know, to hear and see where my dogs are and how well loved they are. I am slowly downsizing by retiring females, and not replacing them. Even with this plan I still have a lot of dogs because some of them I simply can’t part with. All of my males are still here, Einstein, Cesar and Newton (son of Einstein) are earning their keep by dazzling the girls, they are all Standard Poodles. Pluto (Black Standard Poodle), Klifford the Big Red Dog (Golden Retriever) and Trump (Black English Labrador Retriever) are all getting up in years, don’t breed any more and are very good at eating up the profits BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kona and Magic’s family wrote:

We wanted to add to your joy by sharing our ‘joy’ of being dads to both Kona (just turned 6) and her half-sister, Magic (just turned 5), who are both having a ball living the acreage life near Saskatoon, SK. Although quite different – Kona is independent and smart and loyal, Magic is sweet and loving and observant – they have so much fun together and we with them. Their favourite things are going on walks around the 12 acres from earliest spring to beyond snowfall, chasing after a tennis ball, and moving from couch to couch during movie nights to ensure they spread the love around.

We were so happy with Kona, we added Magic a year later, and it has been and continues to be a wonderful adventure together.

Tucker (Medicine Hat)

This is Tucker, one of Dayle and Einstein’s March 24, 2010, males. As the pictures come in I have been sharing them with people who own siblings. It is awesome to see the similarities in looks and temperament. Tucker now has a little boy to grow up with, so he has a very important job to do now! Thanks Matt, it looks like you have done an awesome job since we met in Redcliff. They wrote:

Thanks for the updates on Tucker’s family. Tucker is doing great here in Medicine Hat as well. We recently had our first baby and Tucker is awesome with him, he loves him and always looks like he’s in protection mode with him.

Tucker has been a pleasure and blessing to have in our family. We couldn’t imagine life without him.

Katie (Pinawa, MB)

This is Katie, one of the cutest little puff balls of a pup you could ever hope to cuddle. Katie lives near Pinawa, Manitoba and she is absolutely gorgeous! She was born March 24, 2009. Dayle and Einstein also had a litter exactly one year later, March 24, 2010. I have people all over western Canada that take their Doodle for a walk and see another Doodle and start to chat and their Doodles are related, or both came from here! I sincerely thank Monique for these awesome pictures and this update on her beautiful Katie! Give that girl a pat from her Grammie. I am here to tell you that it is one of the hardest things to do in my life is to place one of my pups into the arms of the new family and never hear from them again. Often I drive down the road and have to pull over and have a cry, knowing I will likely never touch that pup again, but it still has a special place in my heart. Every so often I get an email, or a card to tell me something has happened to one of my pups, I have been at this long enough to get notice that the dog has died of old age. So Doodle owners, you are making me a very happy dog breeder this past week with all the updates and I am very grateful! Katie’s family told us:

Believe it or not she is still full of energy and continues to make us laugh daily. She’s very gentle and allows her kitty to control her domain lol.


This is Eddy (of Lumsden), son of Dayle and Einstein, born March 24th. 2009. I had not heard from Eddy for quite a while, I am guessing he was too busy with his little sister to send any emails to his Grammy! LOL He looks wonderful and very happy! Thanks Heather! She wrote:

This is Edward (Eddy) whom we purchased from you May 2009. He is a great dog with an awesome temperment, and has boundless energy it seems, even at 6! Edward has a very little “sister” named Isabelle, a Pappillion we added to our family 2 years ago. She and Eddy are great friends, and she often shows him who’s boss (it’s her , by the way!). The kids love Eddy and Isabelle–if you’re familiar with the tween movie series Twighlight, and the main character love interested Edward and Bella, you will know where they came up with the dogs’ names! lol


This is one of Dayle and Einstein’s females named Abby. She was born March 24, 2010, so is now in the prime of her life and it looks like she has really developed into a character. I am so happy to hear about Abby, it has been quite a while, and now to see her in her prime brings me pure joy. Her family wrote:

Today our girl Abby turns 5! I can’t believe it, it seems like just yesterday we picked her up from you. She is a very happy, pretty and well-mannered girl. Always the centre of attention wherever she goes. She is a beautiful mix of both her parents and is quite the character, always making everyone laugh. I just wanted to thank you for Abby and the joy she brings us everyday. We can’t imagine our life without her, thank you again.

