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Daisy is one of Dixie and Einstein’s female pups from July 1, 2009.  The pictures are before and after her clip job.  Daisy is now a Texas doodle, as her family moved there from Calgary about two years ago.  They told us:

Just thought I’d let you know how Daisy is doing. We keep her groomed because of the heat and I have to watch for fleas and ticks more here. She likes chasing the frogs.


Angus is at it again! Now this is something…Angus and his walking pack….what a great way to socialize your dog. His owners told us:

Angus weighs in between 45-50 lbs. He doesn’t shed. When we brush him of course hair comes out, but other than that it’s pretty nil. He is the most loving creature we have ever encountered. He loves children. Loves cuddling. I’m glad to hear Dixie is loving life too.


Angus Video 02

Click on the picture to check out the video that Angus’s owners sent us!


The owners of Angus sent us this great Christmas card!


Angus Plays Ball!

The link above is a video clip of Angus, one of Dixie and Einstein‘s Oct. 2011 pups…. this is pretty cute, he hides his own ball in the mat!


Duffy is from Dixie and Einstein‘s Oct. 31, 2008, litter…oh my goodness to get homes like this for all my pups!

His owners wrote us to say:

Duffy is the most loving and gentle dog I have ever known and he has always been this way from day 1. He is extremely smart and has been taught many tricks including, “play dead” where I tell him I am going to shoot him and make a fake gun motion and say bang. He will fall to the ground and “die” until I ask him if he is okay. Then he will jump up and give me a “high 10”! Duffy can do many more hilarious tricks including bouncing on all four legs when I ask him what tigger does? ….its especially funny when I try to imitate the sound tigger makes. The most recent trick since I am pregnant is where I ask him where the baby is? Duffy will jump up and put his paws and nose on my belly. He will get to meet baby in just a few short weeks. We are so excited to see his reaction as he is so gentle!


This is one of Dixie and Einstein‘s pups born Oct. 20th, 2011 and now living in Moose Jaw. Looks like she scored a good home with some pretty cute little girls! Her owners wrote to let us know:

Willow was a little reserved at first but she”s warmed up to us and our house now. The girls, especially Via ,our youngest, absolutely love Willow. Kennel training has been easy with her only whining for a long time once after a late night bathroom break. There have been almost no accidents in the house as well. It took awhile for her to get used to the leash (thank God for youtube) but now we love going for walks together. We’re working at getting her interested in her toys instead of chewing on us or other things she’s not supposed to but I think she’s getting it. Perhaps we’ve just been lucky but she seems to have already learned to stay away when we’re eating (even from the girls). Either you do a lot of work with your puppies, or goldendoodles are really an incredible breed. It’s probably a combination and we are very happy and will be recommending furfettishfarm to anyone who is looking for a dog.


The latest update from Sophie reads:

These pictures we’re taken at a doggie day care on Halloween. Sophie and her buddy timber.
I’m sure you’ll agree that Sophie looks magnificent. The camera loves her.


I got this when I opened my computer this morning…..my buyers don’t know how big of a part of my life they are….the fun part! The part that makes all the work, carrying bales and hauling out bins of dog poop (never mind filling the bins) all worth while! Sophie’s family wrote:

You have great bragging rights on Sophie. She turned 3 in September and she’s the smartest, most beautiful, most caring dog we have ever known and soooooo photogenic. These pics were snapped at the dog park on Saturday when Jim had her model her cheerleader outfit. You’ll notice Timber, her best buddy, is with her, and one of the pics is Jim with them both.

Einstein is her dad and Dixie, who I believe you retired shortly after Sophie’s birth, is her mum. I hope the other pups from her litter are doing well and bringing as much joy to their new families. Let me know when you’ll be in Red Deer. Hopefully we can grab a coffee and you can see Sophie.


Sophie’s family sent us this updated picture and info:

I’m thrilled to hear another of your pups is coming to Red Deer. I tell people here that our Sophie is the sweetest, most gentle dog I’ve ever known. A friend of ours was down in the states at the weekend and brought back a Halloween costume for Sophie so here’s a picture of her modelling it. Doesn’t she look happy and proud. Quite the poser. By the way…..I’m not in the habit of playing dress up with my beautiful girl.


An update and new pictures from Sophie’s owners! They told us:

……my how time flies. Our not so little gal will be 2 years old on September 24th. I can’t say enough good things about her……we just love her to bits.