Trouser & Beans

The darker of the two is Beans, son of Dinah and Cesar born Sept. 7th. 2013 and the Blonde is Trouser. Christine is an awesome dog handler and they love her to bits. She wrote:

We are so happy to have two Doodles to sit under the tree this year.


Trouser is one of Dayle and Einstein‘s April 19, 2008, males. His family told us:

Trouser is wonderful. He does have a lot of energy! When he gets really excited he still jumps, we are forever working on that. The vet calls him ” a mouther”. He likes to put your hand in his mouth, we are still working on that also!! His stomach is quite sensitive, he get diarrhea easily. He is happy, he loves going to the vet and groomers?. He barks, but only once or twice, just to let us know something.

He is good with the kids (11yrs, 6 yrs, and 3yrs). He knows he has to let the kids go down the stairs first. He knows if he puts his ball into the trampoline while they are in it, they have to throw it! He sits on his pillow while we eat.
He ended up right where you said, at 65lbs. We groomed quite often, ?he almost seems better off leash, than on.
For a companion, I thought the Golden Doodles might be a little calmer. I don’t think I want to start at puppy, even though Trouser was very easy to house train. We love the non shedding part?.


[stream flv=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Ben.240p.flv img=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/ben.png hd=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Ben.480p.flv mp4=x:/furfettishfarm.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/April/Ben.iPhone.m4v embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

I hear about Ben on a regular basis and I will cherish this video footage of “Ben training Dale” how to throw a ball backhand (and backwards). There is a still picture also. His mother, Dayle is now a ‘love seat potato’ in Regina, instead of a couch she was allotted her own love seat so she can look out the window and announce the mail man. She has two other small dogs living in the same house so she isn’t entirely dormant. Einstein, Ben’s father, is still here and just put his spring work clothes on and is camping out with a few of the girls, one pen at a time, and he seems to know the routine as he goes for his run and then stands at the gate of the next pen. No matter what female he is bred to he has done an awesome job and his partner Cesar is now producing some of Einstein’s grandpuppies.

Spring is my favourite time of year, I didn’t have a very good winter, health wise, so puppies will arrive a little later this year than most. I felt it was better to wait until I felt better and the weather was warmer before the little ones start arriving. The first litter will be from Dawn, who is a daughter of Hannah and Einstein (making her an F1 Labra Doodle), she is bred for the first time, she was three in February and this is her first litter. It will be interesting to see what I get for color as Dawn is very brindle, black with gold highlights over her entire body, and she is bred to Cesar, my Silver Factor Chocolate Standard Poodle.

I neglected to mention that Dayle’s father, Ben’s Grandfather, Pluto, is also still here. He is my black Standard Poodle, I don’t use him for breeding any more but he is such a great dog. Pluto will be 12 this fall and is still the most elegant, graceful and faithful dog. He will hopefully be with me for a few years yet to prance and dance around the farm when it is his turn to go for a run. It is going to be a very sad day when some of my old timers start to go. Becki-Sue (Jack Russell) was 14 in November, Mudflap, the cow dog with no cows to work, is now 12, and her deck partner Danni, a retired Labra Doodle, is coming nine. Usually these three are gopher hunting buddies but Becki-Sue is going blind and deaf so it really isn’t safe to let her go, on that note if I suspect a rat has moved in I take Becki-Sue over and her nose is still 100% Jack Russell and she will direct me to the exact location so I can deal with the varmint! How do people without dogs have fun?


Ben’s family sent us a new picture with the caption:

Here is the boy after a hard day’s work.


Ben is an F1B LabraDoodle that was born to Dayle and Einstein in March of 2009. His owners told us:

Hi Margaret-Ann, you have no idea how long I have waited to get these pics. I started carrying my camera with me. This is
Ben’s most favourite friend, he is bigger than Ben and very stinky by now. He hugs and loves him to death, has had him for
over 2 years and never hurts him, just hugs him. Anyway, here it is, I dread the day when it does fall apart. All his favourite
toys are as big or bigger than him. Quite a guy.