She absolutely loves to play with other dogs (any and all sizes) in the off leash parks in Red Deer…….she has the speed of a greyhound and the gait of a gazelle. The only trouble we have with her is keeping her clean! Over the past few weeks we’ve had occasion to have a friend’s dog stay with us a couple of weeks and also for a different week we looked after the dog next door. Fortunately Sophie hasn’t got a jealous bone in her body so the only issue we have is she thinks they should play with her all the time. The people next door are rearing some young hens. Sophie runs round to that side of the yard when she goes out just to check on them. She doesn’t bark…..just tries to catch a glimpse through the fence. I know she’d not hurt them but in an effort to play she could easily do them some damage with her big paws so a peek through the fence is the closest she gets. Bless her….she just sits and tries to look through the slats.



You’ve probably seen a number of pups go to new homes since we took Sophie. I pray that they all got the loving homes they deserve and enrich their owner’s lives the way Sophie enriches ours. Hope all is well with you and your family.


Sophie is a full sister to the pups in Dixie and Einstein’s current litter. Her owners wrote:

I thought I’d drop you a line as I was browsing your website the other day and saw your current pups are from Dixie and Einstein (Sophie’s parents) and look very much like her. As you know Sophie was born in September 2010 so just over 15 months old now and the perfect companion. When we first brought her home it became immediately obvious that she was going to be highly intelligent, easy to train and very loving. She was housetrained within 2 days (she just seemed to get it) and has never had an accident. She lives indoors with us and loves to go out in the car. Her favourite spot is the local dog park (we visit it almost every day) where she plays with all dogs – big and small. She loves to be chased! Most of the other dog owners now know Sophie and many of their dogs run to her when they see her there. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our 17 year old kitty a few weeks ago. Sophie took to Missy straight away but could never understand why kitty didn’t always want to play with her. The basic dog training was very easy – star of the class I’d say. Just need to work on her jumping up when she’s excited and wants to give us a kiss but I think that will improve with age and more effort on our part. Sophie has shown zero signs of aggression so we are very comfortable when the grandkids are around her. She now weighs just under 50lbs and appears to be fully grown and doesn’t shed. I could go on and on about this wonderful girl so I’m sending you a bunch of pictures, including one as a pup shortly after we brought her home (hope you’ll post them on your website) – the really fluffy ones are after a visit to the groomers. You’ll see in one that when we do go out in the car she always uses the armrests – something she picked up quite naturally. She’s quite the comedian and we can’t imagine our lives without her.

F1B Golden Doodle Litter (Dixie) – Born October 20, 2011

All Dixie’s puppies have now been SOLD!

Emma was born on October 20th, so is 12 weeks old now. Her parents are Einstein and Dixie. This is the last pup from this pair as Dixie is now spayed and retired. This little girl is a real character, her brothers are sold now so she is the only puppy left available. She is quick to learn and knows ‘off’, ‘kennel up’, ‘come’, ‘outside’ and ‘sit’. She is showing strong signs of wanting to retrieve the ball. Leash training starts as soon as the weather warms up a few degrees. She is $900 now, that price includes delivery to Alberta. She has all her puppy boosters and has been dewormed, her dew claws have been removed, mature weight will be between 50 and 60 lbs., she is a non shedding dog. She has been very well handled, nails done regularly and she loves to be brushed, have her belly scratched and lays on her back in my lap to be cuddled. Once leash and obedience training gets underway her price will go up $100 a month. This is going to be the policy now; I get a lot of inquiries looking for an older pup so I am going to work on training them and charging more to compensate for my time. For pictures of Emma’s parents and grandparents please browse our web page or call 403 919-1370. Decide wisely when purchasing a puppy, this decision will live with you for the next 15 years.


Dixie and Einstein are offering their last three F1B Golden Doodles. Dixie is booked for her spay on Jan. 12th and has an acreage home waiting for her with a family to love her as their one and only dog!

“Emma” (red bell) is now 10 weeks old and as cute as a button…. this is the only blonde female I have produced from this bloodline. Her color has thrown back to her Great Grandfather who was “Dexter of Telford Kennels”, a Platinum Blonde Golden Retriever with flawless confirmation and temperament. Her Grandfather on her mothers side is “Klifford the Big Red Dog” a dark red Golden Retriever, with her Poodle Grandfather being Pluto, an awesome, loyal, intelligent and well put together Black Standard Poodle. Combine that with Einstein’s great qualities and we have a winner! This pup will have gentle disposition, be gentle, loyal, clean and easy to train. Hit the links above to see the ancestry on these pups.