This email is from Evangeline and her family from Calgary, whom I have not seen for five years. She wrote a few years ago about how her dog, Butterscotch, tried to alert the family when the bunny got sick. She didn’t send any picture but the write up is impressive so I am posting this:

We are so happy with our Scotchie & we recommend you often. I just got my computer back from being fixed & they had to wipe it so I have no pictures on it right now but I will get one to you asap. She looks like Abby with the same colour of fur but Butterscotch has a very curly coat, almost as curly as a poodle mostly on her back & sides, we get asked a lot what kind of dog she is probably because of this. She also sheds a bit so that makes it hard to keep her unmatted if we grow her coat a bit. We have found that keeping her fur short is very helpful with this as it is hard to brush & brushing hurts her. She is very energetic & LOVES to play fetch anytime anywhere & would play almost all day if she had someone who is willing. She is excited to meet everyone everywhere we go with the exception of some people she finds scary.

Her most impressive trick is when she really wants something she can jump about 5 feet high. Her favorite toys are balls & ropes but especially anything that squeaks. She is a bit of a stinker because when she is unsupervised in the house she will go on the counter & steal the loaf of bread if someone accidentally left it out. Last week, though, she also decided for a reason I don’t understand to chew a brand new dvd set I had boughtas a gift for someone and left it on my bench at the front entrance. She comes camping with us every summer and she also came for a walk around Stanley Park in Vancouver last summer. While we were sitting near a flower garden in the park a bride & groom came to the same area we were in for photos. They loved Butterscotch & wanted her in a few of their photos. Butterscotch did awesome for this, I just wish I had gotten a photo as well. She also gets very jealous when any of us hug in our house & she jumps and barks and wants to be included. I cant think of any other stories to tell you about right now. Thanks for breeding such wonderful dogs. Butterscotch has never bitten anyone but she does try to boss around our now almost 16 year old daughter sometimes, lol.


Butterscotch was born to Dayle and Einstein, making her an F1B LabraDoodle. Her owners had a great story to share with us:

Hi Margaret-Ann,

Remember us? Of course you do, you are smart and probably never forget a face. The last time we heard from you, you were asking for cute/ funny etc. stories. At the time I did not have one to share with you but now I do and it is a heart warming one.

About 5 days ago one of our rabbits, Skittles, became quite sick, we took her to a vet and got her the help she needed. Two days later, this past Monday, in the late evening time (11:15 pm) Butterscotch woke us up crying so I let her out of her cage so she could tell me what she wanted. Usually when she cries to get out of the kennel she either gets a drink, stands at the door to go outside or by the treats if she wants a treat or she will get one of her toys and try to get one of us to play with her. This time it was different.

When I let her out of her kennel she ran and stood beside Skittles cage, I looked at her and said “what is it” and then she ran to the top of the stairs were dad was (resting in bed), she and I did this several times, it was as though she was trying to tell me something. I knew that it seemed that my rabbit could be getting sicker because she was wobbly on her feet and she hardly moved, I thought it was maybe just the medicine, I was trying to remain hopeful. I took Scotchie outside anyway just in case she needed to go and put her back in her kennel and I went back to bed.

A few minutes later she started crying again and this time dad went to go see her. He stayed with her and the two of them watched TV for a while together and every couple of minutes Scotchie would cry some more. Dad tried to console her not really knowing what was wrong. The next morning everything seemed fine, Skittles was even less active but still alive. Butterscotch didn’t pay much attention to her. Later on in the morning when I came home from running some errands I was about to go and tend to the rabbit when I noticed she had passed away. Butterscotch would no longer go over to Skittles cage and her behaviour was very different. She was behaving more calm and very consoling to us by licking us and wanting to stand close and quiet, not her usual “play with me” self.

In hindsight we think that Butterscotch was trying to tell us in those late hours when she was crying that the bunny was really suffering and she felt very sad that one of her “pack” was feeling so bad. I think when she ran back and forth from the rabbit cage to where dad was she was trying to tell me “get dad (the pack leader) Skittles needs help”. She really is even a more amazing dog than we realized and she never ceases to amaze us of how absolutely wonderful she is.