The next two pups are male darker apricot puppies. These are the smallest pups in this litter. On Dec. 31st they weighed 4 1/2 lbs. for Rusty (purple bell) and 5 lbs. for Kopper (silver bell). The pups now have three sets of boosters and are right up to date on their worming program so are safe to go out into the world in three weeks time (they are safe three weeks after their third set of boosters).

Please choose wisely as these pups will be a member of your family for the next 15 years. My breeding program is dominated by temperament and confirmation, I DO NOT breed for color, as to me that is like buying a vehicle because it is red…that makes no sense to me. I am continually producing good solid, healthy, gentle pups that go on to live long lives with forever families, at an awesome reasonable price and I intend to continue to do this as long as God gives me the strength….this is what gets me up every day and puts the wind under my wings. I have numerous references from previous buyers and three loyal vets….scan through my site and see what the critters and I are up to. Or call 403 919-1390 306 521-1371 or 306 792-2113 for more pictures of these characters or information.


Dixie still has one female (pictured with Winnie the Pooh rope stuffy) and three males available. The pictures above were taken on December 10th and 12th, 2011. This is our last litter until spring… so if you are interested in one of these adorable Golden Doodle pups, contact me before you miss out!


Dixie and Einstein have four females and four males.  These are F1B Golden Doodles born October 20th, 2011 and ready to go December 15th. They will have two sets of boosters, be dewormed twice, dew claws are removed and they are non shedding. These are well handled pups with sweetheart dispositions that will warm the hearts of everyone that meets them.

They are $900 and that price includes delivery to Alberta anywhere south of Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Brandon and Winnipeg. I am continually getting asked why my prices are so much less than other breeders, so rather than raise the price I will explain that I am in this for the love of producing some of the best pups you will find anywhere. I do not have a fancy kennel I am making payments on, but my dogs are in large chain link runs that are kept clean, dry straw bedded houses and they are well fed and up to date on inoculations. l handle my pups daily and they pay me back with affection and love that I pass on when I hand the pup from my arms to the arms of the forever family.

If you meet me to pick up your puppy and you do not have the proper crate to transport it in then you will not be getting a puppy! Puppies are not safe riding on someone’s lap or on the seat on a blanket, if you have to stop suddenly or are in an accident they are a projectile! Please think safety for your pup/dog at all times. For more information or pictures of any certain pup call 306 792-2113 or 306 521-1371.


Dixie is now retired and living happily with a family near Springside. Her new family wrote:

Dixie is adjusting to her life here. She is still shy around us but is warming up slowly. I love her quiet personality at night though. She loves to be off her chain and explore our farm. The kids love to take her for walks on the leash.


Dixie is an F1 Golden Doodle from Kelli, one of my original Golden Retrievers.   I owned Kelli’s mother Bailey, also, and Kelli’s father is a Platinum blonde Golden Retriever owned by Telford Kennels who produced some pretty outstanding pups in his day.

Dixie’s father is Pluto, my black Standard Poodle and she was born February 1st. 2006, she will have her last litter this fall and then be retired to a farm or acreage home.   Dixie has the poorest hair coat of all my Doodles but the best confirmation.  She produces very good quality pups with non shedding coats that are wavy rather than curly.

This bloodline is outstanding for temperament and confirmation.  The only fault that they had was producing extremely large litters which was hard on them and me.   Dixie seems to have skipped that gene and has had normal sized litters (she came from a litter of 14, as did Kelli).   Dixie is the girl that will let me know if someone has arrived or the cows or horses are out.  When she barks, something is happening outside!  Once she knows I have been alerted, she settles down.  There have been a few times that we would have been chasing critters if she hadn’t let us know they were out!  She is not a wanderer, although she loves to go to the pasture and see if there are any gophers out (but has never caught one that I know of).  She uses her free time to scout out the farm with our cow dog “Mudflap” and then comes back and waits to be put in her pen.   This girl is crazy about kids and gets really excited when there are kids that come to visit.  I am hoping to place her on a farm or acreage home with children when she retires this fall.