Thanks again Margaret-Ann for breeding such wonderful dogs. I enjoyed looking at your pictures of Thailand, you are brave to go in a tiger den. Looks like you had a wonderful trip.


PS She has the most beautiful very curly coat like a poodle when it is short and is low shed. Everyone loves her and she loves well almost everyone except tattooed hairy men and a few other rowdies.

Update on March 31, 2011 litter (Dayle)

All of Dayle’s 2011 have now been sold!!

Joe and Sam are the last two pups remaining in Dayle‘s 2011 litter. They are F1 LabraDoodles, and are Dayle’s last puppies ever as she is now retired and lives the life of luxury with her own love seat to sleep on and a family to dote on her! The pups were born on March 31, 2011 and both have all of their puppy shots and have been dewormed and vet checked! They are two year health guaranteed, and I am reducing their price to $600 each in order to get them to their forever families to start bonding with “THEIR” people! Here are some pictures and a little more information about Joe and Sam:

Joe has now been sold!! Joe would like to think he is a lover, he has such facial expression it is almost like he is anticipating your next move. He is doing well with leash work although is a little rambunctious at the start of each lesson. Joe would make a great kids dog. I am reducing the price on him to $600 to get him to his forever family, he deserves to bond with “HIS” people. He would be happy to be an inside or outside dog and is a minimal shedder, which means he loses the odd hair but will not shed like a Lab. You can not go wrong with choosing this pup as a forever member of your family….I have visions of “Joe” and his kids romping through the grass on an acreage or in a park and I hope for him that will come true! Joe has now been sold!!

Sam has now been sold!! Meet Sam. Sam would be a very good dog to take to obedience, he heels so perfectly he doesn’t leave my side no matter which way I turn or how quickly. This guy really pays attention to what is going on around him. If anything is out of place he lets me know with a sharp bark. I have dropped the price to $600 on Sam and his brother, Joe, to get them into their own forever family. You would never be sorry if you added this fellow as your newest addition, sometimes doing the right thing for the pup is better than the extra money. Sam is a ‘minimal’ shedder although he is an F1B Labra Doodle. He will not shed out like a Lab but he will shed a bit. His haircoat is getting quite curly so that may stop once he matures as it seems to be the coat of guard hairs he is loosing. Sam could be a bird dog, guard dog, family pet, he will be a very versatile fellow with an exceptional eagerness to learn and please. For more information on “Sam” or his brother “Joe” please e-mail or call.  Sam has now been sold!!


The pictures above were taken on July 9. All three of these guys are doing well on the leash and come when they are called, crate training will start next week. For more information or pictures call 306-792-2113 or 306-521-1371.

First up is ‘Wally’, he is Dayle and Einstein‘s soft coated male pup. He is well started with the leash and is learning to sit and do a short stay. Wally is a clown, he throws his stuffy into the air and catches it and then squeaks the heck out of it’s squeaker. This pup would make a great kids friend, he is ready to go camping or just hang out at home with the family. He comes to a sharp whistle and is eager to please. He has had three sets of boosters and is soon ready for his rabies vaccination. He has been dewormed three times now.

Next is an apricot pup with a straighter coat whom I’ve named ‘Sam’. Sam is full of P and V, he takes note of everything that is going on around him and if there is a toy around he has it in his mouth and runs around teasing the other pups with it. His favorite thing is his Kong, he takes it to bed and sleeps with it to make sure nobody else gets it when his eyes are closed.

Finally, there is a blonde pup with a straighter coat whom I’ve named ‘Joe’. Joe (in contrast to his brother Sam) is a very laid back character and not as noisy as his brothers. He is a people dog, he will leave the other pups to come and lay his head in my lap and get ear rubs.

Keep scrolling down for more pics and info from this litter.


These characters are Dayle‘s last three male pups, the three hombre’s.  What calm and beautiful pups these are! All three lean toward the Lab temperament and are going to be slightly smaller than a Lab but with good stout barrel of chest when they are mature. They will be very minimal to non shedders, have all their boosters up to date, they are Parvo proofed and ready to go camping, to the dog park or just hang out with their family. They are starting to pick up on commands and just want to have fun and be pups!

Keep scrolling down for more pics and info from this litter.


These are the only F1B LabraDoodle pups that will be available this year.  These three pups, all males, have more of the Lab look than the Poodle look.  I call them the three Musketeers. When I sit in this pen to play it is loving time, I keep telling them they are way too big to be lap dogs but they haven’t figured it out. You can tell by the pictures that they are very well behaved- they lay on their back in my lap for nails to be clipped now (with a little belly rub thrown in). This is Saskatchewan so every day is “hunt for ticks” day which means they are totally gone over each day and they are soaking that attention up. These boys are ready to bond with their forever family, it would do my heart good to place them where they would have their own kid(s) as these guys are sweethearts and they would be so very loyal and loving to their own family. These are the last F1B Labra Doodles that will be available from Fur Fettish Farm for 2011!


Dayle has only five boys left to dazzle the new owners with how kind and loyal they are (pictures were taken on June 2nd).  The bigger curlier male (blue bunny stuffy) will be a great little watch dog; nothing gets by this guy.  The donkeys came up to the back door to visit and this little character did everything in his little puppy dog power to scare them away.  The other boys were more interested in what they were and how they smelled.   These boys will all be a little bigger and stockier.  They are showing Lab laid back temperament, and get really excited when they find out I am in their pen with a Kong and have already picked up on retrieving it to me.  I have two Kongs and it is a race to see who can get it back to me the fastest.   These boys would keep kids entertained for hours with their antics and willingness to play and retrieve.  They were born March 31st so are 9 weeks old now…all their sisters are spoken for and some delivered.  All their cousins from Danni are also sold and showing the new families what smart little pups they are.

Check out some more pictures and information about this litter farther down the page.


Dayle and Einstein‘s available pups, born March 31st, ready the end of May (pictures from May 21st).  What a bunch of characters these guys are, they just love picture day so they can strut their stuff.   This week is vet check and booster week, deworming has been done and they get their nails done every picture day so they are really great at having their feet handled, not to mention hamming it up for the camera.   They are turning out like their mum, quiet and loving…these will make someone a great family member.

Below, you’ll find some older pictures and info about this litter.


These are pictures taken May 15, 2011, they are Dayle and Einstein‘s March 31st. 2011 litter.  These are two females, one smaller and a bit lighter apricot (pictured with the pink bunny stuffy – This puppy has been SOLD!), and one a bit larger and darker (pink pig stuffy – This puppy has been SOLD!).  These are well handled little girls, they are starting to eat from a dish and waddle around the pen behind me when they hear me in their pen.


These pictures (the males from Dayle’s litter) were also taken on May 15.  They, like their sisters shown at the top of the page, are F1B LabraDoodles.  Here is a little more info on each:

This puppy has been SOLD! Dayle’s darker apricot male (blue bunny stuffy) will be quite curly. This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD!Dayle’s bigger apricot male (green frog stuffy) will be a fair sized dog when he matures and have a wavy coat.  This is a wise little character, is eating well from a dish and then basking under the heat lamp as we still seem to have winter here in Saskatchewan.This puppy has been SOLD!

This puppy has been SOLD!Dayle’s apricot male (light green rope dog stuffy) has a wavy, softer coat.This puppy has been SOLD!

Dayle’s blonde male (yellow duck stuffy) will have a straighter, Lab like coat but still be a non shedder.  He will be stocky and is a very gentle character.

Dayle’s lighter apricot male (orange monkey stuffy) will have slightly wavy haircoat.  He is a little clown at this stage and likes to scamper just out of reach and then scurry back again to tease me.

This puppy has been SOLD! The last pup is another apricot male (blue duck stuffy).  This puppy has been SOLD!


More pictures of Dayle’s puppies (taken May 8, 2011).  Females:



Check out these older pictures of Dayle’s puppies (taken May 8, 2011).  First the ladies:

Then the gents: